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First off, this is the worst game I've ever played and you should avoid it like the plague. The Kinect controls are utterly broken, ruining all the game's wonderful potential and cranking the difficulty to insanity. But if you've had the bad luck to buy it, might as well give it a shot, right? Everyone's soul needs to be crushed occasionally...

I'm creating this thread to share a few specific solutions. Feel free to post what levels you're having trouble with and I'll give advice if I've got any.

General tips:
  • The fastest way I've found to restart a level is keep a controller on, press Guide, and then B. Now set the controller down and use your hand to select Retry.
  • It's usually a good idea to go after the hardest star first, while you only have one or two Leedmees. However, late in the game it might be better to go after tough ones last, after you've got the majority of the Leedmees out of the way.
Level 24:
  • Use the first two Leedmees to get the two left-most stars. At the level start, hold your left arm diagonally up and use your right arm to push both Leedmees off to the left.
  • Allow one Leedmee to walk up your arm and over the barrier, but then crook your arm enough to keep him from walking off and into the blade.
  • After the blade has passed, bend the left arm enough for the Leedmee to get the star, then carefully straighten it up until he falls over the barrier to the right.
  • Now that both Leedmees are on the same side, either hold them up high and wait for the blade, or drop your arm low enough to pick up the lower-left star and hold it there till the blade passes. Straighten up and get both Leedmees into the goal.
  • Now 4 Leedmees spawn, walking in 2 separate directions. Use your left arm to push them all off to the right. Hold your right arm up high enough that one of the Leedmees gets the top-right star, being careful to make sure nobody walks off the edge, gets smashed into the wall, or touches the blade.
  • Wait for the blade to retract. As soon as it does, bend down and carefully move your body to the left, all without dropping or squishing the little idiots. Stick them in the exit... The hard part is over!
  • Next, 2 batches of 6 Leedmees each come out: 3 walking left and 3 right. Don't attempt to catch them all with one arm - that's way too likely to squish them. Instead, lower your arms so that they're almost perpendicular to your body. You want the Leedmees to fall down onto each arm. Hold your arms high enough to avoid the blades until they retract.
  • Then pull one arm in and stuff the 3 Leedmees on it into the exit. Repeat with the other (waiting for the blade to retract again if necessary). That's it!
Level 25:
  • Balls fall from the top two ramps in an alternating pattern. Use your left arm to carry Leedmees and your right arm to shield them from balls.
  • Once you get them over to the right, let the Leedmees walk to your right arm and into the exit, shielding them with the left. Be careful not to let any balls get on your arms - I put mine completely down after delivering each batch of Leedmees.
Level 26:
  • First off, knock all of the balls off the screen with your body.
  • Now we want to get the star at the bottom-center of the level. Grab one or two Leedmees (less is better) and drop the one(s) you've got straight onto the star, emptying your arms. Shield them as they walk to the exit by holding your right arm up.
  • Clear the balls out.
  • Now grab some more Leedmees and walk as far to the right as you can. Shield them with your right arm and drop them into the exit/onto the remaining stars with your left arm. Repeat until you've won.
Level 27:
  • After trying to S rank this one for 3 hours, I gave up on getting more S ranks. If anyone figures out a way to consistently bend over without the game spazzing out, please let me know.
-Paul Acevedo
Editor, Windows Central
Twitter: @PaulRAcevedo
Twitch: EastXTwitch - Watch my streams Saturday nights at 8pm Central and win prizes!

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