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2006 FIFA World Cup™
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Old 09-11-2010, 03:34 AM   #1
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Beating the Solomon Islands

I have just completed this challenge and I thought I would share in detail how I did it as some of the descriptions can be a bit vague.

First of all, I gave up on this challenge in 2006 after about 40 attempts. I managed to get to 6-0 two or three times. In the end I decided it wasn;t worth the stress.

A few weeks ago I noticed a friend had purchased the game and had all 1000G. I asked him about the Aussie Rules challenge and the only advice I got was to "get angry with it".

Last night I spent a few hours searching the forums for tips, planning on having a crack at it this morning. The first ten games I played I didn't even score a single goal. I tried the crossing method and the through ball method. I tried numerous formations and lineup changes and couldn't even score.

Then on the eleventh go, it rained goals.

I couldn't believe it - I hadn't scored a single goal and then I got four in one match. All my goals were identical. I think when people say stick with it they mean once you work it out it's not so hard.

HEre's what I did

Socceroos 3-4-3
Backs (L-R): Chipperfield, Moore, Neill
Mid (L-R): Tiatto, Kewell, Grella, Bresciano
Strikers (L-R): Viduka, Cahill, Emerton

Attack: Fllod the Box
Defence: Zonal (so strikers do not run back in defence then go missing in attack)

Solomon Is 1-4-3-2
GK: Ray
Sweeper: Ruhasia
Backs (L-R): Omokirio, Houkarawa, G Suri, Boe
Mid (L-R): MaeMae, Abba, Billy
Front (L-R): Konofilio, B Suri

I picked this team as it is their slowest. Slowest players are at the back. The three slowest are Ruhasia, GSuri, Houkarawa.

Now I scored all of my goals with through balls to Cahill. Usually I won the ball in midfield and then managed to play him through. I think once i played it out of defence through the centre and managed to play him through. So all my opportunities came from getting the ball in the centre of the park and playing Cahill through. Sometimes he was offside, sometimes a defender cut it out, sometimes there was too many players in the middle and I couldn't get through. Be patient and you will get space.

You can create space by passing it around the midfielders - it might help. But three of my goals came from tackles I made with Grella or Kewell in the middle and then running and throwing a through pass.

Now finishing the goal. If you manage to put Cahill through a gap, run at full pace towards the keeper. At about the penalty spot, take finger off RT (sprint), change direction (up or down) to aim your shot, then shoot (light tap should do it). Cahill should gently tap it pass the keeper. The keeper may save a few, and I have seen videos where people tap in the rebound. I had no such luck. Had about six shots with Cahill like this and scored four.

I think this method is the shuffle-shoot method mentioned through the forums.

Other methods of beating this challenge probably do work, I just couldn't get them to. And I'm sure the method I used has been described in these forums. I just wanted to try and make it as clear as possible for people and provide details because it is such a frustrating challenge.

Good luck!

Now for Brazil v Sweden........
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hi ive just done this challange on the 1st attempt. i changed solomon to 3-4-3 and me 4-2-4 and to score goals i used through balls and when 1 on 1 wiv keeper just passed accross to another striker who tapped it in. i did this for all 4 goals. i think that people go into this challange knowing its rock hard so try differnet things, i just played the same as if i was playin any of the other challanges.
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Old 09-25-2010, 11:31 AM   #3
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Just tried this out it worked like a charm, scored 3 goals from crosses and the other from a tap in by Viduka.

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How do you change the other team's settings?
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Old 01-01-2011, 04:42 PM   #5
V Scorpio V
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This was the hardest scenario of them all, why is the Soloman Islands goalkeeper god like.

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This challenge is one of the reasons that I think this was the worst FIFA ever...

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Old 01-04-2011, 01:15 PM   #7
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i finished this without changing the teams in a few attempts, just have to slow push the keeper in the box, then as soon as he begins to rush in on you slide to right/left and tap B, goal!

i found the last World cup 1 the hardest TBH, Germanys defense was so hard to beat.
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Old 02-19-2011, 04:50 PM   #8
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Thanks for the advice guys, finally beat solomon after about 3 hours of frustration. Hope Brazil vs Sweden is easier

As i thougt the Brazil game were easier, beat them after the third try. The match i had most trouble with was Germany vs Netherlands, took me a few tries. But now i finally beat the game after four days of playing.

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Old 04-05-2011, 08:33 AM   #9
Aberrant Simon
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I didn't actually have problems. I played this for the first time in 2008, and then i tried again in like 1 hour, and it was pretty easy.
You just have to change their team to their slowest team, then change formation to 1-4-3-2 or somthing.
You just keep the australian team as it is, and change their formation to 4-4-2
I scored 4 goals with the same player i think it was Cahill, then you just RUN and if you see something you can get through them, then press the Y button, then when you play it to him, he will run after the ball "Dont know the exact word for this" and when you get near the goal, go a bit to your right and shoot!
When you go to any side, the goalkeeper get kinda confused and it will get through him.

I did this.
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Originally Posted by V Scorpio V View Post
This was the hardest scenario of them all, why is the Soloman Islands goalkeeper god like.
I managed to do this winning 9-0, I think Viduka got 4 and 3 of them were chipped over him, the other goals I made sure I had my 2nd striker square with me and tapped it into the empty net each time.
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