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Arkadian Warriors
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Road Map to 200

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2
-Offline 11
-Online 1
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-7 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, with multiple playthroughs of different missions
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? None Known
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No


Arkadian Warriors is a very simple and a very tedious game. It is so repetitive that it makes the achievements seem like they are harder than they really are. If you can get through the repetitive game play, it is an easy 200 points.

Abbreviated Walkthrough

The game is straight forward. The game tells you where your next mission is, it tells you where to go, it marks on your minimap basically where everything is. Just search every corner of the map and make sure the map is completely showing and you cannot miss any achievements.

On a side note, making sure to check for everything will allow you to gather gold faster, kill more enemies, resulting in exp, and find hidden rooms. All of these are needed for the achievements.

Achievement Walk Through

In the approximate order you will get these:

#1 – Morph to Kill: Should be done in first level

#2 – Geared Up: Should come from first level an first shop visit

#3 – Dungeon Delver: Should come from first level if thorough

#4 – Class Act: Easily done if you just quit out and get it out of the way

#5 – Treasure Hunter: Easily done if thorough

#6 – Chain Master: By this time your character is stacked. Go back to level one and get this sucker

#7 – Merchant Master: By this time you have bought and sold enough junk to have this

#8 – Team Work: You should’ve found someone on this site that will play 2 quests with you by now

#9 – Gold Miser: You should have enough money by now

#10 – Snake Slayer: You probably finished the game at this point

#11 – Master Exploder: Recommend doing this on first level replays after beating the game while attempting to level up to 20

#12 – God’s Champion: Final achievement you’ll likely get


Again this game is fairly simple, but VERY tedious and annoying. If you can handle the boring hours all these achievements will be very easy to get.
I don't Even know what was wrong with it to begin with...
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Unho1y Seraph
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You can do all of the achievements by yourself locally...The one for Teammwork, all you have to do is plug in two controllers and either have someone play with you offline, or just control both of them.
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Yep, confirmed. I controlled both and got it quickly
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