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Far Cry 2
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Dreamkiller SKX
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Far Cry2 - Warlord Achievement Glitch - Level 30 - The real method...

Hello everyone.. The secret is out. This is the fastest way to earn this achievement.

I got this semi by accident, then we spent 4-5 hours last night trying to figure out the different factors which allowed me to get it but a friend not to. But now everyone will get the achievement!

Id like to thank Dollar Junior and Plasma SKX, as we sat through scratching our heads...

Say " Goodbye " to the TA ratio...

This is only possible due to Ubisoft placing a cap on the XP limit, So say thankyou to them, And a big thankyou to us!

It is best if you get the other rank achievements out the way first, or they will be out of order ( like on my profile... )

NOTE - If you have used all of your diamonds on the upgrades i dont think you can de rank...

1 - Start your Uprising game on whatever map you like, we used Last Bastion... The person going for the achievement needs not to be host

2 - Proceed to break the 1500xp limit, Its quick using the down captain, revive technique posted in other solutions.

3 - When you reach over 1500xp ie 1560... Cap the flags and end the game

4 - The person going for the achievement cant go back to dashboard etc ... If your game crashes etc just break the 1500 xp cap and proceed on to...

5 - Next you need to set your diamonds onto a class, and press (y) then to reset them, these will take away your xp and derank you... You can only do 1 per match

6 - Keep repeating step 5 untill you are level 1 with 0 xp

7 - When you reach said level and xp, finsh the game, and back out to the main menu, and click the additional content button, then exclusive content.When the ubisoft screen appears, press the B button or x ( depending if you have signed up to uplay) This is faster than dashboarding out of the game.

8 - Proceed to the MP menu and you will see you are a level 30, with negative xp. Enter a lobby and...

( Achievement Unlocked !! )

If you want you can continue to de-rank from 30 to 20, and unlock that achievement, then to 10 and 5 if you so wish... This is still a bit untested so id suggest doing the 5,10 and 20 whilst going for your soldier of misfortune

I honestly feel for the people that suffered the 30hr straight boost, as my friend bugaj sat through it more time than he dares to count! And i for one had 3 copies and 3 boxes ready to do this, but there is no need now!

We have just saved you many hours of your life, feel free to rate, and if you appreciate what we do subscribe to our youtube channel...

There is a video to make this easier to understand from us...


Credit to Mixy - From for confirming the method!
Walkthroughs, Achievement Guides and more...

If you like our videos please feel free to subscribe

Too Many guides completed to list - Check Out our channel for more info

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