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Modern Warfare 3 FAQ

Hey guys, I've noticed a lot of questions asking the same things, not just here, but all over the internet. Here's what I have to offer for these questions.

Q: What is the Prestige Shop?
A: "The Prestige Shop is unlocked in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 by prestiging, or if they have Prestige Tokens gained by prestiging in past games. Players can buy rewards such as double experience, Custom classes, double weapon experience, and others using prestige points. Prestige tokens can also be obtained by prestiging."

Q: Oh, cool! How do I get Prestige Tokens?
A: Again, there are two ways. One is simply prestiging in MW3. Every time you prestige, you get ONE token. Everything in the Shop costs ONE token. The other way is having prestiged in Call of Duty 4, Call of Duty: World at War, Modern Warfare 2, or Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Q: If I'm 15th Prestige in Black Ops, and 9th in Modern Warfare 2, and 3rd in CoD4, does that mean I'll get 27 tokens?
A: No. You can only get ONE from each game, no matter what Prestige you are.

Q: Do I have to Prestige to get a token? Because I'm 10th/I JUST prestiged.
A: Nope. As long as you are at least Prestige level 1 in any of the previous four games, you will get a token. Just make sure you play a game in each of them to register in the servers that you're prestiged.

Q: When's the cut off date to prestige in those games?
A: There is none. You can prestige a year after the release and still get a token for MW3.

Q: What can I get from the shop?
A: You can get the following:
Extra custom class
Double XP (2 hours in-game time)
Double weapon XP (2 hours in-game time)
Regular Package (Callsign Title and Emblem available to those with an extra token lying around)
Unlock Gear (can be weapons, equipment, perks)(Locked until 1st Prestige)
Hardened Package (Callsign Title and Emblem)(Locked until 5th Prestige)
Veteran Package (Callsign Title and Emblem)(Locked until 10th Prestige)
Reset All Stats (Locked until 20th Prestige)

Q: How many levels/prestiges are there?
A: There are now 20 Prestiges, and 80 levels per prestige.

Q: I saw that you can unlock gear in the Prestige Shop. How long do I keep my weapon/perk/etc for?
A: All the time. Throughout your entire career, even after you prestige again and again, you'll keep them. The only things from the shop that do not last are the Double XP's, which only last 2 hours in-game time.

Q: If I take a gun, do I still get to keep everything I unlocked for it? Like my camos and attachments?
A: No. You only get the gun.

Q: Are CoD Points in the game, similar to Black Ops?
A: No, they are not. It has went back to unlocking everything at a certain level.

Q: What are Weapon Proficiencies?
A: "Weapon Proficiency is a type of weapon customization featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Getting kills with weapons levels them up, giving them upgrades. Only one Proficiency can be put on a single weapon and is only allowed to be put on primary weapons."

Q: What are the Proficiencies?
Kick (reduced recoil)
Range (increased range)(Submachine guns and Shotguns only)
Attachments (equip two attachments, similar to Bling and Warlord in previous games)
Focus (reduce flinch when shot)
Melee (faster melee)(Submachine guns and the Riot Shield only)
Stability (reduced sway)
Impact (better bullet penetration through walls)(excludes Submachine Guns and Shotguns)
Speed (faster movement when equipped with the weapon)(LMG's, Snipers and the Riot Shield only)
Damage (more damage for shells)(Shotguns only)
Breath (hold breath for better aiming when ADS)(Assault Rifles only)

Q: What benefits do I get from CoD Elite?
A: Basically, CoD Elite is like Halo Waypoint or Battlefield's Battle Log. It tracks your stats and classes and things like that. And YES, THE STANDARD IS FREE AND INCLUDES ALL STAT TRACKING. If you buy the subscription, you also get all the DLC released in the 9 month period for FREE, FOREVER. There are also other benefits, like being able to participate in contests, clan managing and other things. The DLC alone is worth it. You also get the "Founder Status" if you buy it/preorder it/get it with the Hardened Edition by a certain date, which is likely two weeks after the release of the game.
Originally Posted by MxPx View Post
You only get the DLC released during your subscription, for free. If you subscribe after any DLC has been released, you have to pay for that DLC separately, regardless of the subscription.
Q: I might not get my Hardened Edition by the cut-off date for Founder Status! Does that mean I won't get it?
A: No matter what, you will have Founder Status if you bought the Hardened Edition. Proof right here:!/CallOfDutyElit...39872903917568

Q: Is Combat Training in MW3?
A: No. Right now, it is only in Black Ops. Same with Dive-to-Prone.

Q: Is there emblem customization and things like that from Black Ops?
A: Nope. It's the same as MW2, where you unlock preset emblems and titles.

Q: Is Party Chat banned in almost everything again?
A: Again, no. If they took anything from Black Ops, it's that they reduced the Party Chat limitations to SnD. Anything else is fair game.

Q: Should I get Elite Premium or just buy the DLC as it comes?
A: It's really just personal preference. With Elite Premium, you'll pretty much pre-pay for all the DLC for a discounted price, similar to the Season Pass with Gears of War 3 and L.A. Noire. Also, you'll get DLC at an earlier time than people without Elite Premium, but we don't know how much earlier. But, it's up to you.

Q: How much DLC will there be?
A: There will be 20 "pieces" of DLC. Nobody really knows what there might be, but many think it could mean map packs, Spec Ops missions, campaign missions or even simply Callsign stuff.

Q: How do I get Founder Status/CoD Elite isn't loading!
A: Please check the Founder FAQ right here.

Q: How do I unlock this achievement/what's the easiest way to get that achievement, etc.
A: If you need any help with achievements, check the Achievement Guide right here.

Q: Is there anywhere on this site where I can showcase my theatre movies?
A: Yes, right here, in the Theatre Thread.

More to come if needed!
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