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Pac-Man Kart Rally
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Fuzzy Dem0n
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Post Gear Head Achievement Guide

This is still a work in progress

The "Gear Head" achievement is for unlocking all characters and character kart in the game. To do this you are going to have to play around 240 races.

To make this go faster do the following;
1.From the main menu select options laps until it has two(2) in the circle on the left hand side.

Also note that all unlocks can be done on Beginner difficulty. During any race if you don't think you will finish first if you pause the game and select reset, it will reset you from the beginning of your current race.

To start we want to unlock all Tournaments/Cups so we have all tracks to play on. They are easy to unlock just do the following requirements;

1. Complete the Pac-Man Cup and unlock - The Ghost Cup, Time Trial Mode, and The Sky Overpass Bonus Level.
2. Complete the Ghost Cup and unlock - Katamari Cup, Chase Mode, and Lucky 8 Bonus level.
3. Complete Katamari Cup and unlock - Dig Dug Cup, Survival Mode, and the Snake Bonus level.
4. Complete Dig Dug Cup and unlock - Mirror Mode.

The cups can be completed with any character to unlock the list above.

After we have all Tournaments/Cups unlocked we want to unlock all of the characters. To do so you must meet the following requirements;

1.Finish first in all three races of the Ghost Cup with Blinky (Blinky Kart) and unlock - Inky, Pinky, and Clyde as playable characters.
2.Finish first in all three races of the Katamari Cup with The Prince (Cosmos Kart) and unlock - Ichigo as a playable character.
3.Finish first on all three races of Dig Dug Cup with Taizo Hori (Digging Kart) and unlock - Fighter as a playable character.
4.Finish first in all three races of the Pac-Man Cup with Pac-Man (Pac-Kart) and unlock - Susumu Hori as a playable character.

Once you have all characters we will have to start the long grind of unlocking each characters two other costumes. To put it simply you have to finish all four(4) tournaments/cups as each character and each car. I will make a list of what character wins unlock character cars. The unlocks are as follows;
Character Played - Character Unlocked

Pac-Man (Pac-Kart) - Pac-Man (The Dot Chomper)
Pac-Man (The Dot Chomper) - Pac-Man (Yellow Lightning)
Taizo Hori (Digging Kart) - Taizo Hori (Dig Dasher)
Taizo Hori (Dig Dasher) - Taizo Hori (Dig Dug Dinamo)
The Prince (Cosmo Kart) - The Prince (Road Roller)
The Prince (Road Roller) - The Prince (Royal Roadster)
Ichigo (Strawberry Kart) - Ichigo (Berry Roller)
Ichigo (Berry Roller) - Ichigo (Royal Racer)
Fighter (Galaga Starship) - Fighter (Planetary Cruiser)
Fighter (Planetary Cruiser) - Fighter (Star Traveler)
Susumu Hori (Susumu Slider) - Susumu Hori (Rock Rider)
Susumu Hori (Rock Rider) - Susumu Hori (Drill Thriller)
Blinky (Blinky Kart) - Blinky (Ghost Type-B)
Blinky Ghost Type-B) - Blinky (Red Phantom)
Pinky (Pinky Kart) - Pinky (Ghost Type-P)
Pinky (Ghost Type-P) - Pinky (Pink Phantom)
Inky (Inky Kart) - Inky (Ghost Type-I)
Inky (Ghost Type-I) - Inky (Blue Phantom)
Clyde (Clyde Kart) - Clyde (Ghost Type -C)
Clyde (Ghost Type-C) - Clyde (Orange Phantom)

After you unlock your last kart achievement unlocked!

Some tips for racing:
When the light turns green at the start of a race press jump for a boost.
Collect Pac dots to make your kart fast (X10 is the Max).
Try to hit the speed burst points on the road to go faster.
If you have a cherry wait till no one is in front of you to use it (you'll crash if someone is in front)
keep the pink floating ball around the kart and don't throw it away, it protects you.
Don't drive right behind someone, they might have a drill ready to drop.

Hope this helps people have any troube.

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IEvil IMonkey
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Great guide mate but for 10g they can fook right off!

I'm not putting myself through 240 races just for a piddly 10g - no way!

Im happy with my 170g and currently waiting on a response from Namco for a refund as I got this day 1 @3.99 only for them to reduce it 3days later to 2.29... NOT ON NAMCO, NOT ON!!
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Wow, Namco can go see how far they can stick this achievement up their a*$%.
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