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Major League Baseball 2K11
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Achievement Guide/Roadmap

• Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
• Offline: 40 (915)
• Online: 7 (85)
• Approximate time: 100+ hours (without simulation)
• Minimum number of play throughs needed: 5+ (Player Seasons, 10 Ranked Live Matches, MLB Today Games, 1 League Game & utilizing Franchise Mode or Quickplay)
• Missable achievements: 1 (Same as last years 2K installment, the Mid-Summer Classic can only be obtained on the day of the actual All-Stars Game (JULY 12TH))
• Does difficulty affect Achievements? Difficulty is not specified in any achievement descriptions, just as long as it is an un-simulated game.
•Glitched Achievements: Same as recent years, nearly 1/4 of the Achievements have issues but if you are lucky, you will not have any issues.

You can do a lot of these achievements in League or Online games, but again, like last year, two-controller quick play will not work. Most Achievements can be obtained in Franchise mode.

MLB 2K11 is another fun 2K Baseball installment but can be somewhat time-consuming if you are looking for that 1000/1000 on your Gamercard. My Player Mode gets a few more achievements compared to last year's MLB 2K10, but thats only a good thing, as it is one of the most fun game modes in the game. The game has been tweaked a little bit from last years game; mostly the Fielding and the pitching. The Pitching has become a bit more realistic, seeing that now the ball does not go EXACTLY where you place it in the strike zone. This Guide will tell you the easiest ways to obtain each achievement. Enjoy.

Step #1: Franchise
Franchise is a great place to start. In order to get the season oriented achievements, you are required to play at least 20 games before, in-between, or after simulating. During those 20 games, you should hammer out a lot of those situational achievements (Example: Lead off Triple, get a Walkoff home run). After 20 games, you can sim to the end of the season. Make an extra save file first, them sim to the playoffs. Hopefully you are in them. If not, reload your save, and repeat. Now sim to the end of the postseason, reloading your save if necessary. Once you have won the World Series you can move on. You will have other opportunities to gain the situational achievements, like in Quick Play, Ranked Matches, or League Games.

Step #2: My Player
My Player is the main attraction, and this year it finally pays off (gamerscore-wise) to put all of those hours in. Use the achievement guide to aid you in making it to the big leagues, raising your player rating, making the All-Star team, and eventually making it to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, all of the situational achievements are not obtainable in this mode. Only ones specifically for My Player can be achieved here (example: 4 strikeouts as a batter, hit a homerun off of a former team). To reach the Hall of Fame, you will need to accomplish 12 HOF goals, and play at least 5 seasons (which those 12 goals will take 5+ seasons anyway). You can simulate games, but the game requires you to play key games.

Step #3: Ranked Matches
You will have to play as 10 different teams, so during these ten games win three times in a row, beat the Giants, play as the Pirates once, and catch the viral achievement. If you are crafty and play during low traffic times, you could possibly boost ranked achievements with a friend (see achievement boosting forum for help). Something to help you in online matches, there is a slight lag when you hit swing and when you actually swing. This will take some getting used to, though 2K is said to be fixing the issue.

Step #4: Online League games (and whatever you missed in Step #1)
Here you would like to get some friends together and play some MLB 2K11 Online League Mode. If you have no friends (unlikely) or friends that don't own MLB 2K11 (very likely), go over to the Achievement Boosting thread and make some 'friends' to help you out.

Step #5: Exploring the remaining game modes
Earn gold in all the training drills, win the Best of the Best HR Derby challenge, and finally play a game of MLB Today. Kill two birds with one stone by making that game of MLB Today the All-Star game, which requires you to play the actual day of the All-Star game in real life (JULY 12, 2011).

Three things make this game a relatively hard 1000: Ranked Matches, specifically winning three in a row, the High Crimes achievement, and the length of My Player mode. Get past those three things and you should be golden. As with a lot of games, boosting eases this difficulty.


No Hole Too Deep (10G) - Battle Back: Down 0-2, get walked in a non-simulated game.
For this Achievement, all you need is a keen eye and a thumb. If a pitch gets somewhat close to the strike zone, hit your right analog stick to the left or right to foul it off. once the count goes 4-2, you will hear the bloop.

My Main Squeeze (15G) - Bunt the man home in a non-simulated game.
This achievement is pretty easy, just have your guy ready to steal home, lay down the bunt towards the first base side and you should be golden.

State Farm™ - The Road to Victory (20G) - Get 3 consecutive batters on base in a non-simulated game.
This achievement may take some time, but is relatively easy. As long as three batters in a row get on base, you'll get the achievement. You can do this by drawing Walks, Errors and/or Hits.

Stooges (10G) - Strikeout all three hitters in the inning in a non-simulated game.
This Achievement is not too difficult as long as you have a good pitcher on the mound. easiest if you use Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee, two strikeout machines. just keep throwing fastballs and sliders 'low and away' and change ups 'up and in' on the batters.

He Taketh Away (20G) - Rob a Home Run in a non-simulated game.
This achievement is much easier than the past years' installments. Batters hit homeruns barely over the wall rather frequently in this game. It is still rare though, so it can take time, but it's not near-impossible like previous games. No need to alter stats this time around.

I Like to be Thorough (20G) -Hit for the Cycle in a non-simulated game.
Hitting for the cycle is no easy task. you may want to alter a batter's stats for speed and power and contact. When a ball has not left the outfielders hand yet and you're at second, keep running to third. it'll almost always be a close play, but that triple is the hardest one to get.

The Start of Something Special (10G) - Lead off an inning by hitting a triple in a non-simulated game.
Keep in mind what i said about the Cycle achievement about getting that triple out of the way. if you have a guy like Jose Reyes or Andrew McCutchen, that triple is waiting to happen.

The Call (20G) - Get called up to the Majors in My Player Mode.
Playing My Player Mode, this achievement is not missable. Being a pitcher, you should be able to get this plus most of the other My Player achievements quicker than as a batter.

The Goal (10G) - Accomplish a Team Season Goal in My Player Mode.
This Achievement is not too difficult. Your Team Goal is always displayed on your My Player ''Home Page''. It can range from 'Win the Division' to 'Build a dynasty.' These will take a whole My Player season to unlock.

I Came, I Saw... (20G) - Hit a Walk-off Home Run in a non-simulated game.
This achievement will come naturally, as long as you dont blow out your opponent. But obtaining this achievement could be luck. Tie Game in the 9th inning or later. YOU MUST BE THE HOME TEAM. and a power hitter and a meat ball to hit out of the park. Good Luck.

A Pitcher's Best Friend (10G) - Turn a double play in a non-simulated game.
With a runner on first base, just keep the ball down in the zone, you are likely to get a ground ball hit to one of your infielders. This achievement is rather easy, should get a few each game you play.

To the Rescue (10G) - Get a save with the tying run on base in a non-simulated game.
To get a save, your team needs to be ahead by (a maximum of) 3 runs in the 9th inning. But for this achievement, you need to have the TYING run on base. so if you're up by 3, you need the bases loaded; if you're up by 2, you need 2 runners on base; and if you're up by 1 run, you need at least one guy on base. To do this, you can purposely walk batters onto the bases, but try to get 2 outs before putting men on base, guaranteeing the next out to end the game.

A Virtue (20G) - Face 10 pitches as the batter in a non-simulated game.
As stated in the "No Hole Too Deep" Achievement, keep fouling balls off by hitting the right analog left and right on close pitches. Doing this will make this achievement fairly easy.
Retail: 1000+G - 33 games
Arcade: 200+G - 15 games

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