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My method. Less boring than normal.

So, since I"m having to start from scratch on this game, I figured I'd share my method. In the end, it'll save on the monotonous feel of it all.

As an overall note, get at least 1 rank in Cavalier as soon as possible. Look at the Ability list to see who has this. It allows you to start out on a horse, which speeds things up a bit.

Step 1: Finish all story modes on Easy.
(I picked 1 character for each story mode and just stuck with them. They came out at around 35 proficiency when it was over with.)

Step 2a: Choose 1 character. Raise this character to level 99, and obtain 50 proficiency. You can use Growth points for levels, and Wu stage 4 for proficiency.
(I chose Zhou Tai. He attacks only 1 side of his horse, available immediately in Wu campaign. His Musou is good. His XXY and XXXY attacks are great for damage. He's also a character to use on a Dream Mode.)
Step 2b: Max out chosen characters 3rd weapon. Give it +20 Attack and I gave it the following skills to level 10:
Ice, Flash, Slay, Multi, Agility, Might, Brave, Range

Note: While doing Steps 2a and 2b, have a 2nd weapon and put the following on it for Almighty later. Be saving for it early on:
Flame 2, Ice 2, Bolt 2, Absorb 2, Might 2, Brave 2, Slay 2, Flash 2

Step 3: Obtain 4th weapon. Do Samurai stage 1 on Chaos to obtain your first 4th weapon. Once obtained, transfer all stats from your 3rd weapon to your 4th.

Step 4: Obtain all treasures. At least get the Bowl of Buddha, Fire Rat's Skin, Jeweled Branch, and Swallow's Shell. This will allow you to create Almighty.
(Note: Playing a lot of missions on Hard is easier than playing on Easy. Example, Bowl of Buddha. The mission is much easier if you play on hard because Wang will actually fight the peons to the gate. On Easy, he'll never kill anything.)

Step 5: Create Almighty and apply it to your chosen characters 4th weapon. Only use it on a 4th weapon, don't waste any on a 3rd weapon.

Step 6: Obtain 4th weapon for every character. Always use your chosen character. With Almighty on his weapon, you can kill Da Ji (for your first weapon) wait for the ambush, kill the guy that spawns where Himiko was standing for a 2nd weapon, and finish the stage in 1 minute. Very easy.

Step 7: After 4th weapons are obtained, you can have anywhere between 4-10 Almighty's sock piled. Helps on the back end of farming, as you need 27-28 stocked total (depending if your character you use can be used in Dream Mode or not).

Step 8: Obtain all Abilities. I did Wu stage 4. I never switched characters and finished the mission with only that character. This takes a while to get all abilities, but because you're constantly changing characters and actually gaining abilities, it's not that bad. I did all Cavalier characters first, now I'm working on Acclaim characters. Then I'll choose Potence, etc. Until I have all abilities. When you're done, every character will have between 16-23 proficiency. Depends on if they have 3 skills to gain, or 4 and how many peons killed.
Example: Chose Cao Pi. Started and finished Wu stage 4 with only him, never switching. You only gain 1 ability.

Note: Always keep your chosen character in the roster. You can be slowly gaining more Almighty's while doing this.

Step 9: Complete all Story missions on Normal with someone who doesn't have 50 proficiency. Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu are good choices because they need 50 proficiency to unlock certain Dream Modes anyways. If they max out their proficiency, select another. Keep original character in the roster for yet more Almighty's.
(The reason for this, all modes have to be completed on Normal anyways. Kill 2 bird with 1 stone.)

Step 10: Apply Almighty to Dream Mode characters 4th weapon and do their Dream Mode on Easy, Normal, Hard, and Chaos. You'll gain proficiency while doing this. Again, 2 birds with 1 stone.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10 until all available Dream Modes are done, and as each Dream Mode becomes available.

Step 12: Proficiency grinding. Start grinding Wu stage 4 to get 50 proficiency with most characters. This will always be boring, but most will be half way done because of how you gained your abilities. Everyone will have at least 16 proficiency.

Step 13: Blaze your way to the finish line.

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