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Islands of Wakfu
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Arrow (Partial) Collectibles Guide

I started taking notes after I was already part way into the game, so there are some missing pieces here. I am posting this here so someone else can fill in the holes and post an official collectibles guide later. You may want to describe a few of these a bit more clearly, but I wanted to share what I could. Thanks, Xbox360Achievements community!

Level 1: Sanctuary
1. Smash the clay pot inside the temple when you get your Cube
2. South along the river
3. Plat hole left of Baltazar (2nd playthrough)

Level 2: The Forest
1. At the north end of the forest where you fight the sleeping hedgehogs
2. Plat hole on the right side just before the first Eliatrope Path (2nd playthrough)
3. Where you open the door by absorbing energy from the 2 poles. fly to the right
Mystery - In Chibi's temple just before the end of the level

Level 3: The Meadow
1. On an island south in the river, during the meteor storm
2. Plat hole to the right of Grougaloragran dragon after blooming Mina (2nd playthrough)
3. Plat hole in the north side of the river, during the meteor storm (2nd playthrough)
Mystery - Behind Grougaloragran dragon. Grab it after the cut scene

Level 4: The Crater
3. Plat hole on the left side of the long path with shooting plants (2nd playthrough)
Mystery -

Level 5: The Temple
3. Plat hole to the left of the tree boss (2nd playthrough)

Level 6: Vili Valley
3. Plat hole in the mystery room (2nd playthrough)
Mystery - South exit of 2nd kitchen area

Level 7: Pliyi di Bili
3. Plat hole on the north side of the beach (2nd playthrough)
Mystery -

Level 8: Club Platypus
1. Go down from the start and teleport along the path. It's at the end.
2. After exposing the Shamipus, go to the right and teleport behind the waterfall
3. After exposing the Shamipus, go towards the child and then south. Use the platypus on the hole to go and pick it up from the volcano floor.

Level 9: Pow Wow
1. Inside a plat hole in the first area (on the way up in the left corner after some slapingtrees)
2. On the ledge after the helping the mole
3. In a plat hole just past the ledge in #2
Mystery -

Level 10: Rizi
1. Go down from the start
2. Plat hole on the northwest corner of the first area, next to the second Magnolia flower
3. Plat hole on the north side of the cave

Level 11: Mount Zinit
1. In a crate just ouside the stairwell room
2. In a plat hole guarded by lots of little creatures
3. On the north side of a big fight on the mountain
Mystery -

Level 12: Wakanu
2. Plat hole left of the room before the 1st puzzle
3. Northwest corner of 2nd puzzle room
Mystery - 2nd puzzle room with the cranes

Level 13: The Islands
1. At the very start of the level, just to the left of the fish oracle in the blue mist.

Level 14: Intiwakana
1. On the far left during the 2nd rock troll fight
2. After the oracle, at the north end of the next arena battle
3. After fighting the giant robot, on the far right. Teleport to a small cliff.
Mystery -

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