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Easy way to boost 'Expert'

Ok, like most of you I was using the method mentioned in the guide -- Sandbox, God Mode, set for 10 years. I have found a MUCH easier/quicker way.

Select 'Play' and 'Campaign' and re-do Mission 1. (I was finishing this before 1955) First, it asks you to create 2 farms, create 1 Corn farm (Use the land layout as to the best place to build it) & 1 Pineapple farm. Fast build the 2nd one. Also fast build a ranch nearby in the green. I'd also advise building a Marketplace near your palace.

If you have the ability to build plantations, I highly advise also building a Tobacco plantation in a green area. Fast build this. If you do not have the plantation option, just quick-build a Tobacco farm. Theres an area for an Iron Mine on the other side of the mostly green area, build one and fast build that as well.

The reason why I suggest fast building these, is if you go in the 'red', El Generalissimo will spot you $10,000 -- He will do this 2 or 3 times! After all that is built, next to your Palace build 2 Clinics, 1 for Preventitive & 1 for Obsterics. Hire 1 foreign expert for these. Build 1 Church and hire 3 foreign experts. DO NOT fast build the clinics or church!

Oddball miscellaneous tasks will show up, feel free to accept them. Just don't accept the one from El Generalissimo about fishing. Since we won't have any Fishing Wharves on our island.

After these begin to be built, you should have around 3-10,000 to play around with. At this point build a Pub, Restaurant, Childhood Museum, & a Cabaret. (We'll get to this reason why in a bit.)

After the 2 farms are built, the next part of the mission will ask you to have 4 priests, this will get checked off when the church is built and your 3 foreign experts arrive.

Once all that is complete, there should be back-to-back sections for having Healthcare happiness at 45, it generally is about 41-43 by the time I get this... I usually just visit the clinics to boost their "production" and it tends to hit 45 in a few months. You'll also have to get your overall happiness to 45, which isn't overly difficult. You can always boost this by doing the Edicts - Free Housing & Food For the People.

The next section is the trickier one. You'll have to build a Ministry and have all 5 slots filled. Since you don't care about going into debt, build the ministry and hire 4/5 slots. The General Defense slot should have a Tropican you can use to fill it.

Another request is to have Entertainment at 60 happiness. If you have your 4 entertainment buildings constructed, this should already be achieved. (This is why we built them wayyy back when)

Once those are achieved, it will ask you to build either 3 apartments or 2 tenements. Select "X" - 2 Tenements. If you have the extra coin, fast build both of them. Next up is getting food quality to 60, if you have the 2 farms, a ranch and the marketplace your food quality should be well over 60.

At this point a tornado ALWAYS seems to come. Ugh. It seems to always ask me to do elections around this time, do your normal election speech.. I usually always talk about the Environment, since they tend to hate me at this point.

Richard Nixon will then give you 100,000 to put in your Treasury, at this point you can rebuild what was destroyed by the tornado, and issue the Tax Cut edict to make sure you win the election. That's it. Easy-peezy.

I went into great depth, because I want everyone to be aware of what is going to come up. Like I said, when I first started this method I was finishing around 1957, and about 5 tries later I was getting finished before 1955 ever came around. This cuts the "God-Mode" method in half. Hit me up if you're having problems or have any questions.

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