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TOTAN Wizard Goal Mini-Guide

Here's just a brief mini-guide I thought I'd throw up for the Wizard Goals for TOTAN. Although these are pretty easy Wizard Goals, I thought I'd give some tips for each for novice players who have a difficulty understanding the complex instructions.

1.) Win the Great Camel Race.

This requires you completing the tale "The Great Camel Race". You can light this by hitting the left flipper until the Camel Race light is lit up (to the right of the bottom most tale light), and then hitting the genie. This starts the tale. Hit the glowing lanes (most of them) to increase your position within the time frame. You only need to hit about 4-5 of these lanes to increase your position. You do not need to finish the tale to get the goal.

2.) Collect 60 Lamp Spins

This one will come without really trying, as you make contact with the lamp by accident all the time. If you're having trouble, you can earn lamp spins by landing in the bazaar, and a random reward is sometimes 15 Lamp sins.

3.) Collect the Ruby

If I understand this correctly, in order to collect the ruby, you must have "Make a Wish" Lit (the top most light above the bazaar letters) which comes from hitting the lamp a dozen or so times. You must also have the two "Shooting Stars" lit, which come from hitting the targets on the left lower playfield and the upper right playfield. These are the targets that stop the ball from draining in the right and left outlanes. Once these conditions are satisfied, hit the bazaar sink and you will see a video of the princess coming out the lamp on the video screen. You should be able to choose "2 jewels" or a random reward. Congrats!

You may not need to sink the bazaar shot to get the goal, but you will want to do this anyway for the last goal.

4.) Earn an Extra Ball.

You will get this as detailed in the next goal.

5.) Rescue the Princess

This is pretty much "beating" the table. To do this, you'll need to collect the seven jewels by completing the seven tales. This is not entirely difficult in itself, but there's a quicker way to do this.

By the process detailed in the "Collect the Ruby" walkthrough, you can collect 2 jewels with every hit of the bazaar. However, as long as "Make a Wish" is lit (which comes from hitting the lamp, which you'll end up doing anyway), you can get a jewel each time. Unless you're going for a high score, simply light the "Make a Wish", and then hit the bazaar sink for the option of "collect a jewel" or a random reward. Simply collect the jewel by hitting the left flipper. Continue this natural process (kinda just aim for the bazaar sink, you'll end up hitting the lamp enough in the process), and when you collect four of the seven, the extra ball light will light up.

Trap the ball in the left flipper (hold the ball there), and then release it and try to hit it late before it drains. You should hit up the right lane and get extra ball. This is easier than hitting the tiger lane six times.

Anyway, now you have an extra ball, and can continue racking up those jewels. After you do that, start up the final battle against the genie, and do your best to win!

Hopefully this helped some of you to better understand the table.
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