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Disney Sing It
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Smile Disney Sing it Tips

Well, just as the title says i will give out a few tips that helped me. Its more of a guideline if you will.

Ok so im going to give you a few tips on getting the Perfect Team and Hey Big Scorer achievements. These achievements are very easy even if you are tone deaf like me lmao. First of,play a song and get used to your voice, what i mean is, find out if you have a low voice like me or a high voice. If you have a high voice turn the microphone volume all the way up to the max, if you have a low voice turn it all the way down.

Now that you know your voice,you will now know how high you need to hum to hit the high, low and middle notes.

If you are having problems getting 750,000 on a song or songs, play Duet mode with one microphone as you will be huming in one microphone for 2 players which doubles the points.

For the 1 million points on a song achievement, your best bet is to use the song called Hasta La Vista as for most of the song you only need to hum in one pitch. play it a few times in solo mode to get used to it and the pitch you need to hum. I got about 1,116,000 on it.

Here is the 20 songs i got 750,000 or over on. you may be able to get over 750,000 songs on the songs i could not so this is just a reference or guideline

Hasta La Vista
Gotta find you
Here I am
This is Me
Like Whoa
See you Again
Best of Both Worlds
Say Ok
Dance With Me
Life's What You Make It
G.N.O(Girls Night Out)
Breaking Free
What Time Is It
Start Of Something New
Play My Music
Chemicals React
Start All Over
Potential Break Up Song
Nobodys perfect
Rock Star

One a side note, i thought the miley Cyrus songs would be hard to get over 750,00 on but they are not. So does that mean that Miley Cyrus is as tone deaf as me lmao.

now you just need a second microphone for the versus and gig with 2 players achievement.

This game is a piece of piss to get 1000g. I got the game brend new for 3 pound on Amazon so that was also good

Heres where you can buy it Used and New: disney sing it xbox 360 solus game only Used and New: disney sing it xbox 360 solus game only
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Join Date: May 2009
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Gamertag: trollsbox
Smile Natural Performer

Hasta La Vista is also the best song for this achievement, at least i think it is. like i said once you know the pitch to hum you can get this achievement no problem.
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