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Scratch and Direct Damage

alright before i get misguided information let me tell my understanding of the system so you know where i went wrong i know final fantasy good so im gonna relate it scratch damage would be like having a protect spell on until you dispel the protect your gonna do weak damage. but if you take out the all scratch damage then when you do use pistol damage your gonna do like critical hits correct. so i find i often fully blue bar people and i still do 1 1 1 1 damage with pistol so i dont fully understand why they would make games so complex i wanna continue the game and have fun not retry over and over and over so someone help me out thanks guys
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Enemies have multiple damageable bodyparts. See the additional health bars in a circle around him, the arc matches the direction you have to shoot to hit a specific part. You can't hit the main body if there is another part facing your shooter. Even if his main HP is all blue, if your pistol guy is hitting a different part it won't count.

This can get annoying as the enemies often turn while you're charging attack so that there is some armored part in the way when you shoot, but if you do hero action and jump it'll hit all parts. This makes it easier to finish off the blue ones.
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Easiest way to damage an enemy directly is to aerial over him and unleash on normal ground scratch damage to hit body parts(green circle shield around enemies.....although most battles i just aerial over enemy, unload on him directly then aerial again with a HP damaging gun(red) for me everytime, although there is an achievement for destroying body parts..

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