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Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
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Exclamation Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Achievement Guide & Roadmap


Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Approximate amount of time to get 1000/1000: 30+ Hours
Offline achievements: 44
Online achievements: 5
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: None.
Glitched achievements: None
Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No.
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (All 1P vs CPU achievements, as well as 'W.Tournament True Champion' and 'Cell Games True Champion').

Road Map:

Step 1) Get the Story Mode and Hero Mode achievements.
You can alternate between Story Mode and Hero Mode as you see fit. Just focusing on one or the other can be a bit boring. Just make sure that you collect every Dragon Ball that you see in Story Mode.

All Story Mode achievements:
The Actors are All in Play!
World Domination!
Monster on a Full Moon
Beginning of a Fantastic Tale
Great Air Battle!
Goodbye, Dragon World
All 7 Are Here!
That's One Big Dragon!!
That One's Even Bigger!!
Thank You Very Much!!

All Hero Mode achievements:
I Changed the World!
How Do I Look?
Becoming Fashion Aware
The Martial Artist's Path
Master! Please Teach Me!
Limit Breaker
Growing in Power
Point Getter
Tapping into Latent Power
Skill Master
Which One Shall I Choose?
Super Attack Collector

Step 2) Get the rest of the offline achievements.
You should unlock at least a few of these while completing the Story Mode and Hero Mode. As for the rest, you can finish them off as you see fit. I've provided strategies for all of them in the achievement guide.

I Still Want To Fight
I Want to Fight Someone Strong!
Fight Seeker
Defense Learner
Defense Professional
Evasion Learner
Evasion Fiend
Interception Learner
Counter Hero
I See Right Through You!
Moves On Parade
Master of Moves
World Tournament Champion
Cell Games Champion
W.Tournament True Champion
Cell Games True Champion

Step 3) The Online Mode:

You can either leave these until last or work on them concurrently with the rest of the achievements. Title King is the tricky one here. For getting the titles and wins, you can either use the boosting section of this board or just do it the manual way (as I did).

All Online achievements:
Battle Rookie
Regular Battle Customer
Battle Veteran
Title Holder
Title King

Achievement Guide:

The Actors are All in Play! 35
Excluding custom Heroes, unlock all characters and forms.

You'll get this automatically while playing through the Story Mode. Once you beat Kid Buu, the credits will roll, earning you the 'Thank You Very Much!!!' achievement. You're not done yet though, as there are a few more fights left to do. Once you complete the Janemba and Broly battles, you'll get the achievement.

World Domination! - 10
Fight on all maps.

You'll get this achievement once simply by playing through the Story Mode. You'll eventually fight on every map as you go. On the other hand, unlocking all stages for selection in multiplayer, CPU battle and online requires you to summon the dragon in the Story Mode at least a few times. Each time, you'll have the choice to wish for a new stage to be unlocked. Make sure that you choose it. There are four unlockable stages in the game:

Supreme Kai's World
Ruined Planet Namek.

I'm 80% sure that Ruined Planet Namek is unlocked after defeating Frieza during the Story Mode, rather than through the dragon.

Training All Over Again - 5
Do Training for the first time.

Self explanatory. Simply start a battle in the Training Mode accessible from the main menu, and the achievement will unlock.

Don't Forget the Basics - 20
Complete Tutorial until the end.

Go into the Tutorial section, then make sure to select every option and perform the actions the game tells you to do. I recommend playing through the whole Tutorial section before you start playing the game, as it explains a lot of important parts of the gameplay.

Beginning of a Fantastic Tale - 5
Win 1 Event Battle in Story Mode.

This achievement will automatically unlock after your first battle in Story Mode.

Monster on a Full Moon - 10
Clear a Giant Boss Battle in Story Mode for the first time.

During the Story mode, you'll have to fight Vegeta in his Giant Ape form. This battle can be a little tough at first, but make sure to use the button to dodge to either the left or right when he attacks, and pay attention when you need to press the string of buttons - you have to be fairly quick. Once he's defeated, the achievement will unlock.

Great Air Battle! - 5
Do a Chase Battle in Story Mode for the first time.

After winning the fight against Nappa with Goku, Vegeta will follow Goku and a chase will begin. The achievement will unlock as soon as it finishes.

Goodbye, Dragon World! - 30
Clear Story Mode for the first time.

Just keep completing all the story battles until you finally reach the end. You'll know the end when you see it: the final battle in Story Mode is Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta fighting Omega Shenron. On a related note, you'll be able to gather one Dragon Ball every time you complete a story battle, so make sure to pick it up. They are marked on the Dragon Radar as little green dots.

I'm Going to Change the World! - 5
Win 1 Event Battle in Hero Mode.

Event battles are marked by stars on the Dragon Radar. Simply fly over to the first one, select it, and win the battle (against Captain Ginyu) that begins to unlock this achievement.

Your Real Training Starts Here - 10
Clear Hero Mode training for the first time.

Once you've chosen a Master in the Hero Mode's training menu, just complete their first sparring match and you'll unlock this achievement. Yamcha's training is the easiest.

All 7 Are Here! - 20
Obtain 7 Dragon Balls in Story Mode.

In Story Mode, you'll be able to gather one Dragon Ball every time you complete a story battle, so make sure to pick it up. They are marked on the Dragon Radar as little green dots. Some Dragon Balls will be located at the World Martial Arts Tournament, so you'll have to win the tournament in order to get the Dragon Ball.

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