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Monster Madness
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Boss: Mr. Huggles/Jaba The Huggle.

This is a boss that I found slightly annoying on my first playthrough on Thriller, especially if you don't know the trick to beating him. For people who are finding him hard and for newcomers, I will tell you how to beat him.

FIRST PHASE: Mr. Huggles

The dolls that are lying on the ground throughout the fight are evil dolls. The only way to get rid of these things is to use your melee weapon. If you try to use any other weapon, it will not work. If you are on Child's Play difficulty, there are no evil dolls. DO NOT ATTACK MR. HUGGLES! His costume provides a sort of shield, preventing you from harming him.

Mr. Huggles has two attacks. The first one he will use a lot is when he just runs up and tries to hug you to death. You can dodge this attack, but if he grabs you then hammer the buttons/rotate the sticks to break free. His second attack is standing still and firing musical notes at you, which he tends to do from afar. If these hit you, you will become stunned and must hammer the buttons/rotate the sticks to get out of it. If you get hit, he will likely follow up with his hugging attack as you try to snap out of it, so it is important that you break free as soon as possible.

You may notice that by his portrait at the bottom of the screen, there are 3 lives instead of a health bar. The aim of the fight is to get rid of these 3 lives. To get rid of his first life, lure Mr. Huggles up the stairs in the left-hand corner of the room and lure him onto the train tracks going around the room. There should be some electrical wiring on certain parts of the track you can lure him into. Leap over it so you don't get hurt and he should follow you straight into it, shocking him and making him lose a life. Be careful of the train on the tracks though. If it hits Mr. Huggles, he will fall off the tracks and you will have to lure him up again.

The keyboard in the top part of the room should activate. Run over to it and start walking on the green keys that appear on the keyboard. You should ideally do this while Mr. Huggles is still stunned by the electric wires because he will attack you while you try to do this. Once all the keys are pressed, they will play a tune and lure Mr. Huggles over. While he is on the keyboard, run to the water tower behind him and press X. This will leak water onto the keyboard, shock him, and make him lose his second life.

The generator in the top-right part of the room should activate. Head over to it and stand right in front of it. The trick is to lure Mr. Huggles into the generator. As he runs in to do his hugging attack, step away from the generator (or dodge out of the way) and he should go right into it. If you're on Child's Play difficulty, then the fight ends right here. If you're not, then you will have to pull four switches near the generator in the correct order. The order is easy, just pull the switch that is sparking with electricity next. If you do not do this fast enough, Huggles will break free, and you will have to trap him again. This will move the battle to the second phase.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are on Child's Play difficulty, then ignore all of the following. He is vulnerable to your weapons so just keep shooting him until he dies. If you want to know his attacks or are on Thriller or higher, then READ ON!

In this form, Jaba has three attacks. He will pull out a bubble wand and blow bubbles towards you. If these hit you, they will stun you and/or reverse your controls. Jump over them or move into the gaps. His second attack is to pull out a spiked yo-yo and fling it out in front of him in an attempt to decapitate you. If you are far enough away from him, then this attack will miss you completely. His third attack is his most dangerous one, where he will pull out his yo-yo and spin around the room at a rapid pace. This attack is extremely hard to avoid, and your best bet is to dodge madly around the room out of his way until the attack is over.

Once again, you cannot hurt Jaba with your weapons (unless you're on Child's Play). The secret to beating him? The many toys that lie strewn all over the floor of the room. Pick up the toys with X and throw them at Jaba with RT. You should ideally do this in the middle of any of his attacks (except the spinning one) to stop the attack. Keep pelting him with toys until his life bar is gone and he is beaten.

Please comment on this guide to let me know your opinions!

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monster madness

Very nice, thankyou. I wish some one could do one for how to kill the grimreaper. I beat the game on easy but on medium his health doent go down at all.
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