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BurgerTime: World Tour
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Sticky: Achievement Guide and Roadmap


Thanks to ronron1 and Lavindather for their help.

Overview: An all-time arcade favorites gets a second helping as BurgerTime World Tour elevates classic gaming to the next-gen universe. Hero Peter Pepper returns and traverses the globe challenging chefs from around the world. Gamers will tackle 50 total levels and boss fights in each of the four environments. For the first time ever, the game will also feature online and split-screen multiplayer modes for four players with online leaderboard and avatar support. BurgerTime has never been more meaty! (

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8/10
-Offline: 10 (160)
-Online: 2 (40)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 15-20 Hours (Skill dependent)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 for 5 stars - Skill dependent and then 1 for Online achievements if you play with 2 players immediately and win)
-Number of misable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Step #1: Normal Playthrough

I gave this a 8/10 on the difficulty because of how hard it is to get the 5 star achievement along with not dying on any level.

There are 2 ways to play through this game, Easy and Normal modes. You can complete all the worlds on Easy mode, however, the scores and stars will not post to the leaderboard, so you don't get credit for the 3* and 5* achievements. Normal mode will post your scores to the leaderboard and is the only way to get the 3* and 5* achievements.

There are Power ups like Spatulas, Rockets, Soda cans.

Step #2: Online play:

There are two achievements for online: Master Chef and Dirty Burger. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to boost. For Dirty Burger, you will need 2 other players.

Clean Up:

Once you complete the levels and depending on your skill, you may need to go through and get 5 stars on the levels you haven't completed.


* If you aren't sure or are having trouble, play the game on Easy Mode. You get more Power Ups and less guys to avoid.

* Grab a Soda Can when possible as this boosts your speed for a bit and make you temporary invincible. Careful because it can make your character harder to control.

* The more guys on your burger part at one time, the further it will drop (2=2x, 3=3x). This will also help with bonus points as well as collecting the B-U-R-G-E-R letters.

American Cheese 10

Complete All USA BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This can be done by completing all 10 levels on the USA map. This is the first map that you will do followed by Mexico, France and Japan. There are 9 levels to do then the last level is the Boss challenge. Basically you need to make X amount of burgers per level. (Tip: Use your Pepper (X) and stun a guy on the part of the burger, it will drop 2 rather than 1)

Luchador Lunch 10

Complete All Mexico BurgerTime World Tour Levels

See "American Cheese"

French Fries 10

Complete All France BurgerTime World Tour Levels

See "American Cheese"

Banzai Burger 10

Complete All Japan BurgerTime World Tour Levels

See "American Cheese"

Hardcore 20

Complete Each Level Without Dying

This will be one of the most challenging achievements as you must complete each level of each map without dying. Remember to load up on pepper and use your power ups (especially the Spatula)

It's Burger Time! 10

Complete All BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This achievement will come once you have done all 4 maps. This can be done on Easy or Normal mode.

Spatula Man 10

Hit 100 Enemies With The Spatula

There are Power Ups throughout the game. One is the Spatula. Grab it and press the (B) button to use it. You get 3 Spatulas per Power Up. You can hit multiple bad guys with one shot. Smack 100 for the achievement.

Master Chef 20

Win An Online Multiplayer Game

Find someone in the Achievement Trading thread to boost this.

Dirty Burger 20

Crush 2 Other Players In Multi-player With A Single Ingredient

Use the Achievement Trading thread to boost this with 2 other players. You can also use 3 controllers to do this (Thanks to ronron1).

Burger Please 20

Collect All Burger Letters In A Level

This will be your first achievement. On Level 4 of the USA map will be your first attempt at this. Just run around and collect the glowing letters to spell B-U-R-G-E-R.

I Am A Grill Champion 20

Get A 3+ Star Ranking On All Levels

See "I Am A Burger God"

I Am A Burger God 40

Get A 5 Star Ranking On All Maps

This will be the other most difficult achievement aside from completing the game without dying.

This is going to be based on score and time. This will need to be done on NORMAL mode in order to post to the leaderboards and get credit. Use your Pepper and Power Ups where possible. Remember Soda Cans give you speed burst and make you invincible. For higher scores, stun the bad guys with Pepper while they are on part of your burger. This will make it drop by 2. If you have more bad guys on the burger part, it will drop more. (2 guys = 4 drop). Also, you need to avoid dying. Make sure to pick up the letters to spell BURGER where possible as you need the bonus points to 5 star (Thanks to ronron1).
100% Retail = 39
100% Arcade = 16

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