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Achievement Guide

Pictureka! Achievement Guide

-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 1/10
-Single Player: 3 (55 )
-Multiplayer (Online or Offline): 4 (95 )
-Approximate Amount of Time to 150: 1–2 Hours
-Minimum Number of Games Needed: 15
-Missable Achievements: None

Pictureka Pair-fection - 20
Win a multiplayer game of both Pictureka Original and Pictureka Remix

You can use 2 controllers or play online with a friend to get this achievement. Start a custom original game with only 3 cards to make the game go faster. Once the game starts, have either your friend or your 2nd controller do nothing the whole game and you will get credit for the win. To make things go a little faster, you can use the 2nd controller to pick the wrong things on the board and it will deplete the timer a lot faster but.

Once you have won an Original game, play a remix game and win and the achievement will unlock.

Spelling Wizard - 20
Spell a word in 5 seconds or less in Pictureka Remix

For this achievement, you need the game to roll a yellow die. Play solo so that only you are going for the achievement. When the yellow card is picked, you must spell a 3-5 letter word in 5 seconds. You must be very quick to do this.

Getting a 3 letter word will be easier of course, but sometimes, after you have spelled a word, you can restart the game and the same word will be chosen during the the next match. This does not always work but sometimes does and will make this achievement easier on you.

Hawkeye - 10
Find an image in 3 seconds in any Pictureka game mode

This should be the first achievement you get and is very easy to do. When the game has you find an animal, you must find it and click on it within 3 seconds of the timer starting. Many times, the image is on the starting screen and you can find it while the round is starting.

Crush The Opposition - 25
Win a game of Pictureka without other players scoring in any game mode

To get this achievement, play with a 2nd controller or with a friend online. Have the second player do nothing in a 3 card match and the achievement will unlock once the match is over.

Round Robbin' - 25
Win a round on each card type in Pictureka Remix

You must get one card of each color. Play a solo remix match and set the game to 9 cards to be sure you get a chance at all the colors. Once you are awarded the 5th card color, the achievement unlocks

Finders Keepers - 30
Win 15 games of Pictureka in any game mode

Play with a friend or 2 controllers and have the 2nd player do nothing the whole time. If you want things to move a little faster, have the 2nd player click on the wrong images and letters several times to make the timer go down faster.

Secret Achievements
Lucky Guess - 20
Won the red card vote 3 times in a row in any Pictureka game mode

Play with a friend or 2nd controller to have the red color show on the game die. Make the game a 6 or 9 card match to have a better change at red being rolled. When red is rolled, have the first player pick a high number and the second player pick a low number. When you win the vote, you go first that round. You do not have to win the round and get the red card, just win the vote. Do this 3 times in a row to get the achievement.

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You mistakenly put 'Play a solo original match' instead of Remix match, for the Round Robbin' achievement. Very good guide though.

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Originally Posted by pms clueless View Post
Wondering if the finders keepers achievement needs a second controller or opponent, since you can be the winner in a solo game. Anyone one know?
I know it's a bit late, but I've just got the cheevie from playing single player - you don't need to waste the time with a second controller/person...
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X360A Not updating

Why won't my achievement guide update with my saves? When I click a checkbox and select save the guide reverts back to as if I didn't select anything. This is the only guide that does that.
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