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'Growing Club' Achievement Guide

Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 coins.

OK, so this one popped for me last night and I'll tell you how to do it. I will tell you the best method, how much it costs and also how much you're going to lose after you've got the achievement.

It is important to realise that this money you use in the club value achievement is INVESTED and never USED up - Cards you send to your club can always be re-sold and discarded. I will explain this in more deatil further in the thread.
I am going to show you two methods;

Method 1
You need to invest in this achievement. You will be buying shiny gold/silver cards @ 650-700 each (Gold) or <400 each (Silver), then sending them to the club.

Gold Method

Set the search up to BIN @ 650/700 then buy all the gold shinys. If you're unsure on who you've already bought then just buy them anyway and discard if necessary as you only lose about 1-100 coins max as were buying @ no more than 700ea.
Another way to do this is search for 'Gold players' who's current bid is 650 or less. I found a ton of gold shinys this way and ensured they were mine buy putting a 700 bid on them.

Each shiny gold has an approximate value of 240k~ when stored in the club.

Buying shiny golds @ 650:

240k (Value of card in club) x 355 (Amount of cards we need) = 85,200,000.
Therefore, 355 (Cards) x 650 (The price we buy them at) = ~231k(Coins needed)

Buying shiny golds @ 700: 355 x 700 = ~249k (Coins needed)

Therefore, you need between 230k-250k to start this method.

Projected losses on Gold Cards

Once you have the achievement you need to make some money back..Discarding an 80+ rated gold shiny player usually gives you 648 coins, so if you can purchase these for 650 (Which you can) then you are only losing 2 coins per card. If you are getting gold shinys rated 75-80 you get an average of around 620 coins when discarded (600 for 75's, 640 for 80's), which is an average loss of about 30 coins per card.

355 (Amount of cards we need) x 30 (Our average loss per card) = Projected total loss of 10,650 coins using this method.

Silver Method

I searched for BIN @ 400 coins and bought all the silver shinys. Another alternative is to search for current price 200/250 and bidding 250/300 on the shiny silvers as you usually can get shiny silvers for quite cheap. You could even make a profit.

Each shiny silver card adds roughly 180k to your club value.

Buying @ 400:180k (Value of card stored in club) x 473 (Amount of cards we need) = 85,140,000.

473 (Cards) x 400 (Cost) = 189,200 (Total cost)

Buying @ 250/300:

473 (Cards) x 275 (Average cost of buying 250/300) = 130,075 (Total Cost)

You will need between 130k-190k to start using this method.


I do not reccommend discarding silver cards as you dont get a return on your investment and can lose about 150 coins per card if you buy @ 400 each. Leading to a loss of 150 coins per card or 70,950 coins total.

If you buy @ 400, instead, relist the items for 300 starting & 350 BIN if you want a quick sale. This reduces your total loss and you only lose 50/100 coins per card,leading to a total loss of just 35,474 coins.
If you bought @ 250/300 each your total loss will be either nothing (reselling @ same price), small (presuming you discard them all) or a small profit (reselling them @ 350/400 each). Even discarding cards you bought for 250 can reduce losses to <10k.

(Remember EA take 5% off you when you sell cards)


It is extremely easy to buy shiny gold cards and discard them rather than buying/selling shiny silvers. It is also a lot faster. However, you need less money to start off to get the achievement if you're using silver, which is why I included it.

Method 2 (Bronze cards)

Sub-Method 1

Buying bronze packs can help you with the 100 packs achievement and also help you towards to club value achievement, although I dont reccommend it.

A normal bronze card adds only 35k~ to your club value
A shiny bronze card adds 100k~ to your club value.

I wont be doing the maths for this as it's extremely cost-uneffective compared with method 1.

Sub-Method 2

Buying bronze shinys adds 100k to your club value, if you're lucky you can buy these cards @ 200/250 each on the market if you search current price 200.

If you buy at an average price of 250 then it will cost you 212,500 coins for the achievement. You will also have a shit-load of bronze cards (850) to get rid of and they are harder to sell than any other cards.

Discarding them gives you less than 50 coins so you could lose over 150k with this method if you discarded them all! Although theoretically if you're prepared to sit and sell them all for 250 coins you wont lose much.

*NOTE* I have not added the 5% EA take off you when selling cards into any equations. Bare this in mind if you are selling your silver/gold cards after you get the achievement. This is another reason why I reccommend doing the gold method and discarding the cards after.

Quick summary

Originally Posted by BIGMatthew182 View Post
Bronze Normal = 35k = 2,428 Bronze Normal Cards Needed
Bronze Shiny = 100k = 850 Bronze Shiny Cards Needed
Silver Normal = 66k = 1,288 Silver Normal Cards Needed
Silver Shiny = 180k = 472 Silver Shiny Cards Needed
Gold Normal = 108k = 787 Gold Normal Cards Needed
Gold Shiny = 240k = 354 Gold Shiny Cards Needed

Players overals also effect ie. 75 Normal gold = 108,000 where as a 76 Normal Gold = 114,500

I hope this helps

Here is a way to boost the method;

Originally Posted by IGun BunnyI View Post
Ok so this is probably the worst achievement in the game, first off. If anybody is grinding their way towards this, collecting every player they come across; this is for them. This will only boost your progress to 85 mill more than likely as there is only a certain amount of bronze players in the game.

When searching for ways to make fast money in UT, I came across a video that showed a loophole into gaining on average 400 coins in 5 mins.

I recently started doing this, but then stopped as i'd rather play the game than grind out all the hub stuff on my laptop and xbox.

All you have to have is a second LIVE profile (silver/free is all you need) and access to the Web app at the same time as your xbox.

Start up an ultimate team on the 2nd profile on the xbox, send them to trade pile and trade them with cheap cards eg bronze cards on your actual profile from the web app

When done, delete your second profile UT and rinse and repeat

I am currently on 84 million and I have boosted to this from about 55 million. Each time you send the bronze squad over you get on average 1 milllion extra added to your club value.

The guide is slightly outdated now, here is a more recent method by Boomerang Cat:

Originally Posted by Boomerang Cat View Post
To add the extra 47,000,000 worth of Value to my Club I've done a quick count and I bought 256 Rare Shiny Silver Players in a few hours at an average of around 265 Coins per Player for a Total of around 67,840 Coins.

Each Rare Shiny Silver Player added an approximate average of 182,000 in Value to my Club.

Afterwards these Players can be Discarded (via Quick Sell) for between 259 Coins for Rare Silver Players Rated at 74, or 228 Coins for Rare Silver Players Rated at 65. Average Quick Sell Price = 243 Coins.

At an average of 243 Coins per Quick Sell compared to the average price I paid for each Player 265 Coins, this means that I would only lose out on around 22 Coins per Player, 22 x 256 = 5,632 Coins.

I hope this helps, as Rare Silver Cards can now be more cheaply than when this Guide was first put together

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