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Super Meat Boy
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Lost progress.. was at 94%! Need some help about the bandage glitch

So yesterday I came back to this game and FINALLY got the dark world completed and got the Kid!
I was so happy, and I had done everything in this game legit.
The only achievement I have left is 100%.
I get on today and my save file was corrupted, I guess I turned it off when it was saving or something.
I lost ALL of my progress and I have to start over.
I was just under 4k deaths and I 100% light world and cotton alley (including bandages) and only had 20 bandages to go.
So now that I have to start over, I'm not going through hours and hours of frustration again, I'm either glitching it or leaving it alone.

My question is can you collect bandages (using the glitch) until you get 100%?
Even if I have to collect 500, can it be done?
Does anyone know?
I would rather grind this game than tear my hair out trying to unlock The kid again.

Thanks guys

Edit: I'm playing through again and I just beat the kid again. So, since I got that done, I might as well 100% legit the game. But if anyone knows if it can be done, it would be useful for someone else in the future, maybe.

Edit 2:
I gave it another go last night, and I got it! This game was brutal, but fun, overall. I got my 100% legit 'golden god' achievement, there is no way around it, so I suggest you practice, practice, practice.
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