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100% Case Guide by OE

Vice Narcotics receives a tip from one Freddie Calhoun, junkie, snitch and all around no-hoper. Freddie seems to be playing it straight for once, sharing information on a city-wide marijuana distribution ring. Detective Phelps and Earle will search, question and raid their way to the top of the operation, and in the process learn how the crooks could be smuggling fifty pound shipments of dope in plain sight.

13 Clues (1 not tagged, but if you follow the guide you will get all 13.)

Majority of Information thanks to: Wolven Freak


Interview Freddie Calhoun
Drive over to Mike Lyman's Bar. Simple.

Mike Lyman's Bar
Enter the bar and Roy will notice your man in the back. Chat with the smoking man in the blue shirt.
Investigate Cruz Residence
Leave the bar and drive to Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence.

Juan Garcia Cruz's Residence
As you arrive a man will start shooting at you from the front window.
Subdue Juan Garcia Cruz
Using the concrete barrier and cover, follow it right to the car. Next go around the back, kick the door in and shoot the two armed men. Be careful as they are using Thompson SMGs.
Achievement Unlocked: Forcible Rear Entry
You will appear inside the house with the coroner nearby. Time to search the area for clues, starting with the body in front of you.
1 - Gunman's Silver Dollar: check the left coat pocket
Check his right coat pocket and tap the ID to confirm it is Juan.
2 - Updated 'Juan's Silver Dollar: you are not actually notified of the update, but it is required.
Next turn to the left and check the boxes.
3 - 'Masangkay': check the note on the boxes
Now check the stack of boxes beside the kitchen entrance to learn about Parnell's Soup Company. Next go into the back bedroom and check the newspaper on top of the boxes.
Investigate 20th Century Market
Next, use the phone nearby to get the address of Parnell's Soup Company. Leave the house and an officer will notify you of a neighbor to speak with.

This neighbor will tell you that Juan spent lots of time in a chicken coop. Now, go to the backyard and kick in the door to the chicken coop.

Check the middle shelves with four tins and then inspect the flour tin (second from left) to reveal a secret room.

Inspect the golden tin next to it for a nice suprise! Enter the room and inspect both of the soup tins on the right shelf.

4 - Soup Cans: obtained after opening the first soup tin
Achievement Unlocked: Soup In The Pot
After opening both cans, inspect the blue ledger on the desk. Tap any information containing "Tijuana"
5 - Tijuana Dope Shipments
NOTE: If you want to obtain the "High Flyer" achievement you have to leave for 20th Century Market now. Skip below to 20th Century Market for more information.

Otherwise, leave this location and drive to Parnell's Soup Company.

Parnell's Soup Co. Factory
Enter the building and speak with the receptionist. She will lead you upstairs to Mr. Parnell's secretary, and finally into his office.

After a chat with Mr. Parnell, a ledger will be placed in front of you. Open it up and on the second page tap "Jorge Garcia Cruz, 1452 N. Las Palmas Avenue". You now get your chance to ask some questions.

Howard Parnell
Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
Parnell's Soup Company: Doubt
Knowledge of Cruz Brothers: Doubt
Inside man Jorge Garcia: Truth
After questioning, Mr. Parnell will opt to give you a tour of the factory. Follow him around until meeting a man named Sergio.

Before speaking with him, inspect the ledger on the desk nearby. Tap any listing for "20th Century Market" and then talk with Sergio.

6 - Sergio's Silver Dollar: automatically obtained after talking with Sergio

Sergio Rojas
Factory sealed soup cans: Doubt
20th Century Market: Lie / Sergio's Silver Dollar
Things are finished here, for now so drive over to 20th Century Market.

20th Century Market
You arrive to find lots of people coming and going from the market. Roy will radio KGPL for officers to arrive. When they do, you will enter the store, but the clerk will make a run for it.

Skip the note below if you came from Parnell's Soup.

NOTE: If you came here directly from Juan's Residence, the same cut-scene will occur, but you will unlock an achievement.
Achievement Unlocked: High Flyer
Apprehend Grocery Clerk
Follow him out the back door, through the alley and up a ladder. Chase him around the rooftop until he gets a surprise hit on you. Give him a taste of what marines are made of.

After, you will come back to the market with the clerk in tow. He hands over a small bag of reefer. Next, he will clean out his pockets, revealing another silver dollar.

7 - Shopkeeper's Silver Dollar: automatically obtained
Next, he will give you his wallet. Inspect his ID.
8 - Updated 'Airto's Silver Dollar'
Now you get to interrogate him for information.
Airto Sanchez
Knowledge of 'E.J': Lie / Airto's Silver Dollar
Parnell's Soup shipments: Doubt
Juan and Jorge Cruz: Truth
After your questioning you will appear in an alley across the street from Parnell's Soup Company.

Parnell's Soup Factory Pt.2
Raid Parnell's Soup Factory
As you pull up to the factory you will be prompted to grab a gun from the trunk. Do so if you wish, then head inside and kick open the door to the back work area.

There will be a fairly large gunfight to deal with. Majority of enemies will have a Colt .45, but a few will have Thompson SMGs or Tommy Guns.

After the gunfight an officer will have found something of interest. Follow him into the side room and inspect the body.

9 - Gunman's Silver Dollar: inspect the open left hand
Check the wallet and tap the ID. Next, leave this room and Roy will get your attention. Search the boxes beside him.
10 - Boxed Marijuana Shipment: check the boxes
After, another officer will grab your attention, so follow him upstairs to another body. First, check the shirt pocket.
11 - Jorge's Silver Dollar: inside the shirt pocket
Now check the left hand for a large roll of cash. A cut-scene will occur and a puzzle awaits you on the desk. You will spot three letters on each of the coins. Arrange them in the following order:


Solution: Masangkay Metals
12 - Collected Silver Dollars
Achievement Unlocked: Spare a Dime
Investigate Masangkay Metals
Everything is done here, drive to the next location.

Masangkay Metals
You arrive to find what looks like an abandoned factory with locked gates.

Follow the building to your right around into the alley. Climb the pipe, then descend the pipe on your right to gain access to the lot.

Go to the back of the building to gain entrance and another gunfight waiting for you.

Shoot your way to the very top office to find a man by the name of Victor Sanders.

Achievement Unlocked: Every Herb Bearing Seed
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L.A. Noire Cases

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