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Altered Beast
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Boss strategy

Well, yes, this game is very easy, but for safety's sake (as in: for those who have absolutely never played this game before), here's a little guide to how to beat all the bosses in this game

Level 1 boss: Aggar
Difficulty: 2/10
This thing looks like a cross between a monster and a giant pile of excrement. Simply dodge his heads and move in to punch him for quicker damage. You can damage him from a distance, but remember: you can only fire a new shot after the previous one has impacted. Shouldn't be too hard, aside from one or two hits you might take from the heads if you're not paying attention.

Level 2 boss: Octeye
Difficulty: 4/10

The only difficult thing about this boss is finding the ideal spot to deal cheap damage to him. Move up right in front of its eye and start mashing the kick button to repeatedly administer the shock attack. You might have to experiment with this, but once you hit that sweet spot, you should be able to kill him without getting hit yourself by the spores it sends out. And believe me, you don't want those to come for you, as they take a crapload of punishment. Quite a bit harder than the arcade version.

Level 3 boss: Moldy Snail
Difficulty: 1/10

Very easy if you time correctly. Get in front of him and start mashing the punch button while crouching. This should knock it back and eventually damage it. When it launches the spinning hoop attack, keep doing the stone breath attack until the attack is just about to hit you. Then, use the spin attack for invincibility against the attack and some free damage.

Level 4 boss: Crockodile Worm
Difficulty: 7/10

Hardest boss in the game by far. Don't worry, it's still pretty easy, but not rushing things is vital. Watch out for his fire beams and kill the little dragons with the jump attack (kick) when they come out. Wait to kill them until you're safe from the fire attack, don't take stupid chances. Make dodging fire attacks and little dragons your top priority and damage the boss in the meantime. It'll die eventually, but it takes a while.

Level 5 boss: Neff
Difficulty: 2/10
Anti-climactic final boss is anti-climactic. After the cool monsters you got to fight so far, you get to fight a two-legged rhino in B movie armor. Simply wait for him to go for his first charge attack, jump and use the dash attack (kick) to hit it in the head as you pass over him. Rince and repeat, he takes about 32-33 hits before he goes down.
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Thanks for that, really helped with Untouchable.
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This helped me out a ton thank you.
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il have to dig this one back out its one of those that i never went back to
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Thanks for that, it will make untouchable achievement easier
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If you get stuck on any just save after every hit...

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