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Job Completion Tips for Noobs

After playing way too many games with randoms (and even some who have played extensively), I have found that a lot of people have virtually no idea what they're doing when it comes to actually completing the jobs. I literally just played for an hour and a half without completing a single job because no one seems to know what the hell they are doing.
So, with that said, I've made up a list of tips covering most of the problems I've seen in all of the games I've played. Feel free to add any others...

1) When playing Containment, Slime Dunking (tethering) is almost a necessity in order to capture the ghosts in a timely fashion.

2) If you see someone with a tethered ghost, DO NOT shoot the ghost! It destroys the tether and costs the team a lot of valuable time.

2) On Destruction levels, you should never have to throw your trap out or even capture/kill a ghost. These jobs are all about taking out the spawn totems as fast as possible. When a spawn totem is destroyed, all of the ghosts that came out of it are destroyed as well.

3) On Destruction levels, the spawn totems appear in pretty much the same pattern every time, so if you don't get through them, just keep trying with another competent player and you'll knock these out in no time.

4) Another Destruction attention to your weapon choices. The Shock Blaster (blue) is amazing up close and can take out a green spawn totem in two shots. The...yellow blaster, what you want to use for the spawn totems that are in the distance and can be destroyed in about five or six shots.
Slime is virtually useless, but can be extremely useful in one instance: If a ghost is sitting on the spawn totem where you can't damage the totem, quickly switch to your slime, tether the ghost, then just tether it away from the nest somewhere like the ground. This will not only pull the ghost off of the spawn totem, but will daze them you plenty of time to switch back to your other packs to take out the nest.

The Proton Accelerator is badass on Destruction levels as well. This thing can just shred through the spawn totems in no time. You only have it for a limited time, so make the most of it.

5) On Survival levels, there's no time limit, nor are there any unlimited spawning ghosts, so take your time, know the ghosts' weaknesses, and you'll get through these without much of a problem. Slime dunk if you can. When you have to fight the big bosses, they're fairly easy to get away from when fighting them. Usually they'll come up to you, pause, then lunge at you. When they do this, either run right past them, or just hit the dodge button and jump away to the side. Usually the only things that give players fits are the little hoards of candlestick crawlers.

6) Thief levels are some of the easiest to do since there's a time limit and you only have to have 1 remaining when time runs out. You do that and you're golden.

7) Protection levels can seem like a nightmare at times, especially on the 3rd tower, but they can be fairly manageable if you can get one person to lure the main monster away from the tower and the other stays nearby to pick off any of the little baddies it sends out. The little guys will always go for the tower. The main monster will go for the tower as well, but can be lured away. What you don't want to do is have all of your players waiting at the tower or you're just asking to lose because not only will you have the little guys there, but the main monster as well.

8) On the Cemetery Protection level, it seems that if you get the 3rd tower to appear at the top of the hill, the little ghosts/skulls the boss shoots out can get under the map somehow and continuously attack the tower. If this happens, just keep looking at the ground around it and the lock-on signal will appear. Grab it and smash it quickly!
If you can manage to have any of the Shock Blast (blue) when the 3rd round comes up, especially on the Cemetery level, use the Shock Stream to freeze the huge boss and it should be a breeze finishing up the level.

9) Pay attention to when your partners go down and get them up ASAP, especially on the levels with a time limit. If it's a Survival level, depending on your situation, you may be able to just let them time out and return. Sometimes it's safer to run than to go dive into whatever mess just took out your teammate.

10) Some jobs are easier with two people rather than a group, but this mostly depends on the skill of the players in the group or the level. It's hard to get a group of randoms that know what they're doing, so maybe doing most of these with another skilled player is all you need to do.

Hope this helps some.
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One thing I would add is that that big enemies act like tanks in Left 4 Dead. Meaning, if one person is shooting at it, it will go after that one person. You can use this to your advantage by luring the big enemies away in protection (as you mentioned) or you can "yo-yo" the bigger enemies between you and your friends. When the enemy comes close to you, stop shooting at it and have your friend start shooting at it from across the map.

LT the shock blaster to freeze these guys is a huge help as well.

Great tips op!

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Have just back into this to finish of my online achievements. So please add me BlockABoots
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