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Thumbs up Co-op Boss Guide

When you know how to kill the bosses it's relatively simply, the friend I completed it with hadn't played shank, so had no experience, but we cleared it in an hour and 30 minutes. We used the same weapons for each boss. My friend used Katana and Pistols, I used Machetes and Pistols. These might not be the best but they worked for us.

First Boss - Dusty and Denny

The first boss is two guys called Dusty and Denny, the trick to beating these guys is dodge them an till they do there double team. You can tell there are about to do there double team when they run to each side of the screen, me and my friend would just stand in the middle, as they got close we would dodge through them one of us going each way, then we would grab the guy closest to us with grab(). You might have one left at the end, if one of you accidentally misses a grab or you focus fire on one, if you do just both use pistols to take him down. We would shoot in between the tag team but made sure to avoid all there attacks and would help each other up as soon as it was safe. The best way we found to help each other up on every boss was lure them away from your partner.

Second Boss - Masked Butcher

This boss deals lots of damage but you have the luxury of having some health items around. We dodged through him till he moves to one side and starts to throw explosive barrels when he does this we just keep unloading our pistols into him until one of the barrels explodes above his head when this happens one of you run up to him and grab him using grab(). Then the other player began attacking him and after 3-4 hits we would steer him into the wall, then repeat this until he is dead. Afterwards while checking if there was another Co-op boss guide thread I read about the other player being able to grab the Butcher while his partner grabbed him originally to deal big damage, this sounds like a better method but we didn't use this.

The alternate method of using the double grab rather than slamming the Butcher into the wall is much more effective thanks to CrazyDoginOZ for confirmation

Third Boss - SWAT Boss

This boss has a couple of attacks to watch out for he has a close range taser which he swings, and also a grenade launcher attack these two attacks can easily be dodged, his other attack is a grab you see this coming as he flashes then runs up to you and grabs you. DON'T avoid this as when he grabs you if you hit block() it chucks you both across the screen, and allows your partner to grab() the boss for big damage. This is just a case of rinse and repeat. We keep our distance and used pistols which would eventually kill the adds which keep respawning, he charges with his grab so no need to worry about being close for him to activate it.

Final Boss - Bodyguard

This boss is the hardest in my opinion, but when you know how to kill him it's just a case of being patient and avoiding his attacks. He flashes before all the attacks you really have to watch for. The first is a grab, it's very close range and can be avoided by dodging, if it hits though to free you partner you have to attack the boss, this grab is also initiated if you grab the boss when the symbol isn't shown, the pistols work well for freeing your partner. The second attack is a charging punch, this is easy enough to see coming just make sure to dodge it, it has a deceptively long range. The third attack is his weakness, you can tell when this one is coming as he clenches his teeth and kinda flexes his muscles downward. This attack he does a jumping stomp which when it hits the ground sends a kind of shockwave out in front of him, to dodge this either get behind him while he is in the air or jump away from him and make sure you time it right to get above the shockwave. If neither of you get hit his foot gets stuck in the ground and you can grab him with as soon as the grab animation finishes you partner can also grab him with the to deal big damage. I think it takes 5-6 times if you both hit your grabs each time, but just rinse and repeat. If one of you goes down lure him away the help your partner up.

These strategies are what me and friend used they worked for us, they might not be the most effective but I know the work. Just ask if you need any more help on any of the bosses. If you have anything to add just post it and I will add it in. Good Luck and Happy Shanking

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Great work man, i've been working on one lately, but i'm not even gonna bother. You've summed everything up perfectly. 5/5.
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Originally Posted by SephVstheWorld View Post
Great work man, i've been working on one lately, but i'm not even gonna bother. You've summed everything up perfectly. 5/5.
Thanks a lot man
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good work bro, yeah i posted the thread on the easy way to beat the butcher, i tried the wall method knocks off no where near what the double grab does, add the double grab method into the guide if you like its definatly the way to kill him,just give credit, like all bosses there is always a pattern
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Nice guide - it helped to beat the game in coop, which is ACE! I liked it in coop more than I am in single player.

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Thanks for the guide, it was very helpful!
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Great guide. Currently playing through co-op with my sister (who had never played the game before but has picked it up surprisingly quickly) and we got stuck on the masked Butcher. We worked out the blowing the barrels up, but not the double grab technique, looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

From what I've seen online it seems like Dusty and Denny and the SWAT Leader are the hardest. The SWAT leader mainly due to his minions.

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