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Thrillville: Off the Rails
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*Alternate* Achievement Guide

Hey all, I know you are asking:
"Hey Doominator, why are you making a guide for this game when there is already one?"
The answer is simple. I have the full 1000/1000 in this game and found the other achievement guide a little lackluster (no offense to the creator(s))

Please use this guide if you have any trouble. I will go into as much detail as I can.

Smooth Move – 20G
Get a 60 note combo in the entertainer mini game.
Pick a song in the "Entertainer" (NOT entertainer turbo) minigame (in party play or in park) and get a 60 note combo. It will unlock when you hit 60.

Crackshot – 10G
Get a X5 combo multiplier in a shooting gallery.
The easiest way to get this achievement is in Prospector Stakeout. If you hit a group of targets (like the bottles...etc) you get a multiplier going. If you don't miss you'll keep it going. It'll unlock when you get X5.

Flippin’ Great – 10G
Perform a 720 backflip in Stunt Rider.
Very easy. Just hit a ramp and pull back on the left trigger. Be sure the jump is big enough for you to land it. FYI, a 720 backflip is a double backflip.

Whoa – 10G
Finish a coaster using a whoa piece.
Build a coaster and include at least one WHOA piece (Selected with LB)
It'll unlock after the coaster is complete.

Putt Putt Power – 10G
Design a minigolf course.
Very easy. Just create a minigolf course from scratch. Once you complete it, Achievement unlocked. You can do this in story or in coaster builder.

Coaster Boaster – 10G
Design a rollercoaster.
Self explanatory. Once you complete it, it unlocks.
Note: It's a no-brainer, but you don't get this for buying a pre-built coaster.

Thrillville Otherworlds – 40G
Unlock Thrillville Otherworlds.
Every second park owner level you get (2,4,6, and 8) you get to choose between a new park; Otherworlds, Giant, and Explorer. You choose one of them. It unlocks when you select it.

Thrillville Giant – 40G
Unlock Thrillville Giant.
See Thrillville Otherworlds

Thrillville Explorer – 40G
Unlock Thrillville Explorer.
See Thrillville Otherworlds

Thrillville Holiday – 60G
Unlock Thrillville Holiday.
See Thrillville Otherworlds, but this one should be the only one left when you hit park owner level 8.

Thrillville Talent – 20G
Reach park owner level 2.
Beat missions, socalize with people, build stuff, basically anything that raises your thrill meter. Simple enough, I got it playing through the missions.

Thrillville Sensation – 40G
Reach park owner level 5.
See Thrillville Talent, but reach level 5

Thrillville Phenomenon – 60G
Reach park owner level 10.
See Thrillville Talent, but reach level 10 (which is the max)

Fore! – 10G
Complete a round of timed minigolf on hard.
Go to Coaster Builder from the main menu, then select Mini-Golf. Design an embarrassingly easy course (could be one hole) then save it. Next go to party play, select timed minigolf, put it to hard difficulty, and select the course you just made. (Make sure you named it to something you remember!)

Propaganda – 10G
Collect all the anti-Thrillville propaganda boards.
There are 6 of these to find. They are not hard to spot. Just hold B to sprint, and run in and out of every nook and cranny you can find. You should have little trouble finding them. These are in Thrillville Stunts. They are NOT found in random locations.

The Rainbow – 10G
Collect all the Nano Paint Sprayers.
See Propaganda, these are in Thrillville Explorer.

Disc Jockey – 10G
Collect all the Hypnodiscs.
See Propaganda, these are in Thrillville Giant

Teamwork – 10G
Complete a minigame in coop mode.
Simple enough, start up a game in Party Play, set to coop, and complete it. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. It'll unlock when the game ends.

Winner! – 20G
Successfully won 20 multiplayer battle games.
Also easy. Just hook up another controller, pick a minigame (I found Test'o'strength to be quickest) and keep beating the second player. You can also restart when the game ends. No need to go back to the menus.

Party Dude – 10G
Played 20 party games with your friends.
See Winner!

Party Host – 10G
Completed a four player battle or co-op game in party play.
Basically the same as Teamwork, just with 4 people instead of 2. Remember you DONT need to win.

The Green – 10G
Found all Mortimer’s cash drops hidden in all parks.
Basically the same as the other items you had to collect, but these are found in each of the parks. These are NOT randomized.

Critics – 30G
Completed the 'Bribery 101!' mission in Thrillville Stunts.
Self-explanatory. You'll get it doing the missions.

Robots – 30G
Completed the 'Clearance Sale' mission in Thrillville Otherworlds.
Self-explanatory. You'll get it doing the missions.

Hypnosis – 30G
Completed the 'Trance-Cendtal' mission in Thrillville Giant.
Self-explanatory. You'll get it doing the missions.

Sabotage – 30G
Completed the 'Alien Antics' mission in Thrillville Explorer.
Self-explanatory. You'll get it doing the missions.

Traitor – 30G
Completed the 'Traitors Arena' mission in Thrillville Holiday.
Self-explanatory. You'll get it doing the missions.

Sparkling Secret – 10G
Discovered all the secret areas on Sparkle Quest level 1.
The dotted areas are hard to miss. But be careful not to move too fast. Take it slow and check everywhere. It will unlock when you find the last secret area in the level.

Continued Below...

1st in the world to finish Monster Madness
2nd in the world to finish Rock of the Dead


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White Knuckles Ace – 10G
Built all the WHOA pieces.
This one is a little confusing. You have to do this in story mode, NOT coaster builder. Each of the coasters has its own unique WHOA piece. Build all of them (I think there are 15) within all of your parks with that unique WHOA piece. When they are all build, it will unlock. Do NOT delete any of the coasters or you won't get it.

Casanova – 10G
Became sweethearts with 10 park guests.
Easy enough. It's like chatting but you do it to the opposite sex of someone about your own age. You become "sweethearts" when the meter is 2/3 filled.

Challenge Champ – 10G
Won 10 challenges with park guests on any minigames.
When you talk to guests, you have to option to challenge them to certain minigames. Do this 10 times (and win) and the achievement is yours.

Money Maker – 10G
Achieved a combined park value of $100,000.
The more stuff you make and build, the more people you attract. The more people, the more money you make. You can check park value from the main menu. Not sure if it is the value of one or all of the parks.

Coaster Dropper – 10G
Built a coaster with a drop height of over 300 ft.
Go to coaster builder from main menu, go as high as possible, then back down and complete it. The highest I got was about 308 ft, so it's pretty close. You can also check by pushing X at anytime. Also, if you build a coaster in Summitville, you get an extra 50ft, if that helps anyone who doesn't quite have the 300ft.

Coaster Speedster – 10G
Built a coaster with a top speed over 80 mph.
Make lots of drops (in coaster builder) and it'll pick up speed. Like I said, you can check the top speed by pushing X at anytime

Chatter Box – 10G
Filled your MyCrowd list.
When you chat with people, a bar comes up. If you fill it 1/3 of the way, they are added to your "MyCrowd." Keep doing this until it fills. (I think the max is 10-15)

Karting Krazy – 10G
Came 1st in 20 races.
Self explanatory. Just do it on the same race track. Remember you have to win.
You can select RESTART after the race ends, and it will still count.

Lunar Lunatic – 15G
Complete Event Horizon 2 on hard difficulty.
Oh boy. This is the big one. This achievement must be done from party play, and it CANNOT be done coop. This will require lots of skill and luck to get. Use the Solar Dominion ship for best results. It took me about 30 tries to get this so expect some punishment. Good Luck!

Perfect Clearance – 15G
Pocketed all the balls in one turn at the table.
You need to play 9-ball pool to get this. There are 2 ways to get this. You could put in all the balls after the AI does the first hit (hard way) OR pocket the 9-ball on the first hit. (Also hard way) This one takes some luck too, but timing is an important factor.

Spoon Time – 15G
Got 30.000 points in 3 moves on Trampolines.
Easy enough, hold all 3 buttons (X,Y,B) and pull back on the left stick to do a double backflip. Remember to time your A presses right! Do that 3 times and you should be set!

UFO Survivor – 15G
Survived without being knocked out of the arena in Saucer Sumo on normal difficulty.
Start up this game with 4 human players, and bump them out. Be sure not to fall out yourself!

Sprint King – 15G
Got a best lap time under 4'90" seconds on the first track on Autosprint 2.
You'll probably get this one automatically. Just stay close to the edges and don't hit anything.

King of the Ring – 15G
Won a match by knockout on Robo K.O. without losing any health.
Play against a human player and have them not do anything. Or use a second controller. Really easy.

Thrillville Superstar – 50G
Ranked in the top ten on an online leaderboard for Thrillville: Off the Rails.
This one is tough. You have to get on the XBOX LIVE leaderboards. NOT the local ones. There are no real tricks to this, you just have to get real good at a particular minigame and hope for the best.

Games Master – 40G
Complete all arcade games.
The games you need to beat (Not play, BEAT) are: Autosprint 2, Autosprint Classic, Bandito Chinchilla, Event Horizon II, Luftwaffe II, Luftwaffe 109, Luftwaffe Turbo , Sparkle Island 2, Sparkle Quest, Squadron Ace, Stunt Rider, Tank Frenzy, Trojan Frenzy. You don't have to do the classic varieties.

Sideshow Superstar – 20G
Get a 5 star rating score on all sideshow games.
These consist of Bull Riding, Splat A Mole, Test O Strength, Alley Ball, and Coconut Shy. You MUST 5 star them (That means getting a score of 100,000 or higher)

Bandito Beater – 20G
Completed Bandito Chinchilla.
Self Explanatory. You MUST beat it. That means playing it to completion (Finishing all the levels) and you can play on Easy if you wish. It does not matter that difficulty though.

Stunt Rider! – 20G
Completed Stunt Rider.
See Bandito Beater.

Squadron Ace! – 20G
Completed Squadron Ace.
See Bandito Beater.

Super Sparkler – 20G
Completed Sparkle Quest.
See Bandito Beater.

Tank Commander – 20G
Completed Tank Frenzy.
See Bandito Beater.

Keep in mind this is my first guide. If you have any suggestions or want to bash me for my methods please let me know!

1st in the world to finish Monster Madness
2nd in the world to finish Rock of the Dead


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As no one has said it yet i will, great guide! Much much better than the other one that just seemed to write what the achievement description had already said. Could do with adding the note about summitville giving you an extra 50 ft to play with on the Coaster Dropper achievement, and maybe a map for collectables (unless they change for each person - easy enough anyway) but other than that this should be the one used on the site.
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Thanks man! I wrote this at midnight, so that's why the details are a little scarce.
I'd love to go into detail, but I gave it back to my friend whom i borrowed it from.

But to address what you said:
- The summitville extra height does help, but you can do it in coaster builder. (I'll add that to the guide though!)
- The collectibles are NOT random, always the same location(s)

1st in the world to finish Monster Madness
2nd in the world to finish Rock of the Dead

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yes this is a very good guide thank you man ill use it if I play the game
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This has been an enourmous help. Thank you so much.
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you can also pocket the 9 ball by hitting the 1 into it and win or whatever ball your amiming at its a cheap pretty easy way to win.
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Good guide but both lack visuals.
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Thanks for the great guide! This one actually was very helpfull
Hey im looking for help in: Gow1, Saints row 1&2, Shadow run. Send me a friend request if you care to help.
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nice guide, better than the featured one
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Thanks for the guide dude. BTW, this guide is way better than the other one. It should be stickied.

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Thanks for the guide. Just want to note that for White Knucke Ace, I did sell all coasters in a few parks and built only the ones that use a special whoa piece. The achievement unlocked for me.
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