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Doctor Torsche
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Agarest Zero DLC Guide[U.S.]

Want to maximize your DLC effectiveness without spending more than you need to? Hopefully this list will help show you what you're buying, or in-game alternatives so you need not buy the pack from the Marketplace. Keep in mind that the majority of this DLC is available already in the game.

Items tagged with [Italics] are available at the listed location. If you have an item location not listed, please feel free to post.

Additional Costume 1: 400msp / $5
-Another costume for female companions available through Free Intention.

Chaos War Pack - 160msp / $2
-Rage Blaster (Sword, Light Element)
-Vajra Rod (Spear, Earth Element)
-Altis Rod (Staff, No Element)
-99 Magnum (Gun, No Element)
-Epsilon Ring (Accessory)

Daily Life Extension Pack - 160msp / $2
-Carrot Sword (Sword, Earth Element)
-Super Scallion (Dagger, No Element)
-Lollipop Stick (Staff, Wind Element)
-Classic Kettle (Breaker, Fire Element)
-Pot Lid (Armor)
-Kaopectate (Accessory)

Dream Oracle Pack - 80msp / $1
-2 Damascus[Guild]
-2 Meteoric Iron[Guild]
-2 Generation Crystal[Guild]
-2 Lapis Noster[Guild]
-Shiny Fang
-Whispered Dream

Extra Dungeon 1 - 80msp / $1
Dungeon available in Generation 1 after purchase. Unlocked via an unmissable event in Pere Copia towards the end of the Generation. Items and enemies obtained in the dungeon are not exclusive to the dungeon.

Extra Dungeon 2 - 80msp / $1
Dungeon available in Generation 2 after purchase.

Fallen Angel Pack - 80msp / $1
-Black Frame (Armor)
-Black Bustier (Monster Armor)
-Angel Halo (Accessory)
-Angel Wing (Accessory)

Healing and Defense Pack - 80msp / $1
-2 Marfile Seed[Guild]
-2 Vessel of Life
-1 Revive (Skill)
-1 Dryad's Soul
-1 Requiem Bracelet (Armor)

Healing Hand Pack - 80msp / $1
-3 Magic Herb
-2 Cure Grass
-2 Stone of Life
-Resurrect (Skill)
-Moonlight Flower[Overkill Drop from Miesha]
-Lucky Charm

Impregnable Defenses Pack 1 - 80msp / $1
-Extra Frame (Armor)
-Chaos Frame (Armor)
-Heaven's End (Armor)
-E. O. M.(Armor)

Legendary Goods Pack - 80msp / $1
-2 Divine Branch[Guild]
-2 Unicorn Horn[Guild]
-2 Moon Fragment[Guild]
-2 Magic Crystal Chip[Guild]
-Seed of Happiness
-Bracelet of Feicui (Armor) [Equipped on Apli by Default]

No Underestimated Pack - 160msp / $2
-Chickapede Alert (Spear, No Element)
-Man Fist (Knuckle, No Element)
-Drying Typhoon (Gun, Wind Element)
-Paw Booties (Armor)
-Gaspode (Accessory)

Point Addition Pack 1 - 80msp / $1
-5000 G
-250 EP
-50 PP
-150 TP

Point Addition Pack 2 - 80msp / $1
-50,000 G
-5000 EP
-150 PP
-350 TP

PP Addition Pack 1 - 640msp / $8
-5000 PP

Rear-Echelon Support Pack 1 - 80msp / $1
-Divine Guard (Armor)
-Crystal Bracelet (Armor)
-Dark Bracelet (Armor)
-Bracelet of Light (Armor)

Shriveled Chicken Pack - 80msp / $1
-Rusty Sword (Sword, No Element)
-Rusty Bracelet (Armor)
-Rusty Ring (Accessory)
-Funky Chicken (Armor)
-Chicken Ring (Accessory)

Status Boost Pack - 80msp / $1
-2 STR Up
-2 VIT Up
-2 AGI Up
-2 INT Up
-2 LUK Up
-2 Max. HP Up

Status Boost Pack 2 - 80msp / $1
-2 STR Up+
-2 VIT Up+
-2 AGI Up+
-2 INT Up+
-2 LUK Up+
-Max. HP Up+

Subordinate's Present Pack - 80msp / $1
-Flame Element[Guild]
-Ice Element[Guild]
-Thunder Element[Guild]
-Wind Element[Guild]
-Earth Element[Guild]
-Darkness Element[Guild]
-Light Element[Guild]

TP Addition Pack - 480msp / $6
-20,000 TP
-2500 PP

Zero Starter Pack - 80msp / $1
-3 Grass[Shop]
-3 Soothing Grass
-2 Fragments of Life[Shop]
-1 Heal (Skill)
-1 Revitalize (Skill)
-1 Capture (Skill)
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