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I received this game a few days ago (bought on eBay) and I'm a bit disappointed.
To start with, the language. The whole game it's in english, and due I'm italian I'm not an english master. In the years I've learned much english, and I'm good at reading it, but I really suck at understanding the spoken english. At least they could add subtitles, so I could understand the dialogues.
The gameplay is terrible, all you do is covering and shoot, I expected something more, especially from a spy. In Perfect Dark you have to hack doors and computers, take photos of things and other. As soon as you get out of covering you get shot in one second. Also, the game is very very very linear. In Perfect Dark some objectives are given, and you can usually do in the order as you prefer, like in Air Force One: Antiterrorism, where you decide if bring the President to the capsule, if destroy the enemies' gallery or if go to see if the pilots are still alive. Even in Halo, which is linear, the levels are big, in QoS the ways are really narrow.
And the multiplayer... wow. I need to have the gold account to play in multiplayer, I can't even play in local, and I have only a silver account, and I refuse to pay 7 euros per months when I pass a few time on playing, and most of that time on single player, and the little time I play online I can't find anybody!!!
You can't even play the missions in co-op.
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Don't know what you're really complaining about?

1. You need an XBox Live Gold account to play ALL games online with other people, not just on Quantum of Solace.

2. The story mode is really just a way to get players warmed up for the online multiplayer.

3. The multiplayer is actually very good fun.

4. Why would you play a 007 game in co-op? Bond is a spy who works by himself - he gets back-up for a few little things, but generally Bond is not a co-op kind of guy, it just ain't gonna happen.

5. The cover system is popular with quite a lot of gamers - it's more realistic than just standing there, taking a lot of bullets yourself, and meanwhile somehow being able to kill everyone else. If you've played the SP campaign on MW2, it's a joke - way too easy on Veteran. The bad guys will at least flank you in Quantum of Solace, and also in Bloodstone.

6. If you find this game too hard, you need more practice. Try playing World at War on Veteran... grenade spamming, anyone?

7. The developers probably didn't want to spend even more money translating the game into the 20 EU community languages. The biggest buyers of shooters are in America, Canada, UK - total population almost 400 million. So with that in mind, it would be a waste of money to translate a game into 20+ languages. Spanish probably the only European language that would be worth translating to because of the huge amount of speakers in the world. You do NOT need to understand much English to play Quantum of Solace... you basically run around and kill people. There really isn't much you need to know beyond that.
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