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Old 05-31-2010, 04:34 PM   #1
Arkane Knight
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Tips for Desperate Escape Pro Solo

This took me about three hours to get through on my own, but I finally managed. First of all I'll say this: I got very lucky with the random weapon placements, and I don't think I could've done this otherwise. Also I played as Josh.

1. When you start the game make sure you get town majini. You don't want to be fighting through majini with shields and rifles through the course of the level.

2. Restarting a checkpoint may randomly generate different enemy locations, but weapons are always the same in each playthrough.

3. The first boss fight against the chainsaw majini was the second hardest part for me. First I cleared the enemies at the top. The easiest is 4 majini standing next to the barrel. Then toss jill to the top of the walkway. Go down to the locker room and deal with any enemies there, specifically any big man majinis. Backtrack up the hill if necessary, but do not go beyond the truck. If you do the boss fight will begin and you will have too much to deal with. Once things are cleared up a little, and you have your weapon from the locker room, start the boss fight. I had a shotgun at this point and worked my way up to the starting corridor and unloaded my shotgun and grenades onto the chainsaw guys until they went down once. They will pretty much ignore Jill as long as you have their attention. Once one goes down pick up the key and RUN to the door and get out of there. No way do you have enough ammo to deal with the continuous onslaught, so just save it.

4. The area with the rocket turrets was pretty easy for me, at least theres nothing special i did here that I didn't do on vet mode, just use the rocket turrets and the ladders to your advantage. If a group of enemies is at the base of a ladder, toss a grenade. I've read you can just knife them as they climb the ladder, but Jill will keep using her ammo and knifing takes forever.

5. At the third rocket turret there is a house on the left before the bridge with a weapon in a locker and a bunch of ammo stock. After clearing the majini waves from the bridge with the turret stop by there. If another wave comes run back to the turret.

6. For the final boss fight, I found it easiest to clear out as many base majinis as possible in the first minute, before the executioner shows up. I did this by climbing the ladder near the oil cans and setting the cans on fire. Deal with the guy in the center with the rifle. Once the executioner showed up, I just booked it. With my shotgun equipped, I ran circles around the place, shooting whatever was in the way. The only other boss to show up was a reaper. I'm pretty sure if you take the time to kill them, they just get replaced with another boss(4 total i think). But by yourself you wont have the ammo or time to deal with that. Just focus on staying alive for seven and a half minutes. I didn't have a magnum, which probably would've made that part easier.

The only other thing I noticed is the computer tries much harder to keep you alive than it did on the Pro mode of the RE5 campaign, so at least that is something to be grateful for. Keep your computer partner close so you can be resuscitated quickly.
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Old 07-31-2010, 11:59 AM   #2
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Thanks for the tips, I have to say I played "Lost in Nightmares" on veteran before i tried this and breezed it. So I tried Veteran on this and was blown away by the difficulty difference. Great fun though.
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Old 07-04-2011, 06:13 AM   #3
Capt AwesomeDP
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The game will increase the difficulty if you play with someone, but the overall strategy is the same keep running to the checkpoints and try to save as much ammo for the end as you can.
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Old 07-28-2011, 11:06 PM   #4
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Sounds about right. Sounds like me actually lol. Nice job putting this together. Props. I completely agree.
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Old 09-02-2011, 07:20 AM   #5
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One thing to add when you get to the final boss fights with the (executioner and the reapers) the way I did it was to hide in the little hut that's behind where you start out (the red door). If you hide in the corner next to the shelves with ammo, so you're facing the door you just came in, you should be able to see any enemies that come at you and your partner will stay on the other end of the room and get any you don't. Also with this strategy I found that the executioners can't get in there so as long as you don't leave you only will have to deal with reapers or chainsaw magini. Tip for reapers hit the white sack thingy. A couple shots with a shot gun and they're done. Be advised enemies will come down on top of you as there is a hole in the ceiling, as well as from the left and in front (the red door). Stay vigilant and help your partner out as needed and you should be able to make it out just fine.
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