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Dizzy Domes
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Rebel Intel (Collectibles) Guide

Here's a collectible guide I wrote up mainly to help with a couple of tricky ones. Let me know if you spot any mistakes or need something cleared up. One thing I would like to request is help on confirming the missing person collectibles. I had all the collectibles when I wrote this up, and since all the missing person collectibles have the same title I couldn't tell which was which.

Note: There is no achievement for finding all the intel. This is to help those who want to complete the medal and get some back story on the game.

Note 2: This is the order they appear in the "Rebel Intel" section of the main menu. NOT the order you collect them in game.

Row 1

1. Razors Bio – The Dark Road Home - On the main path, next to some health and grenades. You shouldn’t miss this one.

2. Militia News Article – The Dark Road Home - You’ll come to a room with a TV, and the game will teach you how to counter-kill people. After the fight climb up the next ladder, but don’t cross the beam. Instead drop down between the two buildings to find the intel.

3. Magnus’ Rise – Through the Fire – After entering the second building, you should see some stairs heading up. Keep following the path right instead of going up the stairs.

4. Primo’s Bio – The Dark Road Home - Right after the single enemy with a propane tank on either side of him. Simply drop off the next ledge to find the intel.

5. Corina’s Bio – Human Cargo – After a fight inside the ship where you can use a TV as a heavy weapon. Climb the ladder and head through the door to the left to exit the ship and find the intel.

6. Orphanage – Through the Fire – Behind some breakable crates when you meet the first large enemy wielding a shovel.

Row 2

1. Elena’s Bio – Through the Fire - After fighting the large enemy where the floor falls out you’ll enter a building with a ladder heading up. Jump up to the right and grab the intel.

2. Missing Person – Dirty Docks – After climbing a couple ladders you’ll have to slide down a zip line to continue. Jump to the zip line then immediately jump up to the collectible above the zip line.

3. Inferno’s Bio – Through the Fire – After sliding down a couple of ramps and crashing through a window, you’ll be in a building with three floors with ladders to each. The lowest floor has the intel.

4. Headquarters Plans – Dirty Docks – After the fight where you drop down on the sleeping large enemy; the next room has a tall ladder to climb. At the top of the ladder jump left to run up the opposite wall. At the top is the intel next to some grenades.

5. Weapons Case – Dirty Docks – After the fight where you can use the cargo container to crush enemies, you will climb a ladder. When you see the container that leads down to the crane boss, go through it instead of over it to knock the intel out.

6. Missing Person – Lost in Ruins – While following Roselle through the cave, the camera will zoom in on a hostage surrounded by enemies. Before dropping down, jump across the gap to the right to grab the intel.

Row 3

1. Party Flyer – Lost in Ruins – After swinging over a spike pit, you’ll land in a multi level temple with bombs hanging from the ceiling. Drop to the lowest level, and after the fight is over just head right until you find the intel.

2. Missing Person – Rumble in the Jungle – After exiting the cave, instead of heading to the right, continue up the ladder to find the intel in a dark cave.

3. Roselle’s Bio – Lost in Ruins - After the fight with a bunch of boars and a large enemy with an axe. Head right jumping up the platforms to get the intel.

4. Cannibals – Rumble in the Jungle – You’ll get to a fight where the is a gap on the upper level with three explosives you’ll fight a bunch of small guys and end with a large spear enemy. The intel is on the far right of the bottom level of this area.

5. Fake History – Rumble in the Jungle - After running from the boulder you’ll fight a pack of wolves. After the fight, climb up the scaffolding and climb the ladder to the left for the intel.

6. Tanker Info – Human Cargo – When you first enter the interior of the ship, clear out the enemies in this room and activate the console to open the ceiling hatch. Climb the ladder and head right to exit the ship and find the intel.

Row 4

1. Cyclops Bio - Human Cargo – Shortly into the level you’ll find a couple of lifeboats you can use as traps. Between the traps is a ladder; climb to the top is the intel.

2. Resort History – The Last Resort – Right in the beginning, after the first fight. Go up the stairs and cross the beam to break through the second floor window. Intel is inside with health and grenades.

3. Anatomy Diagrams – The Last Resort – Keep an eye out for this one, while heading down a set of stairs you’ll see a sign on the side of them that says “showers”. At the bottom of the stairs head back the way the sign pointed and enter the showers to find the intel.

4. Doctor’s Bio – The Last Resort – When you make it to the first elevator, notice the sign that says there are 3 floors. You have to ride to the second floor to move on, but if you ride to the third floor you’ll find the intel.

5. Rocket Specs – Deconstruction – Shortly after the fight with the wrecking ball trap you’ll slide down a zip line. Instead of going up the next ramp, keep going straight and go down the next ladder. Once on ground level, head all the way to the right. The intel will be on top of the crate.

6. Magnus’ Bio – Deconstruction – This one is behind the rocket turret boss, but you can’t get it right away. After defeating the rocket turret, continue on to the next big battle with a bunch of large and fat enemies. After this fight climb the next set of ladders and head left to find the intel.

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Many thanks for posting these mate. Surprised nobody else has thanked you sooner. Very well written and helped me find my last two. Top stuff.

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Yoda beer
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Good stuff, 5 stars from me
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Dizzy Domes
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Glad it helped you guys.

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Thanks for taking the time to do this list man, much appreciated.
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I have one possible correction in regards to the Missing Persons. I am playing on the PC so there could be differences but I am only missing one Rebel Intel for the missing person at the very end of Row 2. I went back to the ruins and replayed it like three times and kept collecting the rebel intel but it wasn't unlocking. I'm at work now but I just looked at the other Missing Person in Row 2 near the zip line on Dirty Docks and I specifically remember seeing that but not knowing how to get it (now it seems obvious to jump on the zip line and immediately jump off) and deciding to come back for it later. I can come back later tonight once I've done it and confirm that you have those two missing persons switched up, though, maybe this is some weird PC difference.
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