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Happy Action Theater
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Achievements help

This is not a proper achievement guide just a rough achievement help list thats why my punctuation ect: isnt very good in it hopefully someone will write out a proper guide for the game and can use any of my info if needed..

Multi bomb 15G
Destroy 10 or more objects at once

On the minigame thats like the old retro pong you use a paddle (yourself) to deflect the balls up the screen to hit the mushrooms,nuts ect: try to get above the objects so the ball keeps hitting them and hopefully to hit the ones that shine orange as i THINK they take out more for you.

Master wizard 15G
Destroy 10 wizard platforms

Get another person to join you on the minigame were your on a platform shooting coloured beams at ghosts and just keep blasting the other players platform untill it gets destroyed keep repeating 10 times
Thanks to InigoMontoya80 for the info

Early bird 10G
Do the worm

Play the minigame were you are dancing with cartoon characters you will get to break dance on your own under the disco ball after about 5 times doing that you will auto do the worm just stand still and the achievement pops

Balluns 15G
Collect a special brutal prize

on the balloons level were you have to pop the balloons to get the magic belt buckle you have to basically pop every balloon i just used 2 pillows and popped allballoons except 1 and the cheevo popped.

Disco critters 15G
Find the disco critters

Play the minigame with the coloured dodgeballs smack the silver dodgeballs to make them float upwards you need to hit 5 silver balls for the achievement to pop.

The decider 10G
manually select a stage hand

When you have played through the minigames hold out your left hand to return to the main menu here you will see a line of stage hands on the stage holding the minigames just hold your hand over 1 of them to select that game easy!

white wash 15G
hit the camera with a snowball

For this achievement go to the minigame where the camera is frosted up and theres snow on your floor just scoop up some snow and flick your hand towards the tv and it should throw a snowball hitting your tv screen very easy

submerge yourself in lava
on the lava level just lie down so you are covered in lava very easy should be the first achievement you get

Can of worms 15G
You found the purple tootfish

To get this one when the hook comes down with a worm. On it grab it then afew worms will be on the hook after awhile grab them then the hook comes down with a can of worms grab it then the purple fish swims onto the screen achievement unlocked.

Oh the humanity 10G
A zeppalin has been taken down

To get this on the monster level were you smash buildings and planes ect keep smashing the buildings and helicopters once it takes your pic the next level keep smashing buildings and planes get your pic taken then onto the next level again smash buildings and fighter planes then the following lvl smash buildings and UFOs then the next level yet again smash buildings and the zeppelin appears smash it achievement unlocked.

Statuesque 10G
Get 6 pigeons to perch on you

On the pigeon lvl i just kept throwing bird seed on the ground straight away then stood still with my arms stretched out this one took a couple of tries as the pigeons kept flying off me.

New high score 15G
You scored 999.999.999 points

I did this on the lvl thats like the old retro space invaders you have spiders and other insects coming down the screen at you just move your hand to fire and jump to fire a bigger blast at them very easy achievement i dont think you can die i gave in eventually as it got boring once the achievement popped.

Horticulterist 15G
You grew 200 flowers in your garden

I clicked on the director for this one then used RB to skip to the garden lvl were its raining and theres vines dangling down again i used 2 cushions to smack the vines to drop the flower seeds very easy achievement.

6 pack 20G
get 6 players playing at once
just get 6 people on the screen at the same time during a minigame

high five 10G
high 5 a buddy
Get a buddy to join you in on the fireworks minigame and hold up your hand to high five him/her

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