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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
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Online Strategy thread

Ok I saw a thread like this on another forum and want to see other people's strategies. If you post one I like I will knock it up here to the first post and credit you. Please specify if you need a specific artifact.

General Tips:

Tips for 1 vs. 1:
--Wait til after you play the campaign so you can pick your favorite faction, unit setup, artifact, etc.
--When picking a setup, try to find a good balance of core units, there are setups that fun with all 3 of the same
--If you have a setup that only works with an artifact host a game with artifacts on, that way you can be sure you get artifacts or not. I don't like artifacts personally.
--Try to get as many combos as you can. The more attack formations you have, the better chance of linking and doing a ton of damage. Seems obvious, but I sometimes find myself waiting for the perfect move, which can be wasteful
--Use your magic power effectively, not just quickly. For example, I usually play as Anwen. When I get her power filled up I usually wait until there is a clear row or 2 and the fire. I would never really suggest wasting an offensive power on enemy units unless they are about to finish you off.
--Walls are very important in multiplayer as well, especially if you do it right. I usually have a fully upgraded wall along 7 to 8 columns of the board by the end of the 2nd turn. This will keep the enemy at bay for a few turns while you can focus on setiting up a Champion attack, or a handful of linked attaks.
--If you can help it, try to attack different areas of the board at the same time. Like 2 rows to the far right and a few rows on the left half. This will sometimes forcve your opponent into hurridly building up a defense that will probably not last long as oppossed to attack formations
--If you are going to lose do not quit!! you still get exp for losing, none for quiting, and it counts the same on your record, and it kills your streak. Now if you have to leave to go do something that is a different story
--If you keep losing to the same type of setup, sit back and do some thinking. What is so strong about that setup? What is its weakness? How can I maximize both of those in my favor? Artifacts or no artifacts?


Hero: Findan
Core: All pixies
Elite: Druids or Deer (your choice)
Champion: Treant
Artifact (unnecessary): Vine Gloves, Leaf Plate, Ring of Life, basically defense things. Doubling cape has some cool possibilities for deer, but not to often.

Explanation: It is important to remember that the reason that I like all pixies in this setup is because they feed off your Magic Bar, which is great. Pixies charge in 2 turns, and at a half full bar do 10 damage. Which is raised even higher if you link them with the elite unit you choose because they are great damage dealers/champion stallers. Treants are just awesome and bug your opponent for well after the unit actually attacks them if it doesn't kill them. Also they will usually focus on killing your treant and forget that you have beastly pixies linking up. You should also keep your MP bar full the whole game unless you have a great opening where you have 2 treants setup at once or one that will end the game. Links, fusing, and combos are your friend. Not only do you build up your MP, but your attacks get stronger for links and fuses. You should always uses links instead of fuses if you can, but a fusion with pixies and a high magic bar is at elite unit status.

--Low damage to enemy champions, but you can block them with treants, or stall with Druids

Hero: Varkas
Core: All spearman
Elite: Priestess/Knight
Champion: Feel free to sub in the Angel for the Priestess
Artifact (needed): Golden Spear

Explanation: This is a great setup because of Golden Spear in combo with Varkas's power, which adds 50% to attack power of all charging formations. Golden Spear extends the spearmen's attack power to walls as well. If you can effectively use fusion and linking to your advantage, you can have a single spearman unit do 20 direct damage easily. The only thing stopping this setup is enemy champion units, but you can dodge those well enough. Priestesses heal you while Knights protect their column from too much damage, both very useful. Knights do a good amount of damage as well. Link a fused Spearmen column with a knight and see how that goes for your opponent. Use Varkas's power whenever you have 4 or 5 charging formations. His power could easily add 35-40 damage to your total attack power.

--Enemy champion units
--low speed formation

More to come!!!

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