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Yar's Revenge
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Apr 13, 2011 Yar's Revenge Now Available on the Xbox Live Arcade
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Gio De Janiero
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Review - Its XBLA's Panzer Dragoon

If you have fond memories or were/are a fan of the Panzer Dragoon series then you may want to think about purchasing Yar's Revenge. Right now its on sale for 400 ms points and to be honest if I would have paid the normal asking price of 800 ms points it (to me) still would have been worth it.

Pros -
1) Yar's Revenge plays practically identical to the famous Panzer Dragoon series, and that in itself is a very good thing. Its an on rail shooter where you control Yar and the shooting recticule in order to blast away every enemy that gets in your way. Again, if you've played Panzer Dragoon then you'll know what type of gameplay your getting here.
2) Gaphics are very nice. Yar herself is cel shaded while just about everything else from the levels to the enemy models (with the exception of the final boss, she's cel shaded also) look "realistic". The mixture works well.
3) Music (I thought) was very catchy and helped me get into the gameplay of destroying all enemies while traversing through the levels.
4) Has a few modes to challenge yourself while trying to get the highest score possible. Berserker mode give you unlimited ammo for all your attacks, Hardcore mode has you completing all levels with only 50% of your life, and in Jugglar mode you must keep a multiplier going or you constantly lose health. All in all its pretty cool and thanks to the extra modes, it definately has replayability.

Cons -
1) Controls - It may take you a little while to get use to the controls, every button has a function. RT is your plasma blaster, RB is your plasma cannon, LT shoots missles, LB is to dodge, A is your shield, X your heat seekers, Y is your protective barrier, B is your plasma power up, and clicking in the left stick and right stick unleashes your zorlon cannon which destroys everything on screen. Again, its a bit of a hassle at first but with some practice it becomes second nature.
2) Length - At only 6 levels you can beat it in about 2 hours tops. Very short game.
3) Story - There is a story somewhere but its explained VERY poorly. You just know that you were brainwashed to kill this race of insects and this dude saves you and you want revenge. Its a simple story, but again, VERY POORLY told.

And thats about it. I was very happy with my purchase of Yar's Revenge. If your interested download the demo and see what you think. Again, its only 400 ms points right now (10/3/11) so pick it up if your interested while the sale's still on.
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