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Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order
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Achievement Guide and Road Map

I finished this game recently and saw that here are almost no tips for this game although it is kind of old. That's why I decided to write this little guide to help you out and show you that this game is not difficult. Everyone who owns a japanese xbox should try this little gem. Well... when you are interested in „special“ gameplay and japanesque art style. If you have any further questions regarding this game or because of my google-translator-english, feel free to ask.


-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 29 (670)
-Online: 11(330)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 Arcade, 1 Score Attack, 1 Story, several Online Matches
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None, but only the host gets achievements while playing online. Switch sides so the other can unlock them as well.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Buttons in Normal Style:
A: main weapon
B: sub weapon (can only be used when inner reload cycle isn't red )
Y: charge weapon (can only be used when the charge gauge is filled with at least one bar)
X: dash (when using a direction with LS)

LB: assist in battle (once per round) / bomb when enemy is in B.O.S.S. Mode (uses a B.O.S.S stock)
LT: activating B.O.S.S Mode (uses a B.O.S.S. stock)
RT: barrier (uses charge gauge when being hit)

Buttons in Command Style:
LS: showing your partner the direction you want him to be
RS right: suggest main and sub weapon
RS left: suggest charge weapon
RS up: suggest dash
RS down: suggest barrier

RB: cheer up partner
RT: reprimand partner

LT and LB: the same as in normal style

You only „suggest“ weapons because the rounder acts as he pleases and so you can only hope that he makes the right decision.

For further notification, please visit: (credits to its rightful owner)

Step #1: Arcade Mode
Select Arcade Mode (アーケード」 first option in the menu) and choose the third option (settings) in the sub menu. Change the settings to: EASY, 1, 50. Press B to confirm this. Now select the first option (Normal Style). Play through this game mode without using a continue. After this, please do the same with the second option (Command Style) in Arcade Mode.

Step #2: Story Mode
The story (「ストーリー」third option in the menu and then the first option again) is told like a visual novel with battles in between. When in a box, press A the whole time to finish this box (when seeing a box a second time you can hold down Y to skip the text passages faster). When you have to make a decision in an event box, choose one, select the same box again and choose the other answer. If a battle occurs, you will see stars there. They show how difficult this battle is. After fighting once, you can select this box again and adjust the difficulty level by moving the left stick to the left or to the right.
The mission task is written there as well. Mostly you will have to defeat your enemy in two rounds. Sometimes you aren't allowed to even lose one round. But there are also other conditions. Is there just one sentence which begins with 「タイムアウト」 you aren't allowed to defeat your enemy with time out. You have to defeat him beforehand. If you see two sentences where 「バニッシュ」 is written in the middle of the first sentence, your opponent has to be in VANISH but is not allowed to be defeated. You have to wait for a time out. If 「バニッシュ」 is written at the beginning of the first sentence then you are not allowed to get into VANISH and have to survive till the time is up (because in these battles your weapons don't work).
When you finish every box with a „new“-sign you should get all story achievements very easily.

Step #3: Score Attack Mode
Choose this mode (「スコアアタック」fourth option in the menu) and play through it without using a continue. Then start this mode again, get yourself defeated by the first opponent and use continue 10 times.

Step #4: Network
Network (「ネットワーク」) is the fifth option. When you choose this, there are three options (normal style, command style, ranking). Select one of the first two options and you can either choose between ranked match and player match. After this, it goes on with: Quick Match, Custom Match and Create Session. For the achievements you have to win one normal style and one command style player match. Then start playing ranked matches. You have to play 100 ranked matches in normal style and 100 matches in command style. Furthermore you have to get 3501 points for the Hi Rounder achievement (the Rounder achievements unlocks at 951 points) either in normal or command style. These are two different rankings. So it would be wise to do this in normal style because you can finish the rounds quicker.
While you are trying to get your ranked matches, play arcade mode and change the settings (third option in arcade sub menu) to ranked match 「ランクマッチ」 (fourth option in the arcade settings). Now when you play arcade mode other online players can challenge you. You have to get challenged ten times in normal style AND command style to get both achievements.
When playing online matches, play one ranked match while using no B.O.S.S. Mode or bomb. When playing player match, select to just play 1 round and then get both characters down to VANISH. Wait till the time goes down to zero. Then an „extra time“ starts. Now defeat your opponent.

Other than that it is important to mention that only the host gets the achievements. So if you and your online partner played 100 ranked matches, only the host will get the achievement. When this is the case, switch sides (so now the other player is the host) and after the 101 match, he will unlock the „100 ranked matches“ achievement as well. So please don't worry.

Please beware that it is really hard to find matches and most japanese players are, by now, experts. So please try to find a reliable partner with whom you can play to get all the required online achievements.

Step #5: Miscellaneous
Now visit the training mode (「トレーニング」seventh option in the menu) to get this achievement. If you haven't already unlocked specific achievements, please do this either while playing online or in Arcade Mode. This contains: Using B.O.S.S. Mode 10 times, winning 10 times while in B.O.S.S. Mode, winning 10 rounds while in VANISH, using 10 bombs agains an enemy in B.O.S.S. Mode, taking no damage in a round for 10 times, playing on every stage and play every character.

This game is not hard, just time consuming because of the online achievements. If you played War Tech: Senko no Ronde then you should know everything about this sequel as well because the achievements are very similar. Before buying this game, please make sure that you have an online partner. Otherwise it could be really difficult to get all achievements.
Although English isn't my native language I really try hard to express myself in a way everyone understands.
When something I say isn't clear enough feel free to ask me. :3 I always like to improve.
Thanks in advance! ^-^
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