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Catherine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Please Read Before Posting (8/5/11)

Catherine Xbox 360 FAQ

There was a feature that 360a began implementing a few years back to contain a FAQ in every forum for every game to help cover all the commonly asked questions posted in the forum. To avoid clutter(or minimize it for that matter) we have posted a FAQ to help make 360a your one stop shop for all your achievement needs!

I’ll try to avoid spoilers for the most part. However, some of the questions asked simply have no answer to be given without some spoiler. For the most part, a portion of the Gameplay Questions will contain at least some spoilers to inform possible buyers about the game, some of the General and Other Questions contain plot elements as well. So for those who care:


Before we go any further, please refer to the following FAQs and Guides for any and all questions not found in this guide: Trophy Guide General Walkthrough - Character Guide Boss Guide - Everyday Hero Guide - Nightmare Stages Guide - Confessionals Guide Rapunzel Guide Endings Guide Text Junkie Guide

These are available for a reason – to be used!

General Questions
[101] What in the world is this game about?
[102] I've heard it's impossibly that true?
[103] Thinking of buying this but does climbing blocks get old?
[104] Are there any differences between the NA version and the Japanese version?
[105] Does this game contain nudity?
[106] What is Law and Chaos? Which color belongs to which?

Gameplay Questions
[201] How long is this game, what difficulty should I start on?
[202] What is the difference between all the difficulties?
[203] What is 'Very Easy' difficulty? I don't see it on the menu.
[204] Is there any New Game +?
[205] How do I get more jukebox songs?
[206] People keep leaving the Stray Sheep before I can talk to them!?
[207] What events make time move forward at the Stray Sheep? What events don't?
[208] Is there any downside to drinking?
[209] How many levels does Rapunzel have?
[210] I'm completely stuck on level _____. Help
[211] How do I save my game?
[212] How do I skip a stage or cut scene?
[213] When I skip a stage does it also skip over the Landings and Confessional segments?
[214] Is there anywhere I can view the cut scenes when I want?
[215] How can I get more "retries"?
[216] Why are there other Sheep around while I'm trying to climb some puzzles?
[217] I shimmy around a block and get confused with my sense of direction, what's going on?
[218] What purpose does the Bathroom serve at the Stray Sheep?
[219] What's the deal with the spike blocks? I keep getting killed!
[220] I hate____ blocks! What do I do?
[221] The camera keeps getting me killed during Boss Stages, help?
[222] Where are all the rosaries for Rapunzel? I can't seem to find them.
[223] Will my gold prizes still be intact if my game saves get deleted?
[224] How do I replay the Stages?
[225] I can't seem to tell the time at the Stray Sheep for when patrons come in. Where's the clock?
[226] I'm stuck on a Normal/Hard difficulty puzzle. Is it possible to simply replicate a video walkthrough to get it done?
[227] The final two spheres for Stage 9(9-5, 9-6) on Hard are impossible! What do I do about the randomness?
[228] Is there a list of the puzzle techniques(from the Landings) I can use to get better?
[229] What happens once I get a Game Over with no retries left? Do I have to start a new playthrough?

Achievement Questions
[301] Is Catherine an easy 1000?
[302] How long does it take to get 1000 in Catherine?
[303] Do I have to play through on a certain difficulty to get achievements??
[304] Do the miscellaneous achievements still unlock on Easy difficulty?
[305] How many Endings are there? How do I get them all?
[306] How can I get my Karma meter in the middle for the True Freedom Ending?
[307] The patrons I am trying to help at the Stray Sheep keep dying! Help?
[308] How can I get 20 text messages sent? I never seem to get that many.
[309] When do I start to get the drinking achievements? Do I have to do it every day?
[310] How do I get the achievement for not going home?
[311] Babel. Come on, what is with this? It's ridiculous! How do I beat it?
[312] How many factoids are there for each alcoholic beverage?
[313] How exactly can I get a gold prize in a stage? What are the factors?
[314] Will the game save my gold prizes if I quit in the middle of "re-challenging" a Nightmare Stage?
[315] Do achievement tallies carry over to other playthroughs?(e.g beer tips, texts,etc.)
[316] I can't seem to get Bomberlamb, I Can Fly, etc.
[317] Can I unlock the block-related achievements in Rapunzel?
[318] Okay, Hard mode and Babel are way too difficult! How do I get better?
[319] How do I beat the _____ Babel Stage? They keep giving me crappy setups!
[320] In order to unlock Everyday Hero do I have to save all the patrons in one play through?

Karma Meter/Decision Making
[401] What is karma? Where is it located?
[402] How do I get a "Law"/"Chaos" rating for my answer at the confessionals?
[403] I'm about to do my 1st playthrough. What decisions should I make?
[404] How is the _______ confessional question considered Law/Chaos?
[405] Is there a way to check your karma alignment through command?

Ending Questions
[501] Which Endings should I go for first?
[502] Can I view the Endings at any time upon getting them?
[503] Why can't I get Catherine/Katherine's True Ending? My karma is in the appropriate alignment!
[504] How do I get the _______ Ending?
[505] How many playthroughs does it take to get all 8 Endings??
[506] How do I know what I need to say throughout the game to get the _____ Ending?
[507] Are any of these Endings the "True" conclusion to Catherine?


Other Questions
[601] Katherine or Catherine?
[602] So what's the deal with Erica? She's a what?
[603] So why sheep? Is it symbolic for something?
[604] Will Catherine be getting any DLC?
[605] Can I still get the Love Is Over package or is it too late?

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