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Pegs Locations Txt + Video Guide

All videos uploaded by me, exclusively for and If embedding else ware, please give credit

There are four pegs in each level

Once a collectable is found, you dont have to go back and get it even if you die before next checkpoint

Missing collectables are obtainable through chapter select. It will tell you how many you have found on each level

NOTE: The game tends to freeze every now and then, even when installed to the HD. If you pick up a collectable and your game freezes before you get to the next checkpoint, go back and make sure that the collectable is picked up.

Level 1

1. After blowing up the explosives, youll come to a cutscene where your blinded by light. After you gain controll,
instead of running straight, run directly left for the peg

2. Right after the cutscene where the alien picks you up and you shoot him with the pistol,

run to your left and check the area behind the tents

3. Youll come to the last area where you have to plant the c4 on the device. From where you enter,
head all the way directly left and search that area. You will eventually come to the peg

4. In the last area, after you blow up your objective, run to the left towards the beach, near where there is a wild card to pick up. Youll notice a huge piece of metal sticking out from the ground at an angel right in front of the wildcard. Look to the top of that metal piece to find the peg. To get to it, keep pressing A while in front of it to climb up. (Cr
edit to LeMansFahrer for this one)

Peg 4

Level 2

1. From the start, proceed up the path until you see a large white pole to your right.

From that pole, go directly left and youll see an opening between to big rocks. Peg is in there

2. After learning about how to use subs in your battle thing, you will come to a huge complex

where youll fight a couple guys. The objective marker is telling you to go upstairs. From where
you first saw the complex, walk straight in front of you under one of the structures platforms.

3. Continue to traverse the enemy complex until the obective marker is about 28m away, right after you go up some stairs.
Look to your left and go to the bottom left corner of the area. Youll find the beg between two small buildings

4. After defending your position, continue on until the marker says about 15m. From there, turn right towards the beach
and continue to follow the path around until you see a path leading up to the rocks, back towards the complexs fence.

Level 3

1. Right at the begining of the level, go up a little and look to your left

2. Right after the first peg, proceed until you reach the bunker in front of you.
Clear the baddies and find the peg to the right as you walk in a little

3. After putting c4 on the door and killing the special baddie, you see an area with plane and submarine wreckage.
Go past the sub wreck, and snoop around the plan wreckage to your right hand side to find a peg underneath a propped up broken wing

4. Very shortly after the 3rd, proceed until you come to a small complex with ramps.
After you have walked up the fourth ramp, look to your right and youll see big circular cement thing
(right before your objective). Go around the circular cement thing to find the peg

Level 4

1. The moment you start the game, turn around and look to your right

2. After your troops disable the shield for you, go down the path and when you first enter the area, look directly to your
left and go forward a little.

3. In the same area, from where you enter, after seeing the cutscene, head towards where the area where the alien shot the rail gun. Before you get the the circular mound he was on, look to your left (see picture below). Go towards that and look to your right behind the wing.

4. In the same area, from where you enter, look directly left and run all the way to the back left corner of the map until you hit a fence. If you turn around from the fence and walk forward a little, you should see the peg along side a wrecked submarine directly in front of you

Peg 3

Level 5

1. From the starting area, clear the area and head left. Youll see a metal structure with baddies around it. Go around to the back of it and look for a place to jump up. Make your way to the top of it for a peg

2. Youll come to a part where you have to activate 3 different beacons. After activating them, exit the complex. Head towards the objective marker that says move. Before you reach it, youll notice a large pipe leader back to the complex. Go under it and travel beyond the pipe and search that area to find the peg. Its hidden behind some small rocks towards the back.

3. Continue along the path and you will eventually come to the next area. Way in the back youll notice a sniper baddie standing on a platform structure. Head over to that structure and look directly behind it to find the peg.

4. Youll come to the last area of the level where it says destroy the cargo and clear out the enemies. If you run up to the very first cargo crate you see, keep running past it straight towards the water and youll eventually see a path leading down towards the beach. The peg is down there

Level 6

1. Right from the beginning, keep heading straight and youll come to a complex. Instead of going up the little ramp, just keep going straight and youll find the peg behind a small rock.

2. Eventually youll come to a part where you need to enter the complex. Head down the stairs and enter the room with
all the enemies. As soon as you enter, look directly right. Youll see the peg in the corner

3. As soon as you blow up the door and kill the baddie, you can either go left or right. Go left and head down the stairs. Youll find the peg
in this area.

4. Eventually youll go back into another complex. After you exit, you have to provide gun support for your troops so they can deactivate the
barrier. After you kill all the bad guys in this entire area, go to where you have to plant the c4 all the way at the bottom of the path. If your standing right in front of the beacon, travel directly left and you will come across the peg

Level 7

1. As soon as the level begins, start heading straight and to the right. Youll notice an opening that lets you travel to the right side of that area. Go there and head back up towards the top of the map, heading towards the very back left corner

2. After blowing up the first beacon, one of your troops will clear a path for you. Once he does that, proceed towards the objective that says Destory. Once your about 45m away, go directly left down to the beach. Once there, follow it straight north and youll eventually come to the peg.

3. After jumping over the crates, continue on until you have to blow up another beacon. After doing this you come to the final area of the game, where youll see it says "flagship shield" on the bottom right of the screen. So Continue on the path until you see your objective marker say 64 m. From there, look directly right. Search that area to find the peg

4. The last peg of the game is found in the final area. Your objective is to take down the ships shields and destroy it. You will see a huge structure towards the back of the area. Run up to it and go around to the back of it. Hidden inside a look nook in the back of the structure is the final peg. Make sure to get the peg before completing objective

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