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Mark of the Gods guide

In order of earliest acquisition. Maps in the last post. Searching (ctrl+f) by the map name will bring you to the text sections, and then the map. This guide is to not be posted anywhere but without my permission.

Origin: The Story Begins 2/2

1. Right after you start the game, in plain sight.
2. Right after Mark 1, there will be some ladders, after going down the first, run and jump and grab on to the one going up. It's at the top.

Origin: Rites of Passage 2/2

3. After you get slide, take the route down to the bottom of the map. It's in the only large room there, guarded by spiders.
4. After you get slide, head to the end of the level and take the slide rout back to the area you were in before you got slide. Backtrack up the ladder to the area with the crawlers. You need to slide in to the room to your right.

Origin: Crossroads of the World 0/3

Nothing yet. Many abilities are needed.

Jungle: Jungle Lowlands 1/1

5. There will be an elevator to your left as you dodge blue alignment shots among 3 small islands to the right. You should be able to see the Mark at this point. Take the elevator up and go to the right, drop down and pick it up. You can climb back up if you jump to the right.

Jungle: Cursed Forest 2/2

6. After getting light alignment, you can use the light platforms that were in the beginning of the area. Backtrack back there by grabbing the ledge above the checkpoint. Head right and above the spike pit with the dark bullets are platforms. Take those up, and jump across the land bridges, zig-zaging up the the right. Mark is at the end.

7. After getting light alignment, backtrack back to the light platforms you need to progress. There will be a red beam shooting down impeding your path. After you get through it, drop down the hole immediately after it. There will be two dark spiders and a path to the left. Go down the left path and through the dark laser field, and it should be on the right by a spider. On the map, it should in the room adjacent to the room with the switch you hit to get in to the light alignment room.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands 0/2

Nothing yet. We need stomp for the next one.

Jungle: Above the Canopy. 1/2

8. Right after the teleporter there will be blue platforms above spikes. On the 3rd blue platform, immediately jump off and wall jump up the two chunks of land. Climb up and make your way to the left: it'll be on a smaller platform just beyond the left wall you were wall kicking up.

Jungle: Jungle Highlands 0/2

Nothing yet. We still need stomp for the next one. Teleport makes it easier to backtrack after Underworld areas.

Boss: Golem


Origin: Crossroads of the World 1/3

9. Take the bottom path near the teleporter (as if you're going to the Jungle or Underworld) and stomp the shoddy area below you. It's all the way to the right.

Underworld: The World Beneath 1/2

10. Near the checkpoint and teleporter, there's a lone flea on a land island. Wall jump up to the two chamber room above. The Mark is at the top.

Underworld: Lost Passageways 1/1

11. After going through the room with many dark lasers, jellyfish and fleas, there will be a checkpoint. After the checkpoint, wall jump to the small land island, and then up to the mark on your right.

Underworld: The World Beneath 1/2

None. Lauch pad is needed.

Underworld: Crypt of the Ancients 1/1

12. When the path first splits right near the jellyfish and red alignment bullets, continue to the right. It will be at the end of that path near spiders and alignment changing bullets.

Underworld: The Buried Empire 1/1

13. In the large room at the top of the map, just before the zone out to the next area, there's a large alignment bullet area you have to go through, switching alignments as you go. At the end, there's a yellow elevator. Fall down the left side of the elevator, and it's in a walled off area. You can't climb back up, so you will have to do the jumps again to go through the area.

Underworld: The Underground River 1/1

14. In the upper right of the map, there will be a small crawler and a large crawler just before a room full of alignment bullets. Wall jump above them, and it's to the right.

Underworld: City of the Dead 1/1

15. In the map there's a figure eight on the right side of the map. Bullets of both polarities flood the upper area, where the mark is. With some fancy alignment changing, you can get it unhurt, but otherwise just rush and get it.

Underworld: The Underground River 1/1

Already done here!

Boss: High Priestess

None! Backtrack time, now that we have the teleport skill.

Jungle: Above The Canopy 2/2

16. Take the teleporter, and head to your left. Drop down and head toward the lower zone exit. Right after the dark flowers, there should be a red alignment platform. Jump up it, and jump on the the light alignment platform. It should be at the end of the path (almost the center of the map).

This mark will unlock the ability to hold on to vertical walls longer, if you’ve collected every mark up until this point.

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