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Lost Odyssey
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Old 01-23-2012, 08:02 AM   #1
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Advice on Professor K Please

Basically this guy is my only achievement left for the game. Problem is I cannot get the Accelerator or the Rose Quartz to drop and I've been farming one or the other about 4-5 hrs at a time. So I may have to find a way to tackle him without Reduce Casting III or 1 turn cast? Can anyone add any advice? All my characters are level 99 and have maxed out skills besides the 3 remaining ones I need from the DLC.
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Use your 4 immortals and Sed. On level 23 or 24 put your immortals in the front and Sed in the back and defend (make sure you take off the skills that give you hp back and also take off any skill that might negate magic damage) and get yourself down to 1 HP and then turn tail and flee. Use the base HP potion so you have 101 HP and go fight K.

Put Sed in the front and the 4 immortals in the back, first round use whatever with Sed then double cast reversa with all immortals. Now the second round, some people say he sometimes doesn't always cast reflect in the second but he did for me 5 times in a row (leading to my death 5 times). So in the second round, defend or heal with Sed and then double cast but use Flarus then Reversa with your top Ming, Sarah and Seth then double cast reversa with Kaim. If he casts reflect then the 3 ladies will only cast flarus (and you should have nullify all elements skill so if it hits anyone there's no damage). Third round, double cast reversa with all immortals and if he doesn't die you should have enough left alive to kill him with a 4th round of double cast reversa.

I did the above method and beat him the first time and my guys were level 85ish or so, not even level 99 and Ming and Sarah didn't even have 9k health.
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Old 04-04-2012, 08:45 AM   #3
I Gil Galad I
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Callahan you legend!

This worked on my first try. I was level 90. Sed died after the second turn, and I accidently had absorb magic on my mortals. Kaim absorbed one attack and gained full health (9999HP) so double cast reversa for 0 damage. This meant it took me until my fourth turn but I managed to finish off with a round of double cast reversas (though not all of them were required).

Thanks heaps.

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