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Post Correct Answer Guide

This guide is intended for use on only. You may not copy this guide and post it elsewhere, regardless of if you try to pass it off as your own work or give me credit. Changing the wording slightly to try to pass it off as your own work is also forbidden.

If you still have any questions to ask about this game and its achievements, or just want to say thanks, feel free to create an account and say hi. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, and there are plenty of other great guides for other games written by others who will be happy to help you get your achievements.

Table of Contents

Base Game
Episodes 01 - 08
Episodes 09 - 15
Episodes 16 - 22
Episodes 23 - 29
Episodes 30 - 36
Episodes 37 - 43
Episodes 44 - 50
Episodes 51 - 57
Episodes 58 - 64
Episodes 65 - 71
Episodes 72 - 73

JACK Pack 1
Episodes 01 - 05
Episodes 06 - 10

JACK Pack 2: Best of the Webshow
Episodes 01 - 05
Episodes 06 - 10

JACK Pack 3
Episodes 01 - 05
Episodes 06 - 10

JACK Pack 4
Episodes 01 - 05
Episodes 06 - 10

NOTE: Yes, this is after the Table of Contents. I want that at the top for people using the "Back to Top" links to navigate quickly around this guide.

What This Guide Is: A complete list of all the correct answers (with Wrong Answers of the Day included) for all multiple choice, Dis Or Dat, and Jack Attack questions in both the base game and all DLC question packs. You should be able to find this useful for obtaining almost all of the achievements that pertain to either getting questions right or getting questions wrong. You can also use this to get through all of the episodes a bit more quickly for those achievements if all you want from this game is some quick GamerScore, but I would personally recommend playing the game once without this first and just having some fun with what is a really great trivia game.

What This Guide Is Not: A list of what kind of question each of the questions are for the various "Get 10/3 ____ questions correct" achievements. If you use this guide to get EVERYTHING right, obviously you will eventually get those achievements, but this guide does not point out which questions in which episodes will be counted for those achievements.
It is also not just a list of Wrong Answers of the Day. Each episode's WAotD is included in this guide along with all of the correct answers. If you want just a list of WAotD without any right answers, please look below as I have provided links to two different kinds of these lists.
This guide is also not download friendly and most definitely not printer friendly. You could use your browser's "Save page as..." function to have a copy of this for offline use, but this could be messy for some users. Thus, I have provided a link to a list of the right answers in PDF format below.
As for printing, I would not recommend printing either this thread or the PDF out. Obviously a forum is not exactly a printer friendly thing in the first place, and considering how large this guide is, you're going to burn through a lot of paper and ink if you want to print this all out. As for the PDF, each episode is on its own page, so unless you want to print out 103 pages, I wouldn't recommend printing that either.

Links to Other Useful Resources
  • YDKJ Answer Guide PDF by shrocky2. A nearly complete list of the correct answers and Wrong Answers of the Day in PDF form, which makes it great for downloading. Note that it is missing the occasional answer here and there, and it doesn't have all of the Jack Attack answers, but if you need something you can save and look at offline, it can likely still be useful to you.
  • Back Taxes - Wrong Answer Guide by nastymastadaddy. A list of just the Wrong Answers of the Day, in button only form. Base game is in the first post, DLC is in the second.
  • Back Taxes Complete List by Itsbrown4606. Another list of just the Wrong Answers of the day, with the buttons and the text of the answer. Base game is the linked post, and scroll up to the achievement guide for the DLC.
  • Road Map and Achievement Guide by Itsbrown4606. Obviously quite useful in getting the achievements.

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Base Game Episodes 01 - 08

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 01: Supreme Court Children’s Vitamins Back to Top
1. 63
2. "Overuses the sauce squirters."
3. Guan
4. Captain Hook
5. DisOrDat
Innocent: Pope
Lucky: Britney
Urban: Pope
Outrageous: Britney
Hilarius: Pope
Toxic: Britney
Lonely: Britney
6. 12 Pez per Perez Pez
7. 2009
8. Correct Answer: a Veggie Lover's Pizza
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: a Super Supreme Pizza
9. both have perfect cleavage
10. pour hot fryer oil on them
Medusa: snakes
Chia Head: leaves
Cabbage Patch Kids: yarn
Pinhead: pins
Ghost Rider: fire
Barbie: nylon
the Scarecrow: straw

Episode 02: Fistable Bowling Equipment, Inc. Back to Top
1. Baby Kermit
2. Correct Answer: "Talkin' to saints is just one tool from the religious shed."
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: "Get your head out of the gutter."
3. the FLEET ADMIRAL of fleece
4. DisOrDat
Woman in a Rocking Chair: Renoir
Two Young Girls at the Piano: Renoir
Dog Eats Dinner: YouTube
Grape Lady Falls: YouTube
Young Boy with a Cat: Renoir
History of Dance: YouTube
Nude on Cushions: Renoir
5. about 6.02 x 10^23 moles
6. an ELEPHANT eating a PEANUT
7. Avatar
8. Lite-Brite
9. ?uestlove
10. five
PBS: public
1080p TV: progressive
P. Diddy: Puff
HPV: papilloma
chemical symbol "P": phosphorous
P.T. Barnum: Phineas
p.m.: post

Episode 03: Buoyant Baby Water Cribs Back to Top
1. Lady Godiva
2. I'm Very Angry That It's Not Butter
3. DisOrDat
candlenut: spice
spikenard: spice
cameltoe: fashion faux pas
catnip: spice
monoboob: fashion faux pas
front butt: fashion faux pas
Chinese anise: spice
4. Prison Break
5. the guys on Mount Rushmore
6. Uruguay Shore
7. get a sex change
8. 11 dimensions of decent compatibility
9. Correct Answer: Witch's Broom
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Cat's Cradle
10. XL
SpongeBob SquarePants: Patrick Star
Oprah Winfrey: Gayle King
Corey Haim: Corey Feldman
Frodo: Samwise
Bart Simpson: Milhouse van Houten
Ben Affleck: Matt Damon
Wayne Campbell: Garth Algar

Episode 04: Fat-Mouth Fascist Fish Back to Top
1. top, middle case
2. Starburst
3. Jennifer Lopez's JOINT
4. DisOrDat
Chocolate Factory: R. Kelly
Marshmallow Blaster: Toys R Us
Water Pop Blaster: Toys R Us
12 Play: R. Kelly
Rockstar Bounce House: Toys R Us
Double Up: R. Kelly
Rockin' Roll Girls: Toys R Us
5. Panera's Pangaea Panini
6. 8 ShamWows
7. Lego, Eggo, Prego
8. Correct Answer: moe. singing "My Mashed Fruit (Pulp & All)"
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: Phish singing "You're Bitter"
9. become MORE REFINED as an actor
10. Cockburn Town
Spider-Man: Aunt May
pancake mix: Aunt Jemima
Dorothy Gale: Auntie Em
Harry Potter: Aunt Petunia
pretzel shop: Auntie Anne's
Lisa Simpson: Aunts Patty and Selma
bread: Aunt Millie's

Episode 05: Fashion Barrel Barrel Wear Back to Top
1. admitting you have a Pringle problem
2. Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster
3. Bee, Bea, Be, B
4. Archibald Asparagus
5. DisOrDat
flying jib: pirate ship
captain's chair: both
plank: both
ball bridge: ab exercise
keel: pirate ship
cable chops: ab exercise
fore boom: pirate ship
6. brokebacK2
7. to keep track of his shrubbery
8. Ernest Hemingway
9. Correct Answer: "Table for 2.6" at the Cheesecake Factory
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: "Table for 3.5" at Cracker Barrel
10. Garfield-hotep
garbanzo bean: chickpea
scallion: green onion
squab: pigeon
prawn: shrimp
hazelnut: filbert
submarine sandwich: hero
calamari: squid

Episode 06: Romanticlip Tandem Toenail Clippers Back to Top
1. the Cenozoic Era
2. the butcher
3. @Shake$peare
4. Correct Answer: the N.Y. JETS
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: the L.A. CLIPPERS
5. DisOrDat
Hidden Valley Ranch: ranch dressing
Cherry Patch Ranch: Nevada brothel
Moonlight Bunny Ranch: Nevada brothel
Wish-Bone Ranch: ranch dressing
Chicken Ranch: Nevada brothel
Annie's Natural Cowgirl Ranch: ranch dressing
Marie's Creamy Ranch: ranch dressing
6. as long as the "Twilight" movie New Moon
7. five Snuggies
8. Archie, golden arches, Arch
9. "WIND TURBINES can blow me!"
10. "Listen, you 16 dogs were dope!"
Uncle Sam: top hat
Baby Huey: bonnet
conspiracy theorists: tin foil hat
Packers fans: Cheesehead hat
Yosemite Sam: ten-gallon hat
Axl Rose: bandana
Ali G: yellow beanie

Episode 07: Granny's Roach Butter Back to Top
1. for life
2. Correct Answer: horn #2: "O Tannenbaum"
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: horn #1: "La Cucaracha"
3. 24-Karat Low-Fat Pretzel Sticks
4. DisOrDat
What You Want Is What You Get: McDonald's
Every Time a Good Time: McDonald's
I'm Qualified to Satisfy You: Barry White
Put a Smile On: McDonald's
I've Got So Much to Give: Barry White
I'm Lovin' It: McDonald's
Never, Never Gonna Give You Up: Barry White
5. Michelangelo's David
6. dissociative identity disorder
7. a dorder collie
8. drive in a straight line to your destination
10. MOM - WOW
Christopher Columbus: India
Marlin the Clownfish: Nemo
Neil Young: a heart of gold
Ponce de Leon: fountain of youth
Buddy the Elf: his father
Captain John H. Miller: Private Ryan
Joshua Waitzkin: Bobby Fischer

Episode 08: Brownana Banana Toasters Back to Top
1. She'd die.
2. He's Just Not That Into You
3. DisOrDat
Take That: boy band
Cutter: insect repellent
98 Degrees: boy band
Damage: boy band
OFF!: insect repellent
Ultra-Pure: insect repellent
O-Zone: boy band
4. Natesbook
5. 12 suspicious bulls and steers
6. Correct Answer: nickel (N)
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: potassium (K)
8. "Safe!"
9. Cracker Jacks
10. The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Speed 2: Cruise Control
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Barbershop 2: Back in Business
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
X2: X-Men United

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Base Game Episodes 09 - 15

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 09: Hopalong Harry's One-Leg-At-A-Time Pantorium Back to Top
1. 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
2. a chain with an iced-out albatross
3. Ed Harris cutting chicken parm for Neil Patrick Harris
4. "Wherefore Do Fools Fall in Love?"
5. DisOrDat
Opportunity: Successories poster
Dignity: adult diaper
Certainty: adult diaper
Poise: adult diaper
Confidence: Successories poster
Tranquility: adult diaper
Perseverance: Successories poster
6. Correct Answer: Luke Skywalker
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: Captain Ahab
7. "roll over"
8. He'll finish the gallon, but will be violently ill for weeks.
9. Count Chocula
10. the Spider-Man kiss
Snow White: dwarfs
heptagon: sides
Catholicism: deadly sins
Stephen R. Covey: Habits of Effective People
yoga: chakras
Rome: hills
Kurosawa's masterpiece: Samurai

Episode 10: BloodCo. Back to Top
1. alliteration
2. His ears will be stronger.
3. The Tower of B@bble
4. Correct Answer: The Mummy
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Dracula
5. DisOrDat
anti-breakage system: Nexxus shampoo
digital compass: Nexus phone
volume control: both
noise cancellation: Nexus phone
100:000:1 contrast ratio: Nexus phone
heat protection: Nexxus shampoo
NOT tested on animals: both
6. four Oliver Stones high
7. 78
8. Mahatma Gandhi
9. the stack of barrels
10. Iron Man
Scrooge: Jacob Marley
Ichabod Crane: Headless Horseman
Pac-Man: Blinky
Cole Sear: Dr. Malcolm Crowe
Zorak: Space Ghost
Simba: Mufasa
the Ghostbusters: Slimer

Episode 11: Country Charm Indoor Outhouses Back to Top
1. "Two Girls, 1/2 Pint"
2. will.i.have been
3. "WWII Rationing Fashion Tips!"
4. DisOrDat
Baywatch: worst
The Howard Stern Show: worst
Hogan's Heroes: worst
Bewitched: best
Star Trek: The Next Generation: best
The Brady Bunch Hour: worst
Barney & Friends: worst
5. Correct Answer: Keno
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Craps
7. Captain Morgan, Cap'n Crunch, Captain Planet
8. the Memphis Archbishops
9. They've both lived in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
10. to Afghanistan
Luke Skywalker: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Wilbur the pig: Charlotte
Helen Keller: Anne Sullivan
Neo: Morpheus
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter
Sancho Panza: Don Quixote
King Arthur: Merlin

Episode 12: The Girly Drink Supply Warehouse Back to Top
1. The Jonas First Cousins, Once Removed
2. just below the knee
3. Correct Answer: Jerry
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: Cosmo
4. DisOrDat
Penelope Smallbone: Bond girl
Mary Goodnight: Bond girl
Strawberry Fields: Bond girl
Prairie Dawn: Sesame Street
Sherry Netherland: Sesame Street
Abby Cadabby: Sesame Street
Christmas Jones: Bond girl
5. June 22
6. butterfly, pupa, caterpillar, egg
7. Arizona
8. South Tacific
9. "My Name Is (ORANGE)"
10. Blue Danube on kazoo
England: U.K.
retirement plan: 401(k)
US president: JFK
cereal: Special K
Olympic event: 5k
convenience store: Circle K
"I'm joking" text: jk

Episode 13: You've Got Gall! Gall Stone Jewelers Back to Top
1. They both owned a factory.
2. Horchata
3. a huge chunk of EARTH
4. If Roast Beef Could Fly by Jay Leno
5. DisOrDat
The Cloister: fancy hotel
The Privy: toilet
The Swag: fancy hotel
The Little Nell: fancy hotel
The Netty: toilet
The Breakers: fancy hotel
The Bog: toilet
6. pour vinegar on it
7. "32 teams, 32 noodles!"
8. Cameron Diaz
9. 5:35 am
10. Correct Answer: Pepe le Pew
10. Wrong Answer of the Day: Charles de Galle
Jake Gyllenhaal: Maggie
Malia Obama: Sasha
Jessica Simpson: Ashlee
Jason Bateman: Justine
Jem Finch: Scout
Ross Gellar: Monica
Donny Osmond: Marie

Episode 14: What-a-Prick Cactus Company Back to Top
1. 1/2 of a Lovato
2. "The Hippopotamus Hunt!"
3. DisOrDat
Citizens of Humanity: jeans
People's Liberation: jeans
Call to Action: non-profit
7 For All Mankind: jeans
Global Impact: non-profit
True Religion: jeans
Rock and Republic: jeans
4. 9:00 AM until 9:18 AM
5. Doom
6. $19.89
7. Correct Answer: mountain biking on MARS
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: a biathlon through the GOBI DESERT
8. a frilly apron with the words "Do Not Resuscitate!"
9. Quidditch, Skee-Ball, bumper pool
10. whale fingers
Luke Skywalker: C-3P0
John Connor: The Terminator
Conan O'Brien: Pimpbot 3000
Pee Wee Herman: Conky
Sam Witwicky: Optimus Prime
Godzilla: Mechagodzilla
Dave Bowman: HAL2000

Episode 15: Rug Munchers Dietary Flooring Back to Top
1. Squidward
2. Pigtails in a Blanket
3. Correct Answer: Go pull over, Speed Racer, go!
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: Go floor it Speed Racer, go!
4. Deal or No Deal
5. DisOrDat
Love and kindness are the very basis of society.: Dalai Lama
Japan is amazing.: Taylor Swift
I feel sort of like a crumpled up shirt.: Taylor Swift
Others have the right to happiness, just like yourself.: Dalai Lama
My new favorite animal is the koala.: Taylor Swift
The non-violent way is the human way.: Dalai Lama
I may or may not have just gone on a tiny muffin binge.: Taylor Swift
6. "It's so RAW and CHOPPY."
7. the temperature of an Olympic swimming pool
8. No Country For Old Men
9. Tropicana
10. more than half a wolf
Luke & Owen: Wilson
Randy & Dennis: Quaid
Jeff & Beau: Bridges
Mark & Donnie: Wahlberg
Joel & Ethan: Coen
Frank & Sylvester: Stallone
Ben & Casey: Affleck
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Base Game Episodes 16 - 22

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 16: Grin Toothpaste Kegs Back to Top
1. as wide as a KING, as long as a CALIFORNIA KING
2. sneakers for plus-size women
3. one and a half lives
4. DisOrDat
Flopsy: Beatrix Potter
Dropsy: fish disease
Mopsy: Beatrix Potter
Bloat: fish disease
Hunca Munca: Beatrix Potter
Ick: fish disease
Pigling Bland: Beatrix Potter
5. the REVOLUTIONARY weight-loss WAR
6. Correct Answer: Batman studying zoology at DARTMOUTH
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: Wonder Woman learning Greek at COLGATE
7. Close Encounters of the Third Kind & Star Wars (1977)
8. Franklin D. Roosevelt
9. Intellectual Spice
10. Simba
pig: "Oink!"
pirate: "Arrr!"
cat: "Meow!"
Wolverine's claws: "Snikt!"
yoga instructor: "Om!"
Beaker: "Meep!"
Homer: "D'oh!"

Episode 17: Digitensils Electronic Utensils Back to Top
1. 38%
2. March 15: beware! Beware!
3. decide if there would be a tribal council at all
4. DisOrDat
Aspercreme: pain-relief cream
Mississippi Mud: ice cream
Gold Medal Ribbon: ice cream
Icy Hot: pain-relief cream
Australian Dream: pain-relief cream
Mineral Ice: pain-relief cream
Love Potion #31: ice cream
5. Correct Answer: hang from the chandelier with his ADHESIVE PADS
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: kiss all the ladies with his FORKED TONGUE
6. nice and DRY
7. Little Miss Venezuelan Tropical Rainstorm
8. Bengals - Lions - Panthers
9. Ross and Monica
10. What Not to Wear if You're Amish
Dwight Schrute: Michael Scott
E Street Band: Bruce Springsteen
Prof. McGonagall: Prof. Dumbledore
Peter Parker: J. Jonah Jameson
James Bond: M
Liz Lemon: Jack Donaghy
Elaine Benes: J. Peterman

Episode 18: Crazy Oedea's Discount Amoebas Back to Top
1. starboard
2. "Great, now I have OIL all on my butt!"
3. Correct Answer: "I've seen you TELEGRAPH me signals all night."
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: "I lost my CELL number, can I have yours?"
4. Toronto MAPLE LEAFS
5. DisOrDat
Marie Callender: real foodie
Aunt Jemima: fake foodie
Duncan Hines: real foodie
Oscar Mayer: real foodie
Mrs. Butterworth: fake foodie
Jimmy Dean: real foodie
Uncle Ben: fake foodie
6. a full-slab
7. Eyjafjallajökull
8. Nounds
9. "What a VIXEN!"
10. Ground Sirloinwad
Indiana: Jones
Tennessee: Williams
Virginia: Madsen
Minnesota: Fats
Washington: Irving
Michigan: J. Frog
Georgia: O'Keefe

Episode 19: The Insincere Greeting Card Factory Back to Top
1. Steel Kid
2. a dog on a log
3. Life's a BEAST.
4. "Mom, you make me feel like a King! XXX, Simba!"
5. DisOrDat
Heidegger: German philosopher
Horkheimer: German philosopher
Knackwurst: German sausage
Lipps: German philosopher
Schopenhauer: German philosopher
Braunschweiger: German sausage
Stippgrutze: German sausage
6. Correct Answer: Brooks & Ronnie Dunn
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: Hall & Mark Oates
7. Children, Women, Men
8. Merchant of Venice with Jeff Foxworthy
9. Nicaraguan rats
10. "Uff! He should put some ice on his STAMEN!"
"Put your left hand in...": Hokey Pokey
"Strike a pose...": Vogue
"Just slide, baby slide...": Tootsie Roll
"A little bit softer now...": "Shout"
"One hop this time...": Cha Cha Slide
"Heel, toe, do-si-do...": Boot Scootin' Boogie
"It's just a jump to the left...": The Time Warp

Episode 20: Dick's Dickeys Back to Top
1. Yes, up to five toes per Croc Croc.
2. a Swiffer Duster
3. 1/3,000
4. Arizona Wildcats
5. DisOrDat
Wopsie: Dickens
Smoofer: fart
Bumble: Dickens
Buzfuz: Dickens
Flabbergaster: fart
Creakle: Dickens
Mudslapper: fart
6. Sweden
7. "I can be whoever you want me to be!"
8. mechanically separated chicken, water, pork
9. Correct Answer: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Fun with Dick and Jane
10. Lava Sauce
Michael Jackson: King of Pop
Kevin James: King of Queens
Jesus Christ: King of Kings
Budweiser: King of Beers
Hank Hill: King of the Hill
a lion: King of Beasts
Howard Stern: King of All Media

Episode 21: Magic Pudding Back to Top
1. every 500 years
2. Slash/Virgule
3. DisOrDat
The Sheboygan Press: newspaper
The Cleveland Steamer: sex act
The Columbus Dispatch: newspaper
The Wichita Eagle: newspaper
The Toledo Blade: newspaper
The Alaskan Pipeline: sex act
The New Orleans Welcome: sex act
4. CSI: Miami
5. "Night Fever"
6. "Spouse is gone, and I got one thing on my mind: CORN!"
7. "SOUND WAVES are fascists!"
8. Keanu Reeves
9. Correct Answer: Brill-O
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Jell-O
10. canines
vampire lovers: Team Edward
Andy Richter: Team Coco
B.A. Baracus: The A-Team
profane marionettes: Team America
Jordan & Johnson: Dream Team
minor league player: farm team
union workers: Teamsters

Episode 22: Ted's Drop Dead Gorgeous Body Bags Back to Top
1. "This medicated pad will wipe away that massive STORM!"
2. They would have expanded their tours westward.
3. a sassy STORK
4. the dragon would drool
5. DisOrDat
bladdernut: tree
buckeye: tree
saddleback: medical condition
black gum: tree
clubfoot: medical condition
shadbush: tree
old man's beard: tree
6. Section C (70 meters away)
7. It's Always Sunny in Yuma, Arizona
8. Correct Answer: STD
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: DOA
9. They'd really RESIN-ate with audiences.
10. Top of the Eiffel Tower Climb
Princes Leia: Death Star
Number Six: The Village
Jack Shephard: The Island
Ron Burgundy: glass case of emotion
Princess Peach: Bowser's Castle
a genie: lamp
R Kelly: Closet
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Base Game Episodes 23 - 29

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 23: Reformed Robots Housecleaning Company Back to Top
1. Carts couldn't escape the mass of the parking lot.
2. Correct Answer: Samba No. 5
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Roomba No. 5
3. Nemo
4. DisOrDat
Breathing Lessons: Pulitzer
How Not to Be Seen: Python
A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain: Pulitzer
The Cheese Shop: Python
Tinkers: Pulitzer
Hitler in England: Python
Argument Clinic: Python
5. "It quenches a SEVERE thirst!"
6. factorial
7. Gladiator
8. Merriam-Webster's entry on Merriam-Webster
9. Malcolm X, XXX
10. "I'm doin' some SOUTH AMERICAN shore seashellin'!"
Santa: full beard
Wolverine: mutton chops
Mark Twain: walrus mustache
Homer Simpson: five o'clock shadow
Howie Mandel: soul patch
John Waters: pencil mustache
Splinter: fu manchu

Episode 24: Salvador's Unnecessary Animal Hybrids Back to Top
1. "XX-z!"
2. Correct Answer: Dr. Venkman
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Dr. Moreau
3. DisOrDat
Urimax: pee drug
Lorax: Dr. Seuss
Flomax: pee drug
Flummox: Dr. Seuss
Rapaflo: pee drug
Zax: Dr. Seuss
Thing One: Dr. Seuss
4. Prince of Iran
5. Willis Tower in Chicago
6. T-Jeff
7. Prince
8. "Polly want a MILK!"
9. Lindsay Lohan
10. port access
Snoopy: beagle
Santa's Little Helper: greyhound
Beethoven: St. Bernard
Scooby-Doo: Great Dane
Lassie: collie
Target mascot: Bull Terrier
Taco Bell mascot: chihuahua

Episode 25: No Surprise Jack-in-the-Boxes Back to Top
1. Wile E. Coyote
2. the Pacific Northwest section
3. DisOrDat
Tunney v. Dempsey: boxing
Plessy v. Ferguson: Supreme Court
Gideon v. Wainwright: Supreme Court
Marbury v. Madison: Supreme Court
Louis V. Schmeling: boxing
Miranda v. Arizona: Supreme Court
Liston v. Clay: boxing
4. Electrocuting an Elephant
5. Each of them Attended school overseas.
6. carbon dioxide balloons
7. her hips don't know they're lying
8. Correct Answer: the Smoke Monster eating SMOKED MUENSTER cheese
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: Jack Shephard eating SHEPHERD'S PIE
9. The Cat in the Hat
10. "I'm seeing an otolaryngologist about my sore throat."
Canada: maple leaf
Japan: red dot
California: bear
end of Nascar race: black & white checkers
pirate: skull and crossbones
Olympics: interlocking rings
Rohan: horse

Episode 26: Owensville H.S. Lost and Found Outlet Store Back to Top
1. the introduction of FOREIGN tighty-whities
2. Lil' Romeo
3. a Prevacid
4. DisOrDat
Dr. Bold: Dr. Pepper knock-off
Dr. Koop: Surgeon General
Dr. Shasta: Dr. Pepper knock-off
Dr. Satcher: Surgeon General
Dr. Elders: Surgeon General
Dr. Thunder: Dr. Pepper knock-off
Dr. Benjamin: Surgeon General
5. "Hey, it's porky the pig's ass!"
6. nepotism
7. developing a brighter yellow skin
8. The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, Baywatch Nights, Joey
9. Projekt Landebahn
10. Correct Answer: 31-17
10. Wrong Answer of the Day: 9-12
syrup lady: Mrs. Butterworth
cookie lady: Mrs. Fields
Chicago fire lady: Mrs. O'Leary
seasoning lady: Mrs. Dash
The Graduate lady: Mrs. Robinson
Virginia Woolf's novel lady: Mrs. Dalloway
Robin Williams as a lady: Mrs. Doubtfire

Episode 27: Fat Jim's Weasel Jerky Back to Top
1. the crown of grains
2. Charlize Theron
3. a little over a million times
4. DisOrDat
Morning Thunder: tea
Fast & Furious: Diesel
Tension Tamer: tea
Fast Lane: tea
Pitch Black: Diesel
Red Zinger: tea
Awakenings: Diesel
5. The Bhut Jolokia Hot Chili Peppers
6. "Drinking orange juice will help prevent a cold."
7. Correct Answer: Albus Dumbledore
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Ron Weasley
8. Nartin Van Duren
9. *****. The meat pies are to die for!
10. a 420 lb. very pregnant Tina Fey
caterpillar: butterfly
Pinocchio: real boy
Optimus Prime: truck
The Ugly Duckling: swan
Gregor Samsa: insect
Cinderella's coach: pumpkin
Chastity Bono: man

Episode 28: Burnie's Baby-Browning Tanning Beds Back to Top
1. GOLD MasterCard
2. the caramelly EMERGENT layer
3. XP
4. Correct Answer: House
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Burn Notice
5. DisOrDat
Pretoria: world capital
Burberry: fashion designer
Ungaro: fashion designer
Montevideo: world capital
Dakar: world capital
Hermes: fashion designer
Demeulemeester: world capital
6. "If you believed, they put TWELVE men on the moon"
7. onomatopoeia
8. The Baldwin brothers
9. a virgin
10. a ram
Shrek: Mike Myers
Sheriff Woody: Tom Hanks
Po the Panda: Jack Black
Chicken Little: Zach Braff
Mr. Incredible: Craig T. Nelson
Marmaduke: Owen Wilson
Manny the Woolly Mammoth: Ray Romano

Episode 29: Beautiful on the Inside Surgical Artwork Back to Top
1. one and a half minutes
2. Correct Answer: Donnie Brasco
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Scarface
3. They play in a dome
4. DisOrDat
Sullivan & Cromwell: law firm
Ashford & Simpson: musical duo
Covington & Burling: law firm
Hall & Oates: musical duo
Seals & Crofts: musical duo
Kirkland & Ellis: law firm
Loggins & Messina: musical duo
5. "I FENCED a Girl"
6. "You: Babe in tower with lamp. Me: Dude in ocean."
7. a banana
8. Holden Caulfield's
9. Pot4bellys
10. a Waterford Crystal YAM
Dr. Van Helsing: Dracula
Dr. Alan Grant: Jurassic Park
Dr. Emmett Brown: Back to the Future
Dr. Octavius: Spider Man 2
Doc Holliday: Tombstone
Dr. Richard Kimble: The Fugitive
Dr. Zaius: Planet of the Apes
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Base Game Episodes 30 - 36

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 30: Pot-O-Man Toilet Ottomans Back to Top
1. Tchaikovsky
2. a nickel
3. the lead singer of the Rolling Stones
4. DisOrDat
Robin Hood: myth
the Red Baron: real
Paul Bunyan: myth
Uncle Sam: myth
Geronimo: real
Pecos Bill: myth
Johnny Appleseed: real
5. SNOW Dogs
6. "Fudge you, scabs!"
7. Atlanta's fondness for Dallas
8. Correct Answer: "THE BRUCE is mad!"
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: "THE JOHN will smash you!"
9. 405
10. add a laugh track
Freddy Krueger: Elm Street
Bert & Ernie: Sesame Street
Sweeney Todd: Fleet Street
Bruce Springsteen: E Street
Mardi Gras partiers: Bourbon Street
Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street
British prime minister: Downing Street

Episode 31: Mr. Cow's Presidential Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Back to Top
1. Dopey
2. seven Star magazines
3. DisOrDat
Felicity Merriman: American Girl
Susan Atkins: Manson girl
Lanie Holland: American Girl
Patricia Krenwinkel: Manson girl
Kit Kittredge: American Girl
Addy Walker: American Girl
Leslie Van Houten: Manson
4. Stewie would kill Peter and marry Lois.
5. Alabama/Pennsylvania/California
6. Correct Answer: The Ronco Automatic Pasta Maker
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: The George Foreman Grill
8. "I like 'em firm and GRADUALLY GROWIN'"
9. "May the QUANTUM Force be with you."
10. the Suspension-stad
Santa: sleigh
Aladdin: carpet
Hermione Granger: broom
Elliott and E.T.: bicycle
Snoopy: doghouse
Marty McFly: DeLorean
Howl: castle

Episode 32: Rocky's Rodent Rockets Back to Top
1. boil her, then drop her in ice water
2. DisOrDat
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: complete sentence
The New Adventures of Old Christine: sentence fragment
America's Got Talent: complete sentence
America's Next Top Model: sentence fragment
How I Met Your Mother: sentence fragment
Curb Your Enthusiasm: complete sentence
What Not To Wear: sentence fragment
3. five First Ladies of the United States
4. "This pastwami tastes gweat!"
5. cunnerdund
6. a pint glass
7. Correct Answer: Stomp
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: the Rockettes
8. Icarus
9. both are impressionists
10. dip my toes in it
Pandora's box: all evils
penalty box: hockey players
black box: flight data
Schrödinger's box: a cat
Redbox: DVD rentals
pillar box: British mail
Justin Timberlake's SNL box: a d*ck

Episode 33: Bobbe's Knobbe Shoppe Back to Top
1. the chimera
2. His film won "Best Picture" at the Venice Film Festival.
3. DisOrDat
Pastor Ted Haggard: with a man
Governor Eliot Spitzer: with a woman
Senator John Edwards: with a woman
Congressman Mark Foley: with a man
President Bill Clinton: with a woman
Senator Larry Craig: with a man
David Letterman: with a woman
4. 144 dirty adult diapers
5. Correct Answer: the Finger Lakes
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Nob Hill
6. the lead antagonist in Les Miserables
7. 180 feet
8. read the Tuesday newspaper
9. M-O-R-T-A-D-E-L-L-A
10. 960 bowls
Beatles ballad: "Hey Jude"
Idol reality show: Hey Paula
Outkast hit: "Hey Ya"
Nickelodeon cartoon: Hey Arnold!
Earnest movies catchphrase: "Hey Vern!"
nursery rhyme: "Hey Diddle Diddle"
Willie Mays: The Say Hey Kid

Episode 34: Hawaii Hal's Lava Lampshades Back to Top
1. 13 slices of Canadian bacon
2. (5.4) consecutive summers
3. Saul the Snowshoe Hare
4. DisOrDat
Corleggy: cheese
Flustard: Seuss
Munch Hunch: Seuss
Wensleydale: cheese
Gubbeen: cheese
Stroodel: Seuss
Chura Kampo: cheese
5. "Idiot!"
6. Correct Answer: St. Agnes
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: St. Helen
7. Bucknell University's Bucky the BISON
8. Hugh Hefner's
9. It would have a milky shell.
10. two glittery heads would grow in its place
11. JACK ATTACK *This Jack Attack is about plot twists in 7 movies. Open at your own risk!*
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Episode 35: Shaggy's Roof Carpet Back to Top
1. South Africa
2. two Monday Night Raws
3. DisOrDat
McDonalds: apostrophe
Walgreens: no apostrophe
Wendys: apostrophe
Harrods: no apostrophe
Starbucks: no apostrophe
Lowes: apostrophe
Applebees: apostrophe
4. Correct Answer: HALITOSIS!
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: SHINGLES!
5. sandals with toe-room on both ends
6. Marie Antoinette
8. Catch Me If You Can
9. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually leaning.
10. melting faces with FOUR bass guitars
Wolf: Blitzer
Newt: Gingrich
Buffalo: Bill
Cat: Stevens
Raven-: Symone
Tiger: Woods
Bear: Grylls

Episode 36: The Internet: The Book Back to Top
1. IRON Maiden
2. Correct Answer: his leg hairs
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: his web
3. Cinco de Mayo, Flag Day, Sweetest Day
4. Bakugan
5. DisOrDat
Velvet Smooth: blaxploitation
Arnold: white bread
Mahogany: blaxploitation
Oroweat: white bread
Petey Wheatstraw: blaxploitation
Home Pride: white bread
Dolemite: blaxploitation
6. green
7. Call of Duty
8. Brachiosaurus
9. Der Chef
10. "Jennifer Aniston's Pancreas Produces Insulin!"
Bart Simpson: Marge
Hamlet: Gertrude
JFK: Rose
Jesus: Mary
Stewie Griffin: Lois
John Connor: Sarah
Suri Cruise: Katie
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Base Game Episodes 37 - 43

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 37: It's Never Too Late Adult Orphanage Back to Top
1. heat up the stage so hot that his clock MELTS
2. Volkswagen Cricket
3. Correct Answer: Lord of the Flies
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: Oliver Twist
4. DisOrDat
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: bowl game
KFC Famous Bowl: food bowl
Taco Bell Border Bowl: food bowl
Little Caesars Pizza Bowl: bowl game
Panda Express Panda Bowl: food bowl
Chick-fil-A Bowl: bowl game
Chipotle Burrito Bowl: food bowl
5. Atticus Finch
6. Bark-a-Bon
7. 1 X 10 (to the sixth power) Dollar Baby
8. be the spiciest contestant on the show
9. Both are called doughboys.
10. leaving an amphitheater
hourglass: sand
piñata: candy
large intestine: poop
Russian doll: Russian dolls
breast implant: silicone
thermometer: mercury
Twinkie: creamy filling

Episode 38: Uncle Farty's Specialty Whoopie Cushions Back to Top
1. originally created in the 1600s
2. 6 & 20
3. DisOrDat
Delta Dawn: Country Song
Thunder Gulch: Kentucky Derby
Grindstone: Kentucky Derby
Amarillo by Morning: Country Song
Sunday Silence: Kentucky Derby
Mine That Bird: Kentucky Derby
Here's a Quarter: Country Song
4. Git-r-done; HOWEVER, I will not judge you if you fail.
5. Correct Answer: nobody, because everyone's equal
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Whoopi Goldberg, because she tells the best stories
6. "Oooh girl, I'm ONE INCH long!"
7. Calvin peeing on Arminianism
8. booger-covered artichokes
9. Dorian Gray
10. Roma roma ma!
best journalists: the Pulitzer
best pitchers: the Cy Young
best comics: the Eisner
best ads: the Clio
best teachers: the Golden Apple
best mystery writers: the Edgar
best worst movies: the Razzie

Episode 39: Betchup, The Baked Bean Sauce Condiment Back to Top
1. Cal C. Yum the Caterpillar
2. 19th-century German scientist.
3. "Cleveland Rocks"
4. deals with the lights
5. DisOrDat
Magic Bullet: "As Seen on TV"
Booster Gold: superhero
Juiceman: "As Seen on TV"
The Sonic Ear: "As Seen on TV"
Hourman: superhero
Kaboom: "As Seen on TV"
Mister Miracle: superhero
6. PoriferaBob SquarePants
7. Both have confronted lions.
8. fenur
9. Correct Answer: Nine Inch NAILS
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: The Black EYED Peas
10. a dog
polygraph machine: lies
Geiger counter: radiation
Breathalyzer: alcohol level
seismograph: earthquakes
SETI: aliens
a medium: dead people
canary in a coal mine: gas

Episode 40: Buzz Kill Bee Beard Trimmers Back to Top
1. four
2. the Na'vi
3. 30 Paper
4. "All Boxes 30% off on December 26!"
5. DisOrDat
Balboa: currency
Ruble: currency
Rupee: currency
RuPaul: drag queen
Kip: currency
Colon: currency
Dong: currency
6. Miss Iowa, and the less fortunate
7. Magic 8 Ball, Magic Johnson, Magic: the Gathering
8. Correct Answer: a fur Speedo and a GREEN JACKET
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: a battle-axe holster and a YELLOW JACKET
9. The season would last seven years.
10. "I ended an era, when I murdered Hera."
Independence Day: Bill Pullman
Air Force One: Harrison Ford
Mars Attacks: Jack Nicholson
An American President: Michael Douglas
Dave: Kevin Kline
Deep Impact: Morgan Freeman
The Contender: Jeff Bridges

Episode 41: Ted's Wires Back to Top
1. Stallone, Willis, and Schwarzenegger
2. Perfection
3. The Beach Boys surfing into Normandy.
4. DisOrDat
punchbowl: waterfall
plunge: both
horsetail: waterfall
peephole: bra
segmented: waterfall
shelf: bra
fan: waterfall
5. Emeril Lagasse as Circe
6. 19 teeth
7. Correct Answer: a which-er
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: a why-er
8. a yellow Fruit of the Loom
9. scutella (ella, ella)
10. The $25,000 PYRAMID
Dustin Hoffman: Tootsie
Robin Williams: Mrs. Doubtfire
Marlon Wayans: White Chicks
John Travolta: Hairspray
Johnny Depp: Ed Wood
Jack Lemmon: Some Like it Hot
Nathan Lane: The Birdcage

Episode 42: "I'm Not Dead" Coffins for the Living Back to Top
1. quadrillion
2. they were both remarried
3. DisOrDat
Jif: peanut butter
Skipper: Barbie doll
Skippy: peanut butter
Fluff: Barbie doll
Smuckers: peanut butter
PJ: Barbie doll
Tiff: Barbie doll
4. pouring out ice from His empty cocktail
5. three points
6. My butt's angles are less than 90 degrees.
7. the fox
8. violin, banjo, guitar
9. Agatha
10. Correct Answer: The Broker!!!
10. Wrong Answer of the Day: Undertaker!!!
petrol: gas
pants: underwear
lift: elevator
holiday: vacation
banger: sausage
rubber: eraser
crisps: chips

Episode 43: The Red Council Back to Top
1. he'll get squished like clay
2. a colorless vampire
3. They both dropped out of school.
4. DisOrDat
jellyfish: NOT a fish
cuttlefish: NOT a fish
starfish: NOT a fish
crayfish: NOT a fish
sawfish: NOT a fish
Phish: NOT a fish
eel: fish
5. Correct Answer: Shia LaBoeuf
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Scarlett Johansson
6. Sound 3
7. 165 degrees Fahrenheit
8. Wile E. Coyote spinning a numbered wheel
9. HMS Snoopy
10. the one from Timecop
rock, paper..: scissors
reading, writing...: arithmetic
Huey, Duey...: Louie
stop, drop...: roll
Snap, Crackle...: Pop
Nina, Pinta...: Santa Maria
Earth, Wind...: Fire
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Base Game Episodes 44 - 50

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 44: The Suitcase Suit Warehouse Back to Top
1. Ghee
2. "Everybody dances now for 8 hours a day!"
3. DisOrDat
Do-Si-Do: Girl Scout cookie
Dasiy Go Round: Girl Scout cookie
Wonder Wheel: Dollywood ride
Lemon Twist: Dollywood ride
Tagalong: Girl Scout cookie
Shooting Star: Dollywood ride
Trefoil: Girl Scout cookie
5. a bag of pretzels
6. Early Birdie - she's female
7. Correct Answer: "Go! Go! Go! Take us to your leader: JOHNNY B. GOODE."
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: "CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON. There'll be peace never!"
8. Caterpillar
9. The Euphrates River
10. None of the above
Motorola motto: Hello, Moto.
Broadway musical: Hello, Dolly!
Sanrio character: Hello Kitty
Seinfeld catchphrase: Hello, Newman.
Beatles song: Hello, Goodbye
Rupert Gee's restaurant: Hello Deli
Spinal Tap's greeting to Chicago: Hello, Cleveland!

Episode 45: The Breast Cancer Vet Cosmetic Animal Enhancements Back to Top
1. "Ref! He's SLASHING me!"
2. PIPperoni pizzas
3. 2001, 1984, 2012
4. The Human Torch lighting candles at a PETA rally
5. DisOrDat
Special Times Just Right: champion dog
A Moment Like This: Kelly Clarkson
Surry Spice Girl: champion dog
Miss Independent: Kelly Clarkson
Whisperwind On A Carousel: champion dog
Since U Been Gone: Kelly Clarkson
Behind These Hazel Eyes: Kelly Carkson
6. Correct Answer: Australia's barrier reef
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: Wyoming's teton
7. Euclid
8. Pakistan
9. "The simplest shave is always the right shave!"
10. 3
The Big Lewbowski: White Russian
Sideways: Pinot Noir
Anchorman: Scotch
Hot Fuzz: cranberry juice
Bridget Jones' Diary: Chardonnay
James Bond films: vodka martini
Sex and the City: cosmopolitan

Episode 46: Mama Leone's Pasta Beauty Parlor Back to Top
1. "Gloss on VENUS'S lops, a man on VENUS'S hips."
2. "share"
3. DisOrDat
Elias Koteas: Greek actor
Tinea Cruris: skin disease
Nevus Oligemicus: skin disease
Lupus Vulgaris: skin disease
Marina Sirtis: Greek actor
Gouty Panniculitis: skin disease
Nia Vardalos: Greek actor
4. her momma bought her a knock-off diamond ring
5. The gold medal is mostly silver.
6. Superman
7. Sky Diving For Dunnies
8. Prince Prince of the House of Windsor
9. Correct Answer: BABY ANGELS playing near Grauman's Theatre
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: ANGEL HAIR flowing through Rodeo Drive
10. ethane
Sex and the City: New York
Entourage: Hollywood
Arrested Development: Orange County
ER: Chicago
Grey's Anatomy: Seattle
The Wire: Baltimore
Reno 911: Reno

Episode 47: Lawn Wax Back to Top
1. Columbia, panty-raiding Cornell
2. Rid LICE-killing shampoo
3. DisOrDat
Lazer Airzooka: Spencer's Gifts
Cluster Bombs: military weapon
The Spencer Repeater: Spencer's Gifts
Hand Held Gaydar: Spencer's Gifts
Grasshopper Cannon: military weapon
Green Laser Kaleidoscope: Spencer's Gifts
Black Light Magic Mushroom Poster: Spencer's Gifts
4. Correct Answer: red herrings
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: pink flamingoes
5. a 16.5-foot Rod Blagojevich
6. Kelly Clarkson voting for governor
7. Jack Bauer playing a game of euchre
8. slippers derivated from a BUNNY
9. the tryptophan in the turkey
10. Yeah, right.
pick "this one": this one
pick "me": me
pick "your nose": your nose
pick "don't pick this": don't pick this
pick "anything you want": anything you want
pick "my butt": my butt
pick "nothing": nothing

Episode 48: Felt-Up Hand Puppet Lube Back to Top
1. John Mayer accelerates at 9.8 meters per second squared
2. Narcissus
3. Robert De Niro
4. DisOrDat
World's End: Chronicles of Narnia
Heaven's Gate: cult
The Solar Temple: cult
Lone Islands: Chronicles of Narnia
Urantia: cult
Stable Hill: Chronicles of Narnia
Deep Realm: Chronicles of Narnia
5. Nothing, because he ate my entire brain.
6. "Mmm, tastes like hydrogen!"
7. "She's built like a BRICK house."
8. the Vegan VIRTUE Veggie Soup
9. a carnivorous plant on her ankle
10. Correct Answer: Mr. Mackey
10. Wrong Answer of the Day: Mr. Hand
Grateful Dead: Dead Heads
Insane Clown Posse: Juggalos
Clay Aiken: Claymates
Phish: Phans
Jimmy Buffet: Parrotheads
Lady Gaga: Little Monsters
The Whites Stripes: Candy Cane Children

Episode 49: Herb's Herbs Back to Top
1. take some Soft 'N Gentle to the Sioux
2. Correct Answer: Million Dollar E-Trade Baby
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Rosemary's E-Trade Baby
3. He'd be wearing brown suspenders.
4. Parliament Hill
5. DisOrDat
moose: singular and plural: same
mouse: singular and plural: different
goose: singular and plural: different
deer: singular and plural: same
sheep: singular and plural: same
bison: singular and plural: same
ox: singular and plural: different
6. 1 through 12
7. Babe Ruth, Dan Marino, Michael Jordan
8. Aperture Falls
9. a Le Tigre TIGER shirt in a JAPANESE Bloomingdale's
10. CAL Q L8
rhinoscope: nose
otoscope: ear
laryngoscope: throat
proctoscope: rectum
hysteroscope: uterus
arthroscope: joint
cystoscope: bladder

Episode 50: Ultimate Control Remote-Controlled Remotes Back to Top
1. ghosts
2. The Pope rides a MOTORCYCLE!
3. nouns
4. DisOrDat
Willow Goldfinch: bird
Willow Ptarmigan: bird
Willow Rosenberg: Buffy
Lark Bunting: bird
Cordelia Chase: Buffy
Riley Finn: Buffy
Nene: bird
5. PR
6. D-troit Tigers
7. Correct Answer: Clue
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Click
8. Filiformhead
10. 425 minutes of your life
Jesus: in a manger
Bruce Springsteen: in the USA
John Henry: with a hammer
Steve Martin's "Jerk": a poor black child
Steppenwolf: to be wild
Sam Cooke: by the river
Yankee Doodle Dandy: on the Fourth of July
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Base Game Episodes 51 - 57

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 51: U-PLAN-IT Murder Supplies Back to Top
1. "Whoa! Call me IRRATIONAL, but this flavor is UNENDING!"
2. Peter Jackson
3. DisOrDat
Baja Blast: Mountain Dew
Creeper: computer virus
LiveWire: Mountain Dew
Sasser: computer virus
Code Red: both
Blaster: computer virus
White Out: Mountain Dew
4. The Mountain Goats
5. 9, District 9, Nine
6. Correct Answer: funkadelic owls
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: funkadelic crows
7. They are both gothic.
8. Alaska
9. "...get down to brass tacks, Your Majesty..."
10. 10
dartboard center: bullseye
overnight flight: redeye
1-and-1 dice roll: snake eyes
last Kubrick film: Eyes Wide Shut
Rocky theme: "Eye of the Tiger"
conjunctivitis: pink eye
detective: private eye

Episode 52: Bed-Womb Buddies Back to Top
1. Marco yelling "Polo!" from China
2. Go Fish
3. DisOrDat
Enchirito: Taco Bell
El Monte: southern California
Cerritos: southern California
Chalupa Baja: Taco Bell
Chula Vista: southern California
Encinitas: southern California
Escondido: southern California
4. Correct Answer: 9 1/2 Weeks
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: 9 Months
5. just simulating "cooking a meal"
6. in a pyramid
7. Titanic
8. "I'm gonna CLONE you, Dog!"
9. "Wanna see my U.K.size 9?"
10. Cambodian Wheel of Fortune
Lone Ranger: Silver
Lisa Simpson: Princess
Wilbur: Mr. Ed
Gandalf: Shadowfax
Rainbow Bright: Starlight
Gumby: Pokey
Ichabod Crane: Gunpowder

Episode 53: Vitamin Holy Water Back to Top
1. "AAAA, our credit rating is bad!"
2. Correct Answer: Dissolver
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Cross-Cutter
3. Yes, he could blush a lot.
4. L is for Littering
5. DisOrDat
weave the ring: square dancing move
jab step: NBA move
hand check: NBA move
stir the bucket: square dancing move
give and go: NBA move
pick and roll: NBA move
partner trade: square dancing move
6. 1,000
7. swerving to Journey's backlog of melodiosity
8. Sound 2
9. National Security, Bad Boys, Big Momma's House, Blue Streak
10. "We sailed from Californiarrrr to South Americarrrr!"
carry-on items on U.S. flight: 2
Twitter characters per tweet: 140
legal blood-alcohol content: .08
children per Chinese family: 1
audition age for American Idol: 28
age to be a Boy Scout: 18
Spinal Tap amp volume: 11

Episode 54: Loco Louie's Breakable Party Favors Back to Top
1. One Fathom Under
2. calm and neutral
3. Correct Answer: The PINOCHLE Apprentice
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: The PINATA Apprentice
4. DisOrDat
Mercury Blue: Gap t-shirt color
Blue Haze: Miles Davis album
Blue Period: Miles Davis album
Equinox Blue: Gap t-shirt color
Kind of Blue: Miles Davis album
Dream Blue: Gap t-shirt color
Dark Magus: Miles Davis album
5. The Adventures of Mikey the Meteorite
6. a PB&J at the Pyramids of Giza
7. come party with ke4ha
8. lenon-yellow
9. Sound 1
10. Toto, because he's a dog
Pirates of the Caribbean captain: Jack Sparrow
"The Lady with the Lamp": Florence Nightingale
Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams
Gulliver's Travels author: Jonathan Swift
Beyonce's rapper hubby: Jay-Z
Kelsey Grammer character: Frasier Crane
sings "All I Wanna Do": Sheryl Crow

Episode 55: Nite-Time Putty Back to Top
1. eFjord
2. a courteous case of tuberculosis
3. Deal or New Deal
4. DisOrDat
Luca Brasi: The Godfather
Bobby Shaftoe: Mother Goose
Moe Greene: The Godfather
Tom Hagen: The Godfather
Solomon Grundy: Mother Goose
Jack Sprat: Mother Goose
Sonny Corleone: The Godfather
5. Correct Answer: Feeded
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Putty
6. a small intestine bong
7. Anne Rice's
8. "He got famous in South Carolina, but he is modest
9. flugelhorn
10. "Give me a 'D' for DIRECT OBJECT!"
lingerie company: Victoria's Secret
presidential bodyguards: Secret Service
Johnny Rivers hit: Secret Agent Man
Sue Monk Kidd bestseller: The Secret Life of Bees
office gift exchange: Secret Santa
Lily's Eyes musical: The Secret Garden
Big Mac juice: secret sauce

Episode 56: Gas O' the Sea Dolphin-Fueled Cars Back to Top
1. Ted Kaczynski
2. homographs
3. Ed McMahon
4. DisOrDat
Chumbawamba: band
Damballa: Voodoo
Dishwalla: band
Nago Shango: Voodoo
Hoobastank: band
Azacca: Voodoo
Buckcherry: band
5. the affineur
6. Monk Idol
7. Correct Answer: 3 BENJAMINS and 10 SAWBUCKS
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: 10 JACKSONS and 3 FINS
8. Big
9. S-or
10. Aquaman
Pinocchio: marionette
Gumby: clay figurine
Barney: costumed human
Big Mouth Billy Bass: animatronic model
Lamb Chop: sock puppet
Mrs. Butterworth: animated syrup bottle
Drop Dead Fred: imaginary

Episode 57: Chick-of-the-Sea Mermaid Starter Kits Back to Top
1. a 21-SQUARE-FOOT human skin area rug
2. 5 Billion More Years of Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. Lucy van Pelt
4. DisOrDat
Tom Tom: GPS
Brobee: Yo Gabba Gabba
Garmin: GPS
Trimble: GPS
Plex: Yo Gabba Gabba
Foofa: Yo Gabba Gabba
Muno: Yo Gabba Gabba
5. Correct Answer: a Wonderland picnic with ALICE
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: a hot tub dip with ARIEL
6. a blood-thirsty mosquito
7. Toby Maguire's LATEX SUIT from Spider-Man
8. salad dressing, college football offense, dog TV show
9. "... she CRAPS 11."
10. He was played by Richard Pryor.
Madonna Louise Ciccione: Madonna
Reginald Kenneth Dwight: Elton John
Bek David Campbell: Beck
James Todd Smith: LL Cool J
Cherilyn Sarkisian: Cher
Richard Melville Hall: Moby
Paul David Hewson: Bono

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Base Game Episodes 58 - 64

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 58: Jack's Bald Caps & Hairless Knick-Knacks Back to Top
1. Expurgate-"gate"-gate
2. "Hey VICTOR, nice lab coat!"
3. DisOrDat
Pure: Vegas club
Eve: both
Vanity: Vegas club
Blush: Vegas club
Naked: Garden of Eden
Sweat: Garden of Eden
Rain: Vegas club
4. Correct Answer: Mr. Big
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Mr. Clean
5. the Contralto mob
6. BLUEBERRIES and spray tan
7. Los Angeles Dodgers
8. "Best within 15 MINUTES of purchase"
9. Highly alkaline, motherf*****!
10. pasta reading poetry about death
Back to the Future: Delorean
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: phone booth
Hot Tub Time Machine: hot tub
The Time Traveler's Wife: genetic disorder
Star Trek (2009): black hole
Land of the Lost: space-time vortex

Episode 59: L'il Smacky's Candy Contraband Back to Top
1. thymus tetrazzini
2. DisOrDat
Lee Enfield: Sex and the City
Aidan Shaw: gun
Steyr Scout: Sex and the City
Skipper Johnston: gun
Smith Jerrod: gun
Pancor Jackhammer: Sex and the City
Stanford Blatch: gun
3. Correct Answer: huge Burton ski gloves with SIX FINGERS
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: large FOUR-TOE-wide Candies shoes
4. 293
5. seek aSSylum
6. become a taikonaut
7. Space Jam
8. Hawai'i
9. a little over two and a half Roots members
10. LOL
Benjamin Franklin: bifocals
Bono: sunglasses
X-Men's Cyclops: protective visor
pinata beaters: blindfold
Buddy Holly: horn-rimmed glasses
Toy Story 3 viewers: 3-D glasses
The Penguin: monocle

Episode 60: Mysterious Boxes, Inc. Back to Top
1. OLD KING COLE's distinct types of merriment
2. "Woot! We have freedom to VISIT THE OUTSIDE WORLD!"
3. Chekhov, Gorbachev, Kournikova
4. Michael Myers
5. DisOrDat
Shar-Pei: dog
Lao-Tzu: religious figure
St. Bernard: both
Vizsla: dog
Zoroaster: religious figure
Bouvier des Flandres: dog
Xoloitzcuintli: dog
6. "Why did the HINDENBURG crash into the road?"
7. $1,750
8. Correct Answer: Arrakis
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: Pandora
9. Unique New York is very unique.
10. the set of Law & Order: SVU
Pythagoras: math
Yoda: the Force
Bill Nye: science
Mr. Miyagi: karate
Severus Snape: potions
Peggy Hill: Spanish
Dewey Finn: rock

Episode 61: Lube Ratz Gerbil and Rodent Grease Back to Top
1. "Let he who is without sin cast the first fruit!"
2. "I'm on cirrus cloud nine!"
3. Correct Answer: the head monster from Monsters, Inc.
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: the lead rat from Rataouille
4. DisOrDat
Adriana Lima: model
Belle Gunness: serial killer
Gisele Bundchen: model
Rosemary West: serial killer
Aileen Wuornos: serial killer
Karolina Kurkova: model
Elizabeth Báthory: serial killer
5. Timpani Hero
6. feed each other hot dogs
7. "AU!"
8. Doubt
9. he just copied from the book David Copperfield
10. corn chips with a DIP
touchdown: six points
free throw: one point
jumping Donkey Kong barrel: 100 points
darts outer bullseye: 25 points
catching Golden Snitch: 150 points
Scrabble "U" tile: two points
a Yahtzee: 50 points

Episode 62: Yell-o?! Pages Audio Telephone Books Back to Top
1. a 3240 degree Hang Ten
2. Correct Answer: Transmit your answer via your CB radio.
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Call me on my toll-free 1-800 number.
3. 24
4. DisOrDat
Peanut: Jeff Dunham dummy
Gooper: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Big Daddy: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Bubba J: Jeff Dunham dummy
Sweet Daddy Dee: Jeff Dunham dummy
Brick: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Reverend Tooker: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
5. Outback Steakhouse
6. lend apple fritters to banks in non-emergencies
7. X-Files, X-Games, XFL
8. "And HELLENIC REPUBLIC is the way we are feeling..."
9. Woody Harrelson drinking a Guinness
10. God wearing Japanese GETA on his feet
Heath Ledger: Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
John Candy: Wagons East
Brandon Lee: The Crow
James Dean: Giant
Oliver Reed: Gladiator
Chris Farley: Almost Heroes
Bruce Lee: Enter the Dragon

Episode 63: Safe-T Co.'s Car Darts Back to Top
1. 63 + Gilbert Gottfried
2. Small Farm Raider
3. Correct Answer: Bango the Buck's ABS
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: Benny the Bull's EYE
4. DisOrDat
Rise: Axe scent
Underoath: Christian band
Critical Mass: Christian band
Dark Temptation: Axe scent
Demon Hunter: Christian band
Essence: Axe scent
Fireflight: Christian band
5. male
6. 0 degrees K play
7. the Geek Platoon
8. Kelly MONACO & CHAD Ochocinco
9. Billy Bob Thornton
10. Sweet 'N Low and spice and everything nice
Tin Man: heart
The Fugitive killer: arm
Lieutenant Dan: legs
Bazooka Joe: eye
Alfred E. Neuman: tooth
Fantastic Mr. Fox: tail
Peter Pan: shadow

Episode 64: High End Leather Toilet Paper Back to Top
1. "Don't worry, you can see your dog in another life."
2. xylophagous
3. 5-H
4. DisOrDat
Pellets: D-Con rat bait
Patches: Zhu Zhu Pet
Wedge: D-Con rat bait
Chunk: Zhu Zhu Pet
Pouch: D-Con rat bait
Nugget: Zhu Zhu Pet
Num Nums: Zhu Zhu Pet
5. Barq's
6. Correct Answer: 2 Shivan Dragons and 3 Grizzly Bears
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: 2 Hearts of Ramos, 2 Hearts of Bogardan, 1 Heart of Light
7. Gerard Butler waking up in the morning and sleeping at night
8. get a 2400 on the SAT
9. Professor Jonathan Crane
10. Lego
Abraham Lincoln: John Wilkes Booth
John Lennon: Mark David Chapman
Hitler: Hitler
John F. Kennedy: Lee Harvey Oswald
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Darth Vader
Julius Caesar: Brutus
Steve Irwin: a stingray
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Base Game Episodes 65 - 71

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 65: Dr. Lenny's Assorted Pills Back to Top
1. "Photograph (of Monticello)"
2. Sauron
3. Correct Answer: 1 million worshippers seeing Noah airlift animals
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: 100 people viewing Moses with 2 tablet PCs of laws
4. Tuesdays with Norrie
5. DisOrDat
slingback: shoe
stiletto: both
pump: shoe
morningstar: weapon
espadrille: shoe
anelace: weapon
man catcher: weapon
6. ...
7. the singer of "Paper Planes" flying into Miami
8. Show Choir
9. Eternal, Neverending, Infinite
10. plummet off the Eiffel Tower
Violet Beauregard: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Lily van der Woodsen: Gossip Girl
Rose Nylund: The Golden Girls
Poppy Pomfry: Harry Potter
Daisy Duke: Dukes of Hazard
Princess Jasmine: Aladdin
Princess Buttercup: The Princess Bride

Episode 66: Vance van Van's Van Lot Back to Top
1. 176 hammers
2. Chicago Fire
3. DisOrDat
Palatino: font
Palomino: horse
Andalusian: horse
Hackney: horse
American Miniature: horse
Verdana: font
Wingdings: font
4. The Terminator
5. 107.9 THE FIST!
6. "Do not talk about the conservation of energy!"
7. "I think you're just PYRITE for me."
8. Correct Answer: Anderson Cooper questioning David Byrne
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: Greta Van Susteren talking with Michael Stipe
9. 2
10. M.C. Drawing Hands
Civil War: Confederacy
War of the Worlds: Martians
Rocky: Rocky
2008 Presidential election: John McCain
American Idol Season 1: Justin Guarini
Harlem Globetrotters games: Washington Generals
Aesop's race: the hare

Episode 67: The Cloud Registry Back to Top
1. boil him, then bake him
2. Austrasia
3. Wonder Woman, Stevie Wonder, Wonderbra
4. "Eize-say the ay-day"
5. DisOrDat
Make: magazine
Go: magazine
Stuff: magazine
Tweeze: bathroom activity only
Overspray: magazine
Tuck: bathroom activity only
Parenting: magazine
6. Lil' Anna Throws Herself Under the Little Engine That Could
7. Correct Answer: a classic first-year Toyota Corolla
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: a fully restored first-year Dodge Stratus
8. ?
9. Heidi Klum
10. "Coffee Cherry" 7-UP
American Idol: Pop Idol
Trading Spaces: Changing Rooms
Junkyard Wars: Scrapheap Challenge
American Gladiators: Gladiators
America's Got Talent: Britain's Got Talent
Dancing with the Stars: Strictly Come Dancing
The Office: The Office

Episode 68: Mee-Ow! Inappropriate Cat Accessories Back to Top
1. he'd vanish three times in a show
2. intestine with a side of TURKISH DELIGHT
3. DisOrDat
"The Cherry Orchard": Chekhov
"The Chinese Restaurant": Seinfeld
"The Maestro": Seinfeld
"The Wedding": Chekhov
"The Contest": Seinfeld
"The Seagull": Chekhov
"The Virgin": Seinfeld
4. Life: America Edition
5. "Tonight, we're going to make so many barrels."
6. C. Montgomery "Fourth Degree" Burns
7. Correct Answer: Mr. Darcy or Current Male Protagonist
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Heathcliff or Current Vengeful Lover
8. Seventh Heaven
9. the Queens slice
10. the preamble to the U.S. Constitution
The Simpsons: Mayor Quimby
McDonaldland: Mayor McCheese
How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Mayor May-who
Family Guy: Mayor Adam West
Back to the Future: Mayor "Goldie" Wilson
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Mayor Wilkins
South Park: Mayor McDaniels

Episode 69: Just Hair Hair Superstore Back to Top
1. light 35 matches
2. DisOrDat
Glacier Freeze: Gatorade
Winter Moon: Dean Koontz
Cool Blue: Gatorade
Cold Fire: Dean Koontz
Riptide Rush: Gatorade
Night Chills: Dean Koontz
Icebound: Dean Koontz
3. Correct Answer: Bill Hader
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: Kristen Wiig
4. a red worm ridiculing Lindsay Lohan
5. Baby Ruths
6. Microwave Radiation Tag
7. CORNflower
8. doodies
9. They were both born with different names.
10. an 80-foreskin leather jacket
Darth Vader: Stormtroopers
Wicked Witch: Flying Monkeys
The Shredder: Foot Clan
Rita Repulsa: Putties
Sauron: Orcs
Voldemort: Death Eaters
Davy Jones: Flying Dutchman crew

Episode 70: Tootie's Butt Kazoos & Anal Instruments Back to Top
1. Beaver Woods
2. Fortysomething Mutant Ninja Turtles
3. Prison Tycoon: Devil's Island
4. DisOrDat
Jethro Tull: band
Steely Dan: band
Lynyrd Skynyrd: band
Veruca Salt: band
Judas Priest: band
Marcy Playground: band
Gnarls Barkley: band
5. Correct Answer: Where the Wild Burps Are
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Where the Wild Farts Are
6. Extreme Makeover: Mausoleum Edition
7. "Holy Hamburger, Batman!"
8. Richard III
9. Julia Roberts-Lovett-Moder
10. Quote
Santa: "Ho Ho Ho!"
'N Sync: "Bye Bye Bye"
Fozzie Bear: "Wakka Wakka Wakka!"
The Beach Boys: "Fun, Fun, Fun"
Fat Albert: "Hey, hey hey!"
Kyle's Mom on South Park: "What what what?!?"
McCartney & Jackson: "Say Say Say"

Episode 71: Grammar Garments & Punctuation Pants Warehouse Back to Top
1. the Trix Rabbit
3. DisOrDat
Library: both
Conservatory: White House
Map Room: Clue
Game Room: Clue
Study: White House
Ballroom: White House
Lounge: White House
4. He would lose his singing and dancing powers.
5. They hate Cobras.
6. Correct Answer: the vacuum to your blood
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: the attic fan to your colon
7. "And we have PESTILENCE in first!"
8. Jack #000000
9. somewhere in the United States
10. Twilight
Man of Steel: Superman
NFL championship: Super Bowl
water gun: Super Soaker
school district head: superintendent
police comedy: Super Troopers
Freudian part of mind: super-ego
Rick James hit: Super Freak
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Base Game Episodes 72 - 73

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

Episode 72: The Grim Reaper Depot Back to Top
1. the two houseflies
2. Correct Answer: DJ Sickle
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: DJ Scythe
3. standing right near field artillery
4. Batman
5. DisOrDat
Red Thunder: energy drink
Overlord: WWII operation
Full Throttle: energy drink
Battleaxe: WWII operation
Torch: WWII operation
Piranha: energy drink
AMP: energy drink
6. "GUNNING 4 ur heart!"
7. Bill & Ted, Marty McFly, Crew from Hot Tub Time Machine
8. Vassar College
9. Beverly Hills
10. Nabisco
Calvin: Hobbes
Ed Norton in Fight Club: Tyler Durden
Jackie Paper: Puff the Magic Dragon
Elwood P. Dowd: Harvey the rabbit
Danny Torrence: Tony
Donnie Darko: Frank the rabbit
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes: Dave

Episode 73: Cookie Masterson's eBay Store Back to Top
1. a vanilla-scented Nebraska
2. "Head On - Apply directly to the MANUBRIUM!"
3. "What's the deal with skiing?"
4. DisOrDat
Seeds of Change: organic food
Great Eastern Sun: organic food
Bilderbergers: secret society
Priory of Sion: secret society
Rising Moon: organic food
Living Tree Community: organic food
Skull and Bones: secret society
5. an entomologist
6. "I'm now a svelte 114 lbs.!"
7. Empanadas at Three A.M.
8. 1/4th of a dushel
9. Correct Answer: coffee.jar
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: cookie.jar
10. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." {For BBC users, it's the 3rd answer Cookie reads.}
Davey Jones' locker: the sea
"The Tell-Tale Heart": floorboards
Pompeii, Italy: volcanic ash
Old Dan & Little Ann: red fern
flotation device: your airplane seat
Wicked Witch of the East: house
Princess' pea: 20 mattresses
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JACK Pack 1 Episodes 01 - 05

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 1.1 - Maggot World Back to Top
1. "I'm sick of this $%#! Snake River Plain in $%#! Idaho!"
2. Monoply, Chutes and Ladders, Clue
3. orchestrate a war to get a kiss
4. DisOrDat
Flaked Salmon and Ocean Whitefish: Fancy Feast
Minced Turkey: Fancy Feast
Roasted Halibut: Whtie House
Savory Salmon: Fancy Feast
Jonal Crab Claws: White House
Sliced Beef and Giblets in Gravy: Fancy Feast
Herb Crusted Petite Filet: White House
5. grand battement
6. Spinning Jenny
7. Correct Answer: Hatchet
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Lord of the Flies
8. Sasquatch 101
9. Playboy
10. 1992
Big Bad Wolf: Three Little Pigs
El Guapo: Three Amigos
Bridge Troll: Three Billy Goats Gruff
two pair: three of a kind
Cardinal Richelieu: The Three Musketeers
Goldilocks: the Three Bears
the farmer's wife: three blind mice

JACK Pack 1.2 - Uncle Larry's Station Wagon Decals Back to Top
1. Toy Story Origins: Mr. Potato Head
2. being FORMALLY ACCUSED of spying for FOX
3. DisOrDat
Clam Diggers: trousers
Brown Breeches: trousers
Green Mambas: snakes
Puff Adders: snakes
Buckskin Trews: trousers
Split Keelbacks: snakes
Banded Kraits: snakes
4. Correct Answer: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Vegas Vacation
5. a loaf of meat jelly
6. Mr. Alpha - Omega
7. Walmart
8. Ulysses (1,000 pages)
9. Amidala
10. dividing McDonaldland into districts that favor him
Istanbul: Constantinople
Willis Tower: Sears Tower
Tennessee Titans: Houston Oilers
Panera Bread: St. Louis Bread Company
Serbia & Montenegro: Yugoslavia
Oklahoma Thunder: Seattle Supersonics
Healthy Choice: Diet Deluxe

JACK Pack 1.3 - The Bacon Magnet Back to Top
1. "OUCH! 20 bear claws!"
2. Jimmy Kimmel
3. S. Dakota Fanning would have a LARGER personality.
4. Vanilla Carbon Dioxide Frost
5. DisOrDat
Runny Babbit: Shel Silverstein
Piggie Pie: ICP
Get Off Me, Dog!: ICP
Don't Bump the Glump!: Shel Silverstein
Juggalo Paradise: ICP
Falling Up: Shel Silverstein
Rainbows and Stuff: ICP
6. Gaius Salad
7. "I want to drink THOMAS MORE of that!"
8. Correct Answer: Ghost Rider
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: Magneto
9. flaming skull first
10. They were both steamboat pilots.
Paul Bunyon: axe
Flavor Flav: clock
Thor: hammer
jouster: lance
Sisyphus: boulder
Leatherface: chainsaw
Atlas: Earth

JACK Pack 1.4 - L'il Executioners Doll Guillotines Back to Top
1. griled grouper in Gothenburg
2. tater
3. Star Trek: TNG
4. DisOrDat
On Marriage: Ben Franklin
Why Is There Air?: Bill Cosby
For Adults Only: Bill Cosby
Satires and Bagatelles: Ben Franklin
I Started Out as a Child: Bill Cosby
The Way to Wealth: Ben Franklin
Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow Right!: Bill Cosby
5. Correct Answer: Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: The Headless Horseman from Sleepy Hollow
6. The cast is actually drifting apart.
7. 10 to 20 months
8. Thanksgiving Island
9. A god will appear in the sky and just tell you.
10. The World Cup
Bruce Willis: Demi Moore
Cher: Sonny Bono
Michael Jackson: Lisa Marie
Alec Baldwin: Kim Basinger
Donald Trump: Marla Maples
Paula Abdul: Emilio Estevez
Marilyn Monroe: Joe Dimaggio

JACK Pack 1.5 - Doomsday Devices, Ltd. Back to Top
1. 5,525 bookstores
2. Tweety Bird
3. Freddy vs. Water Buffalo vs. Lions
4. DisOrDat
Mountain Meadow: crayon
Caribbean Green: crayon
Bethpage Black: golf course
Tumbleweed: crayon
Ocean Forest: golf course
Peachtree: golf course
Old Sandwich: golf course
5. hen of the woods
6. Correct Answer: February 12, 2086
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: December 21, 2012
7. a WICKET in overalls
8. Fire + S ---> Hell
9. St. Lous Arch, Space Needle, Washington Monument
10. the ICEE Polar Bear
Altoids: metal tin
sword: sheath
flies & lures: tackle box
Eucharist: tabernacle
arrows: quiver
CD: jewel case
ammunition: magazine

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JACK Pack 1 Episodes 06 - 10

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 1.6 - File Cabinets: The Video Game Back to Top
1. Elton John's "Tiny Dancer"
2. Frosted Mini-Quarks
3. DisOrDat
Airpole: Blue Man Group
Anvil: ear
Cochlea: ear
Tubulum: Blue Man Group
Drumbone: Blue Man Group
Eardrum: ear
Cimbalom: Blue Man Group
4. the P.U.P.A. Leadership Conference
5. oranges
6. just Bono
7. "My Daddy Is My Brother"
8. Ernie the Keebler Elf
9. Correct Answer: Bones
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: The X-Files
10. 2.5
Johnny Cash: a man in Reno
Aaron Burr: Alexander Hamilton
Bob Marley: the Sheriff
Mark David Chapman: John Lennon
James Earl Ray: Martin Luther King, Jr.
John Wilkes Booth: Abraham Lincoln
Maggie Simpson: Mr. Burns

JACK Pack 1.7 - Soup-in-a-Cone Back to Top
1. Wolf Blitzer in a KEMP bikini
2. Correct Answer: My Big Fat JEWISH WEDDING
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: My Big Fat ITALIAN WEDDING
3. when Horton hears the object of a close
4. Bolt
5. DisOrDat
Kings Canyon: National Park
Kings Dominion: amusement park
Kings Island: amusement park
Isle Royale: National Park
Carowinds: amusement park
Cedar Point: amusement park
Voyageurs: National Park
6. electromagnetic waves
7. Santa Fe
8. Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier
9. Yosemite National Park
10. the flamingo in the Groucho Marx glasses
Statue of Liberty: Liberty Island
Rocky: Philadelphia Art Museum
North Pole: U.S. courthouses
Four-Toed Foot: LOST island
Christ the Redeemer: above Rio
Pillars of the Kings: Middle Earth
Big Boys: Big Boy Restaurant

JACK Pack 1.8 - Professor Impresser's Pre-Completed Crosswords Back to Top
1. Nine-Layer Hot Taco Dip
2. The Baroque Fest
3. They're both partially man-made.
4. DisOrDat
Millard: vice president
Mallard: duck
Aylesbury: duck
Alben: vice president
Buff: duck
Elbridge: vice president
Dick: vice president
5. Charlie Maguro
6. Correct Answer: planting seeds
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: putting letters into boxes
7. 156 angels get their wings
8. Han's blaster holstered ABOVE THE WAIST
9. Mother Teresa
10. 5 rotisserie-cooked cadavers
Nightmare on Elm Str.: Freddy Krueger
Child's Play: Chucky
Saw: Jigsaw
Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees
Halloween: Michael Myers
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface
Leprechaun: Leprechaun

JACK Pack 1.9 - The Animal Ghost Humane Society Back to Top
1. Norm MacDonald under PRESSURE
2. Correct Answer: The Last Samurai
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: The Way of the Samurai
3. Corned Beef in the Rye
4. 055-09-0001
5. DisOrDat
Mung: bean
Ming: Chinese Dynasty
Tang: Chinese Dynasty
Fava: bean
Northern Song: Chinese Dynasty
Great Northern: bean
Azuki: bean
6. Ane Eyre
7. danana
8. a mild CYCLONE of irritability
9. Do'h-klahoma!
10. Heroin PM
Gil Grissom: CSI
Eliot Ness: Untouchables
Jack Bauer: CTU
John Munch: Special Victims Unit
Fox Mulder: X-Files
Cordell Walker: Texas Rangers
Sonny Crockett: Miami Vice

JACK Pack 1.10 - Monocle City Monocle Superstore Back to Top
1. how many hamburgers he stole
3. DisOrDat
Fossil: watch
Rorschach: Watchmen
Omega: watch
Eterna: watch
Silhouette: Watchmen
Silk Spectre: Watchmen
Nite Owl II: Watchmen
4. Wet SEAL
5. Kanye West
6. Sarah Conner
7. They'd fill it twice.
8. a room of one's own
9. Correct Answer: Monopoly's Uncle Pennybags
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Planter's Mr. Peanut
10. the snout of the bottle would be narrower
the Tin Man: The Emerald City
Phileas Fogg: London
Kumar Patel: White Castle
Littlefoot: the Great Valley
the Titanic: New York City
Clark Griswold: Wally World
Paul Simon: Graceland

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JACK Pack 2: Best of the Webshow Episodes 01 - 05

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 2.1 - Burglar King Designer Robbery Wear Back to Top
1. Hungry Hungry Hippos
2. "AHHH! NAILS!!!!"
3. Correct Answer: Liar Liar
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: The Mask
4. The Curse of the Black Diamond
5. DisOrDat
Rubenstein's Revenge: juggling trick
Montezuma's Revenge: diarrhea slang
Reverse Cascade: juggling trick
Boston Mess: juggling trick
Hershey Squirts: diarrhea slang
Georgian Shuffle: juggling trick
The Trots: diarrhea slang
6. Daffy Duck
7. "Give Your Morning a Positive Charge!"
8. two
9. <0
10. in my nose
Gollum: the ring
Ahab: the white whale
Dr. Richard Kimble: the one-armed man
Sonny the Cuckoo: Cocoa Puffs
Inigo Montoya: the six-fingered man
Linus van Pelt: the Great Pumpkin
Wile E. Coyote: Road Runner

JACK Pack 2.2 - Inflata-Bill's Blow-Up Doll Rentals & Sales Back to Top
1. she's morbidly obese
2. they're both lawyers
3. the DUKES of Hazzard
4. DisOrDat
Up and Down the River: drinking game
Fuzzy Duck: drinking game
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes: children's song
Thumper: drinking game
Bingo: children's song
Found a Peanut: children's song
Quarters: drinking game
5. "See No Evil"
6. the eigth circle
7. 1988
8. carrots and Canada
9. Correct Answer: 21 grams
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Blow
10. Scrooge McDuck
Oscar the Grouch: garbage can
SpongeBob SquarePants: pineapple
James: giant peach
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: sewer
old woman who lived in a shoe: shoe
Kazaam: boom box
Smurfs: mushrooms

JACK Pack 2.3 - Snow Globe Surplus Store Back to Top
1. Eggs Florentine
2. S-chair
3. DisOrDat
Pinkeye: medical condition
Toper's Nose: medical condition
Milk Leg: medical condition
Cove Neck: New York
Saddle Rock: New York
Horseheads: New York
Butternuts: New York
4. Correct Answer: Peanut M&Ms
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Sno-Caps
5. 4, 1, 3, 2
6. this many {For BBC users, it's the 3rd answer Cookie reads, or the one with three honks.}
7. a Darting Willy
8. He'd be shaved bald year-round.
9. Miranda
10. The Mach0.85 Razor
the candlestick: Jack
rolling barrels: Mario
steeplechase fences: horses
the lazy dog: the quick brown fox
Caesar's Palace fountain: Evel Kneivel
the moon: the cow
other chess pieces: knight

JACK Pack 2.4 - The ManCone: Dog Cones for Men Back to Top
1. a statue of the Virgin Mary
2. Sebastian
3. DisOrDat
Poodle Hat: Weird Al
The Burning Giraffe: Dali
Tuna Fishing: Dali
Off the Deep End: Weird Al
Lobster Telephone: Dali
Bad Hair Day: Weird Al
The Great Masturbator: Dali
4. Eeyore
5. your uncle's sister's mother's son
6. 17
7. Llama (Llama llama)
8. "Go Jehovah's Witness, it's your birthday."
9. salt water
10. Correct Answer: Times SQUARE
10. Wrong Answer of the Day: CONEy Island
Sirius Black: Azkaban
Andy Dufrense & Red Redding: Shawshank Prison
Joker & Penguin: Arkham Asylum
Lincoln Burrows: Fox River Penitentiary
the Birdman: Alcatraz
Augustus Hill: Oz
Johnny Cash's audience: Folsom Prison

JACK Pack 2.5 - Mama Meatballs' Yumball Machines Back to Top
1. Beethoven's 5th Symphony
2. chop of his big toes
3. "James Wuz Here"
4. DisOrDat
sand bubbler: crab
pickle pincher: Speedo
marble pouch: Speedo
scaly hermit: crab
seaweed decorator: crab
plum smuggler: Speedo
chinese mitten: crab
5. centripetal force
6. "G'DAY-Ho-Ho!"
7. Correct Answer: the one where he played Winger
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: the one where he played Tripper
8. ... and PINGO was its name-o!
9. He would only dance one step at a time, in any direction.
10. Cheech and Chong Go to La Paz, Bolivia
Dumbo: ears
Cyrano de Bergerac: nose
Rapunzel: hair
Gene Simmons: tongue
Rip van Winkle: beard
Mr. Mackey: head
Dirk Diggler: penis

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JACK Pack 2: Best of the Webshow Episodes 06 - 10

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 2.6 - Frederick's of Honolulu Tropical Intimates Back to Top
1. You're "ready to sail."
2. about 2 out of 3 games
3. DisOrDat
chinstrap: penguin
cummerbund: tuxedo
macaroni: penguin
button: tuxedo
wing collar: tuxedo
snares: penguin
gentoo: penguin
4. do your business very quietly
5. Correct Answer: a rattlesnake vacationing in Africa
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: a garter snake vacationing in Canada
6. Felix Frankfurter
7. about a half hour
8. Pa becomes a Communist
9. 6 x the square of his side
10. NutraSweet, Sweet 'n Low, Splenda
Bullwinkle J.: Moose
Michigan J.: Frog
Rocket J.: Squirrel
Homer J.: Simpson
Stimpson "Stimpy" J.: Cat
Elmer J.: Fudd
Michael J.: Fox

JACK Pack 2.7 - Mr. Ted's Protective Horse Covers Back to Top
1. Uranus and Neptune
2. The FellowSHEEP of the Ring
3. about 25%
4. "Me me me!" {For BBC users, it's the 2nd answer Cookie reads.}
5. DisOrDat
Blue Iris: Howard Stern
Irish John: Howard Stern
Big Black: Howard Stern
Heather Honey: rose
Whiskey Mac: rose
Rambling Rector: rose
Super Fairy: rose
6. 8
7. Correct Answer: BVD
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Jockey
8. playing in an official game of Pooh Sticks
9. "son of Lovin"
10. the one from the Van Morrison song
Eggs: Benedict
Fettuccine: Alfredo
Bananas: Foster
Potatoes: O'Brien
Lobster: Newberg
Oysters: Rockefeller
Beef: Wellington

JACK Pack 2.8 - Self-Righteous Harvest Vegetarian Corndogs Back to Top
1. Cerulean 5
2. She'd be the only player to SPIN CLOCKWISE to hit a ball.
3. DisOrDat
Out Traveler: gay or bi
Instinct: gay or bi
Way... Way Out: sci fi
Forbidden Planet: sci fi
Metrosource: gay or bi
XY: gay or bi
Xchange: sci fi
4. S
5. Correct Answer: Colorado Buffaloes
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: Nebraska Cornhuskers
6. Your ball would be red and itchy.
7. Pretty Woman
8. J.M. Barrie
9. urinate on
10. sphinx, manx, lynx
Little Bo Peep: sheep
the Sphinx: nose
Charles Lindbergh: baby
Pee-Wee in his Big Adventure: bicycle
Cinderella: glass slipper
Odin: eye
the Three Little Kittens: mittens

JACK Pack 2.9 - Yesteryear's Used Calendars Back to Top
1. Sydney
2. My Little Pony
3. DisOrDat
The Indestructible Watch: Hammacher-Schlemmer
The Time Machine: H.G. Wells
The Croquet Player: H.G. Wells
The Pendulum Lounger: Hammacher-Schlemmer
The Undying Fire: H.G. Wells
The Astronomer's Chronograph: Hammacher-Schlemmer
The Continuously Freshening Feline Drinking Fountain: Hammacher-Schlemmer
4. "My Hump"
5. in the Adriatic Sea
6. a glass display case
7. bulimia
8. Correct Answer: figs
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: dates
9. facula
10. "Hey mon! We're all one big mon, mon!"
Roe: Wade
1: 100
shirts: skins
Joe: the Volcano
nature: nurture
Brown: Board of Education
Kramer: Kramer

JACK Pack 2.10 - Tiny Joe's Miniature Golf Supply Depot Back to Top
1. a Glenn Close Encounter of the First Kind
2. "(I Can't Not Get No) Satisfaction"
3. Bambi
4. Correct Answer: "Some stay dry and others feel the PAYDAY"
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: "HERSHEY'S MINIATURES crashing through your veins"
5. DisOrDat
Hafnarfjordour: city
Kopavogur: city
Grindavík: city
Arborg: city
Skibur: Swedish Chef-ism
Sveerdihu: Swedish Chef-ism
Dukpressir: Swedish Chef-ism
6. The Big Gulfp of Mexico (79 cents)
7. He's Just Not That Into YEW
8. "I desire a glazed TORUS, please."
9. Barbra Streisand's
10. "Ooh, your DOWNY NUTBUSH looks very soft!"
Garfield: lasagna
Winnie-the-Pooh: honey
Homer Simpson: doughnuts
Wimpy: hamburgers
Cookie Monster: cookies
Dagwood Bumstead: huge sandwiches
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: pizza

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JACK Pack 3 Episodes 01 - 05

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 3.1 - Silly Nooses Back to Top
1. "that which sets apart organic and inorganic objects"
2. a 1100-step program
3. DisOrDat
Church Lady: SNL
The Acrobat: Picasso
Blue Nude: Picasso
Sensitive Naked Man: SNL
The Old Guitarist: Picasso
Opera Man: SNL
The Continental: SNL
4. dehydrated PTEROPODS
5. Norbit, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor
6. Stan
7. Correct Answer: Colonel Mustard in the study with the knife
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Miss Scarlet in the ballroom with the rope
8. Latvian merchants wearing Biore strips
9. "My VOLLEYBALL lost its first tooth!"
10. "You may want to have that SRI LANKA removed."
"big-boned": fat
"bought the farm": died
"3 sheets to the wind": drunk
"family jewels": genitals
"between jobs": unemployed
"drop the kids at the pool": poop
"spank the monkey": masturbate

JACK Pack 3.2 - Pocket Pool Instant Swimming Pools Back to Top
1. two years
2. Sunday Morning Live
3. DisOrDat
Sitting Bull: Native American
Screaming Eagle: Six Flags
Iron Wolf: Six Flags
Crazy Horse: Native American
Standing Bear: Native American
Rolling Thunder: Six Flags
Red Cloud: Native American
4. Correct Answer: Ponce de Leon asking someone to buy him liquor
4. Wrong Answer of the Day: Marco Polo having a sleepover
5. 4.5 billion candles
6. John Travolta in Salt Lake City
7. daily religious chats with non-believing students
8. the Tresident's Cut
9. Little Orphan Annie getting cursed out by Rex Ryan
10. 600 million candles
identical twins: Parent Trap
switches bodies with mom: Freaky Friday
nice girl who turns mean: Mean Girls
drives a possessed VW: Herbie Fully Loaded
stigmatic twins: I Know Who Killed Me
summers with Jane Fonda: Georgia Rules
pretends to be pregnant: Labor Pains

JACK Pack 3.3 - The Mosquitard Back to Top
1. 37
2. "That's one small SWING for a man..."
3. Connect Forty-Two
4. DisOrDat
Costa Rica Tarrazu: Starbucks
Sonoran Pronghorn: endangered
Ethiopia Limu: Starbucks
Turkish Red Damsel: endangered
Mexico Chiapas: Starbucks
Decaf Sumatra: Starbucks
Australian Grayling: endangered
5. "At first she gave me nothing but negative energy!"
6. Steve Martin's
7. a Kurt Vonnegut decoder ring
8. The city still has its ring.
9. Correct Answer: a miter saw
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: a bite saw
10. by running and climbing over hotel walls
graduation: cap and gown
St. Patrick's Day: something green
Kentucky Derby: fancy hat
masquerade ball: mask
toga party: sheet
getting dental x-rays: lead apron
nude beach: birthday suit

JACK Pack 3.4 - Ben Dover's Colonoscopy Knick-Knacks Back to Top
1. 1/4 as fun
2. Julianne Moore
3. Akiva Schaffer rockin' a dhow
4. DisOrDat
sachet: soft E-T
duvet: soft E-T
bayonet: hard E-T
bidet: soft E-T
cadet: hard E-T
bouquet: soft E-T
billet: hard E-T
5. penguins waddling from Atlanta to Savannah
6. Correct Answer: a dill-poached salmon
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: a smokey bbq pork butt
7. in the capital of The Netherlands
8. Steven Spielberg perming his hair
9. KRYPTON outlining a piece of LITERATURE
10. Gertrude Stein feeling alienated on an island
NYC attraction: Times Square
bouncy ball game: four square
celebrity game show: Hollywood Squares
hoedown activity: square dancing
Huey Lewis jam: It's Hip To Be Square
pie restaurant: Bakers Square
mathematical function: square root

JACK Pack 3.5 - Sergeant Soggy Cereal Back to Top
1. Big Boi's Big Boy
2. Accept the charges without pleading guilty.
3. DisOrDat
Star Catcher: My Little Pony
Swan Sport: Kama Sutra
Paradise: My Little Pony
Morning Glory: My Little Pony
Victory: Kama Sutra
Lickety-Split: My Little Pony
Love's Noose: Kama Sutra
4. check out museum hours in Egyptian hieroglyphs
5. 54
6. a googolplex
7. five years
8. Correct Answer: geese a-laying
8. Wrong Answer of the Day: maids a-milking
9. Ocean's Twelve
10. an amphibious politician
Lucky Charms: Lucky the Leprechaun
Froot Loops: Toucan Sam
Honey Smacks: Dig'em Frog
Fruity Pebbles: Fred Flintstone
Cap'n Crunch: Cap'n Crunch
Cocoa Puffs: Sonny
Raisin Bran: Sunny

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JACK Pack 3 Episodes 06 - 10

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 3.6 - Radiologie Designer Lead Fashion Wear Back to Top
1. JWoww gaming in Atlantic City
2. Correct Answer: Fr... ench dip
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: Pb... &j
3. a blocked-up ULTIMATE BEING
4. DisOrDat
Paul McCartney: knighted
Mick Jagger: knighted
Elton John: knighted
Robert Plant: not knighted
Phil Collins: not knighted
Bono: knighted
Bob Geldoff: knighted
5. ... heart problems.
6. "I show my parts for art's sake."
7. "The DJANGO got my baby!"
8. the Osaka Yellowtail
9. Yoo-Hoo, Yahoo, YouTube
10. The Clash
8 Mile: Eminem
Semi-Pro: Andre 3000
Are We There Yet?: Ice Cube
Just Wright: Common
Crash: Ludacris
Be Kind Rewind: Mos Def
Deep Blue Sea: LL Cool J

JACK Pack 3.7 - "Queef" Quick Beef in a Can Back to Top
1. "EIGHT-LIMBED Justice!"
2. DisOrDat
M&M's: letters
Skittles: letters
Reese's Pieces: no letters
Life Savers: letters
Mentos: no letters
Pez: letters
Milk Duds: no letters
3. both achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander
4. "I'm open! Fling me the prolate spheroid!"
5. Correct Answer: the Digital Barcelona Film Festival
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: the Cannes International Film Festival
6. ... being the founder of FUBU ain't one.
7. Kermit the Frog
8. James Dean's leather jacket
9. Kate Gosselin
10. DEN
TTYL: talk to you later
B2W: back to work
BRB: be right back
BFF: best friends forever
YT: you there?
IMHO: in my humble opinion
^5: high five

JACK Pack 3.8 - Salvatore's Salve Store Back to Top
1. three snakes
2. "Hungry? You haven't eaten in a day."
3. Correct Answer: fr + esh = fresh
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: b + rash = brash
4. DisOrDat
Legolas: LOTR
Avgolemono: soup
Gollum: LOTR
Tom Yum: soup
Gazpacho: soup
Boromir: LOTR
Borscht: soup
5. "She wears short skirts, I eat babies."
6. the Wicked Witch of the West drinking bottles water
7. Good Will Hunting in a Tree Stand
8. Sweeney Todd
9. "It's on the sides of my tongue!"
web log: blog
breakfast and lunch: brunch
spiced ham: Spam
spoon and fork: spork
a Glee geek: Gleek
The Channel Tunnel: Chunnel
jean shorts: jorts

JACK Pack 3.9 - Pass The Dynamite board game Back to Top
1. "I ate a speasy groon."
2. Three Kings
3. Louis "The Plump" Pasteur
4. DisOrDat
Goodfellas: Scorsese
Raging Bull: Scorsese
Showtime: Old Spice
After Hours: both
Aqua Reef: Old Spice
Swagger: Old Spice
Casino: Scorsese
5. The Revolutionary War started with a home run.
6. limited series TECTONIC plates
7. Correct Answer: TDS
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: TNT
8. "You can be such a pain in my CERUMA!"
9. PitchFORK writer, Shonen KNIFE singer, SPOON drummer
10. Miss Saigon
former vice president: Dick Cheney
Law & Order creator: Dick Wolf
cartoon detective: Dick Tracy
Rockin' New Year host: Dick Clark
NCAA basketball announcer: Dick Vitale
Bruce Wayne sidekick: Dick Grayson
played Rob Petrie: Dick Van Dyke

JACK Pack 3.10 - Gene's Used Genie Lamps Back to Top
1. "... fruit juice boiled down with sugar and pectin."
2. a CHICKEN eating a lawyer
3. DisOrDat
=: don't press shift
:: press shift
/: don't press shift
+: press shift
~: press shift
<: press shift
-: don't press shift
4. livin' on a prayer FIVE times a day
5. Dirty Dancing
6. "A PERENNIAL seriocomedy."
7. Up in the Air
8. a 16" Domino's Fiery Hawaiian
9. Correct Answer: The Lion King's Zazu
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Aladdin's lago
10. The More the Merrier
General Motors: United States
Toyota: Japan
Volkswagen: Germany
Renault: France
Saab: Sweden
Ferrari: Italy
Hyundai: South Korea

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JACK Pack 4 Episodes 01 - 05

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 4.1 - Appaerosol Spray-On Apparel Back to Top
1. powder himself with rice flour
2. squatting to Psycho
3. DisOrDat
Benny Anderson: ABBA
Björn Ulvaeus: ABBA
Ektorp Jennylund: IKEA
Agnetha Fältskog: ABBA
Solsta Olarp: IKEA
Beddinge Håvet: IKEA
Anni-Frid Lyngstad: ABBA
4. the "create-your-own" Korean stir-fry joint
5. a human at the top of the hill
6. two weeks
7. unhappy-go-unlucky Georgia
8. "This place is always crowded!"
9. Correct Answer: Tasmanian Devil Pheromones
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: Road Runner Spray
10. Bloomin' BANDICOOT
Brad and Angelina: Brangelina
Tom and Katie: TomKat
Ben and Jennifer: Bennifer
Bill and Hillary: Billary
Spencer and Heidi: Speidi
Rob and Amber: Romber
Vince and Jennifer: Vaughniston

JACK Pack 4.2 - In-Vigor-Ade Flavored Shower Heads Back to Top
1. "Will somebody get my GRAWLIX coffee!!"
2. Express Yourself
3. Sir TWIX-a-lot
4. DisOrDat
Conan O'Brien: Harvard grad
Bill Gates: honorary grad
Tommy Lee Jones: Harvard grad
Stephen Hawking: honorary grad
Rivers Cuomo: Harvard grad
J.K. Rowling: honorary grad
Natalie Portman: Harvard grad
5. Elmo
6. once every 38 times
7. Correct Answer: a moderate drizzle
9. Wrong Answer of the Day: a heavy shower
8. "All You Need Is SLEEP"
9. the nonk
10. Back to the Future and Back to the Future 3
The Little Mermaid: Ariel
Harry Potter pal: Ron Weasley
Mad Men secretary: Joan Holloway
U.S. President: Thomas Jefferson
'prop' comic: Carrot Top
big cartoon dog: Clifford
talk show host: Conan O'Brien

JACK Pack 4.3 - U-Tattoo Do-It-Yourself-Tattoos Back to Top
1. Harry Potter's author
2. a quarter
3. DisOrDat
wonder bar: tool
butt trunk: underwear
butt hinge: tool
plumb bob: tool
nut driver: tool
contour pouch: underwear
push up tanga: underwear
4. A Fig Newton at rest will remain at rest until eaten.
5. Curious George
6. Correct Answer: Hoth
6. Wrong Answer of the Day: Tatooine
7. ZAIRE-kraut and Sausage
8. Pooh, Bart, Hank
9. Libra
10. "Watch me SOIGNE my initials in your belly!"
Indiana Jones: snakes
Howard Hughes: germs
B.A. Barracus: flying
Frankenstein's monster: fire
FDR: fear itself
Robert Langdon: small spaces
Captain Hook: crocodiles

JACK Pack 4.4 - The Bottled Meat Co. Back to Top
1. Mike Ditka VOMITING UP FOOD for Sammy Sosa
2. A Nightmare on Elm St.
3. Fossil
4. DisOrDat
Alimentum: infant formula
Nembrionic: death metal
Isomil: infant formula
Stovokor: infant formula
Abramelin: death metal
Nutramigen: infant formula
Decrepit Birth: death metal
5. Correct Answer: insects
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: beef tongue
6. 3000ish
7. "... Upsilon, Tau, Sigma, Rho..."
8. "This South Carolinian vacation town is hot!"
9. "Here comes the G-spot express!"
10. The 80/2 Year-Old Virgin
Adam and Eve: Garden of Eden
Zach Braff: Garden State
Mary Lennox: The Secret Garden
Michelle Obama: organic garden
Ringo Starr: "Octopus's Garden "
Buddhists: Zen garden
Chris Cornell: Soundgarden

JACK Pack 4.5 - The Badminton Superstore Back to Top
1. animal 2
2. 1/4 MILE of chocolate mint swirl
3. Correct Answer: sorbet!!!
3. Wrong Answer of the Day: soft serve!!!
4. DisOrDat
Crystal Ooze: D&D
Ochre Jelly: D&D
Clotted Cream: British treat
Green Slime: D&D
Victoria Sponge: British treat
Ty-phoo: British treat
Gelatinous Cube: D&D
5. "That's no lady, that's my NIECE!"
6. to my ear
7. worship false ogre-gods
8. a White Russian
9. Memento
10. between B & C
Dorothy Gale: ruby slippers
Hermes: winged sandals
Carrie Bradshaw: Manolo Blahniks
Michael Jordan: Air Jordans
your mom: combat boots
Cinderella: glass slippers
horses: horseshoes

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JACK Pack 4 Episodes 06 - 10

** All buttons indicated refer to the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. If you are using the Big Button Controller, please adjust your answers accordingly. **

JACK Pack 4.6 - Horatio's 1:1 Ratio Mega Maps Back to Top
1. Pineapple Express dubbed in Italian
2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
3. DisOrDat
Double Trouble: Elvis
Sex on the Beach: shot
Clambake: Elvis
Fun in Acapulco: Elvis
Snake Bite: shot
Love Me Tender: Elvis
Slippery Nipple: shot
4. Bugle Boy
5. Correct Answer: the voice of Honda commercials
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: the Artistic Director of London's Globe Theatre
6. a NATLE Charlie NcCarthy
7. Davy Crockett TOPPING his enemies with ICE CREAM
8. a CAPYBARA skilled in martial arts
9. "Sniff, sniff - God has just spoken to me!"
10. "The Times They Are a-Cyclin'"
Ursa Major: The Great Bear
Cygnus: The Swan
Canis Major: The Great Dog
Corona Borealis: The Northern Crown
Orion: The Hunter
Lepus: The Hare
Sagittarius: The Archer

JACK Pack 4.7 - Grandma's Pride Hand-Knit I.V. Accessories Back to Top
1. Alfred Hitchcock
2. phrase 2
3. The cheerleading squad will chase after him.
4. DisOrDat
Escarole: leafy vegetable
Murano: SUV
Cardoon: leafy vegetable
Sorento: SUV
Tiguan: SUV
Endive: leafy vegetable
Sorrel: leafy vegetable
5. Correct Answer: VI
5. Wrong Answer of the Day: IV
7. Maxwell House Coffee
8. performing scenes from Shakespeare
9. A leading fruit juice brand contains GROUND UP BUGS!
10. CHAPTER 7: Sucked Dry
pig: pork
calf: veal
snails: escargot
squid: calamari
old sheep: mutton
pigeon: squab
deer: venison

JACK Pack 4.8 - 5th Wheel Motors Car Side Cars Back to Top
1. Stairway to Elysium
2. Correct Answer: worn pantyhose
2. Wrong Answer of the Day: danced in "West Side Story"
3. DisOrDat
Sanitaire: vacuum
Gentle Glide: tampon
Reliable: vacuum
Avanti: vacuum
Beyond: tampon
Compak Pearl: tampon
Dirt Devil: vacuum
4. spünkliken
5. Tool
6. The lovebirds tied a wide, triangular knot in a necktie!
7. L
8. IV, VI, II
9. Harpo acting in more films than he needs to survive
10. Missouri
E: Everyone
M: Mature
E10+: Everyone 10 & Older
EC: Early Childhood
T: Teen
AO: Adults Only
RP: Rating Pending

JACK Pack 4.9 - Ken & Larry's Never-Melt Ice Cream Back to Top
1. little eyeglasses
2. that guy from Monk
3. "Watch for high winds and RUM storms."
4. DisOrDat
The Breakfast: jam band
The Good Egg: Bob Evans meal
Ten Ton Chicken: jam band
Deep Banana Blackout: jam band
Border Scramble: Bob Evans meal
Griddle & Meat: Bob Evans meal
Leftover Salmon: jam band
5. Alec Baldwin drowning William Baldwin in hair gel
6. fox hunting
7. Correct Answer: Cassandra's Dream
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Scoop
8. Kevin Gannet
9. KoRned beef
10. Three
Hell's Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay
30-Minute Meals: Rachel Ray
Barefoot Contessa: Ina Garten
The Naked Chef: Jamie Oliver
The Muppet Show: The Swedish Chef
Essence of Emeril: Emeril Lagasse
Good Eats: Alton Brown

JACK Pack 4.10 - Freezy Freddie's Discount Cryogenics Outlet Back to Top
1. CURVING and ORNATE FORMS of chocolatey goodness
2. a BROMINE medal in swimming
3. DisOrDat
Final Blackout: L. Ron book
Go Cut Creator Go: LL song
Death's Deputy: L. Ron book
The Boomin' System: LL song
Under the Black Ensign: L. Ron book
The Kingslayer: L. Ron book
Big Ole Butt: LL song
4. "Meet me out back!"
6. Pretty Woman
7. Correct Answer: Egghead
7. Wrong Answer of the Day: Mr. Freeze
8. "FRANKLIN W. DIXON" spelled out in bones
9. Quentin Helms
10. 80 hours
Chicago, IL: Lollapalooza
Park City, UT: Sundance
Black Rock City, NV: Burning Man
Indio, CA: Coachella
Bethel, NY: Woodstock
Austin, TX: South by Southwest
Manchester, TN: Bonnaroo

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I wrote it all in a text editor and copied it over with WYSIWYG turned off to avoid any of that nastiness.

Originally Posted by ViolentCabaret View Post
This guide continues to warm my heart and piss off my roommates. Thanks so much!
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UPDATE: I have now added the answers for Jack Pack 4 that released today and now the guide is 100% complete. Enjoy.

Originally Posted by ViolentCabaret View Post
This guide continues to warm my heart and piss off my roommates. Thanks so much!
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Dunno if they changed it since you wrote the guide or not but playing Jack Pack 3.10 today its now called 1001 Arabian Knicknacks
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Originally Posted by anthonyd46 View Post
Dunno if they changed it since you wrote the guide or not but playing Jack Pack 3.10 today its now called 1001 Arabian Knicknacks
Still called "Gene's Used Genie Lamps" on mine. I'm going by the name in the "choose an episode to play" list, not the name on the egg when the episode starts.

Originally Posted by ViolentCabaret View Post
This guide continues to warm my heart and piss off my roommates. Thanks so much!
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The best guide ever. The time and effort spent on this is just incredible. Major kudos to you!
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Awesome guide, thanks!
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Thank you so much.

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WOW thank you for planning out my weekend for me
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Wink I wrote a GUIDE of the achievements as well,

This game could and WILL take SOME (a lot of) time to get most of the chevo's as most of the time the "Host (Cookie Masterson)" will talk ALOT and you can NOT fast forward him (most of the time). There is a total of 1000G in this Game
You will need to FINISH ALL EPISDOES, to SAVE your “Wrong answers of the game”

Before you begin, disconnect your xbox from XBOX LIVE ( disconnect the xbox from your router, or modem ) and change the date to JULY 4th To get:(DO NOT RECONNECT UNTIL YOU HAVE FINISHED THE FIRST EPISODE)
"Turncoat" :Play on July4th instead of celebrating America, 10G

I also suggest that you play this game on a friday or saturday night as one of the chevo’s is:
“Social Outcast” : Finish 5 single-player games on Friday or Saturday nights. ( The easiest way, is to play episode 1 over and over again, BUT between each play – you can exit to the dashboard and start again OR- change the date on you console to the next Friday or Saturday )

You can get your First chevo just for creating a player:
“Birth Certificate” : Create a contestant 5G

Here you play the first episode and follow the answer sheet to get ALL the CORRECT answers as quickly as you can, ignoring the "WRONG answer of the game" (just for this episode). If you are able to correctly answer [COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]ALL the questions[/COLOR], the DisOrDat , and the Jack Attack (as fast as you can) you should get a TOTAL OF 170 - 185G in the first episode alone.

“DisOrDat Participation Award” : Complete DisOrDat in 30 seconds, 5G
“DisorDat Destroyer” : Answer all 7 DisOrDat items correctly,15G
“DisOrDash” : Ace a DisOrDat in under 10 seconds, 30G
“Button Banger” : Get a multiple choice question right in the first 2 seconds, 15G
“Genius for a Day” : Score at least $30,000 over your average, 30G
“Vidiot Savant” : Get every question right in an episode, 50G &
“It's Just More of This” : Finish an episode, 5G &
”Overconsumer” : Listen to all the commercials during the credits, 20G

NOTE: If you ARE NOT in a DisOrDat, or a JACK ATTACK waste a bit of time and let the clock run down to UNDER 00:59 (less than a second left) and pick the correct answer to get :
“Smelt the Roses” : Get a multiple choice question right in the last 1 second. 15G

Play the first episode AGAIN, just like the first time you played BUT this time you want to get ALL the incorrect answers (ignore “The WRONG ANSWER of THE GAME” as fast as you can to get
“Quick-Draw McDumbass” : Choose wrong answer within the first 3 seconds 10 times. (this may need to be done in a combo with two(2) questions).

NOTE : EXAMPLE: if you were to PLAY EPISODE 1 of the disc, and get to Question 8, you can only answer [A], or [X] ( because [B], is the correct answer, and [Y] is “the Wrong answer of the Game”) UNTIL you get to the JACK ATTACK (round 3), here you will need to ignore everything – JUST PRESS “[A]” as fast as you can, if you’re fast enough you MAY reach the -$1.000.000 (yes that’s MINUS) to get :( you will need to press it FAST and TONNES of times, because each incorrect answer is only worth -$4000, and you need to reach -$1.000.000) :
“Slack Attack” : Get -$1 million on a Jack Attack 37G

This is where you, save the game and EXIT to dashboard and change your clock settings back to the correct date - and RECONNECT to Xbox LIVE,
You should now create a NEW CONTESTANT, as your old one is in the (minus) -$1.000.000 area.

Just following the answer sheet(s) will net you most of the chevo’s ,including the Jack Pack DLC’s , if you have All four (4) you can get 20 chevo’s (five for each DLC pack – please see the bottom of the page for DLC content)

NOTE : XBOX LIVE can NOT be paused, even if you remove the batteries from the controllers.

Achievements you can get either single player, or multiplayer(including xbox live):

“Discover Gauntlet of Fire “ : find the very important gauntlet of fire,
“100,000aire!” : Earn $100,000 lifetime
“500,000aire!” : Earn $500,000 lifetime,
“Unicorn” : Achieve the highest gamer rating,
“One Teat Short of an Udder” :Achieve the second-highest rating,
“Mouth-Breather” : Achieve the third-highest rating,
“Perfect Attendance” : Play episodes 1-73,
“Consolation Achievement” : Play 5 hours without getting a single achievement, (you maybe able to just leave for system on and leave it for those five hours, it worked for me( i had to run out for a bit in the middle of a game, and when i got home THERE it was)
“Film in Your Brain” : Get 10 movie questions correct (excluding downloadable content),
“The Game's Half Full” : Play episodes 1-36,
“The Game's Half Empty” : Play episodes 1-37,
“Phatty” : Get 10 food questions correct (excluding downloadable content),
“The Regis” : Earn $1,000,000 lifetime point,
“Beast Master” : Get 10 animal questions correct (excluding downloadable content),
“Living in the Past” : Get 10 history questions correct (excluding downloadable content),
“Great Crowd” : Laugh at an easy joke,

BUT you also need to pick the “WRONG ANSWER OF THE GAME” (the red letter) for every episode to get :
“Back Taxes” : Win all prizes in Episodes 1-73. (this is quite easy as well, all you really have to do, is play the game getting all the correct answers EXCEPT - when you reach the question WITH the "wrong answer of the game" you press that one instead)

Multiplayer/XBOX LIVE Achievements :

“Jack Attack Dog” : Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up,
“Taking It from Behind” : Come from behind to win during the Jack Attack, (best way, - make sure "YOUR" score is lower BUT close to the other players, when you get to the "JACK ATTACK" make sure you get more if not all answers correct then the other player, OR other player can just get incorrect answers on purpose)
“Menage-a-Quatre” : Complete a 4-player match on Xbox LIVE,
“Always a Bridesmaid” : Come in second place 5 times in multiplayer games, (if playing 2 players, just always come in second for 5 episodes – 3 and four player games are a bit harder, but can be done),
“My First Time” : Screw someone for the first time,
“Virtual Virgin” : Answer correctly after being screwed 5 times (you get screwed by another player, BUT all 5 times you answer correctly)
“Enscrewsiast” : Screw 50 times,

“Lose to a Loser” : Lose an Xbox LIVE match to someone with a rating at or below Dullard,
“Beat a Winner” : Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn in an Xbox LIVE Match.

Those LAST two you have to watch your CONTESTANTS STANDINGS, pay attention to when you or someone else is at the “DULLARD” & “UNICORN” levels. I had it set up with someone, they were even lower then a Dullard, I was Near Unicorn – I beat them, and I reached “UNICORN” they beat me. IT WORKED, they got “beat the Winner” and I got the “Lose to a loser”.
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This guide continues to warm my heart and piss off my roommates. Thanks so much!
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