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Old 04-23-2009, 03:52 AM   #61
Rev. Link
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Damn it, I'm missing one stinking rage canister! I marked all the places on the map that I didn't find a canister at, and I've been back to all of them twice, but no luck!
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Here is how I got 161 in the Waka-Waka minigame.

Start by getting the three reds on the left and then go right up the middle street where you can spend the majority of your time following that path, getting tons of blues and yellows along the streets. You should have plenty of rings with a yellow right on top of a blue. There is one Yellow on your map in that section that you can ignore because it is way up high on a building.
After you have followed the path along the street you should have about 120 points with 15-20 seconds left. There will be a bunch of reds around you (on your upper right I believe) but there is also a building right there with a horizontal red ring showing you where to start climbing it. Once you climb up it there is a blue ring around the corner and you can then jump to a yellow ring directly across from there.


I am currently stuck on the Roof jumping minigame. I go northwest of where Hulk starts facing but around 2000 feet I find myself on low buildings unable to go any further.

Edit: After I completed 5 jump challenges my jumping improved and I made it on top of the buildings around the 2000 feet mark. Though when I finally figured out the path I wanted I first ended with 2999.8 feet before finally registering 3091 feet!

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Darth Grif55
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Are the comics in the missions or are they unlocked once you beat the mission?

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i am missing one freaking comic book. can someone help? its the one near the world financial center. i cant seem to find it. please help
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Originally Posted by RRIKER View Post
Bullseye - Throw the poles at the dartboard for points.
In 5 throws, you must chuck the respawning lamppost into the wall. Standard dart board rules apply (inner ring = 3x multiplier). Scoring 45 points or more with any throw nets a bonus toss. This is easily the 2nd most frustrating mini-game. To line yourself up, center the board in the middle of your screen and go back the the darkest line in the cement. Fine-tune your alignment and use the camera view to adjust the height. from this angle, I usually go with Hulk's head (full breath height) a bit below the bulls-eye. Add 1 fully-charged throw and adjust as needed.
What I did was find a spot to stand in that I could easily find again, Fully charged a throw making sure not to move the camera at all afterwards. and then I just placed a piece of sticky tape on my screen where the dart landed. My own personal crosshairs. Made this very easy
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Saluki 00
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The guide map (showing the 1 missing and the 1 mis-placed) for the canisters is spot on, so long as YOU don't miss one. In other words, I finished w/ 99 & 97, which was the SAME as my FIRST attempt, but realized, my map printout cut off the right side and there were the missing canisters. Take your time, they're all there! Thanks guys!
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Old 02-07-2010, 04:36 AM   #67
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Greetings all. The map guide has really helped. I am stuck with 14/15 jump locations though so I appeal to help. I have it narrowed down to:

8: reuter's building
10: swiss bank tower
13: time warner center

Can someone elaborate on these? I've looked all around these buildings and just can't seem to find them.
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Old 06-19-2010, 04:12 AM   #68
Bing Err
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Originally Posted by zakphi View Post
i am missing one freaking comic book. can someone help? its the one near the world financial center. i cant seem to find it. please help
You don't need all comics for all achievements do you? I didn't find all comics and I didn't do all the jump challenges. Just enough to get fully upgraded. And the only achievement I have left is getting Gold in all minigames.
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Old 07-03-2010, 04:04 AM   #69
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finally found that last subway...thnx!
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Old 07-04-2010, 01:04 PM   #70
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One of the rings on the map is incorrect. I was at 14/15 rings for hours and just happened to find the one i was missing and probably the one your all missing. The map shows a ring SE of the Times Square Subway but its not there, its actually between the 1st and 2nd square buildings directly South of the Times Square Subway. So as of July 4th 2010 that map with the rings is incorrect.
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Old 11-11-2011, 07:25 PM   #71
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For the comic

13. This is Only a Test
We Can Use Their Technology part 2
Start at the top right corner of central park and go up 1 block,
go right 1 building and you will see it in the upper left of the lower
roof of that building.

Go east on the road that is on the north side of Central Park. At the third building look to the north and climb up it. You will hear the comic beeping.

To me this is a lot easier and makes more sense.

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