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Call of Juarez: The Cartel
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Exclamation Call of Juarez 4 wishlist

Ok, what would you guys like to have for the next Call of Juarez (when/if it gets made)

Story wise:
1. Make a game about Billy when he was searching for the Gold of Juarez (is set the two years before CoJ 1)
2. Make a game about Billy after Call of Juarez 1
3. Make a game about the Unnamed Deputy from the CoJ 1 extra missions
4. Make a game about a new protagonist searching for the Gold of Juarez
5. Make a sequel to The Cartel
6. Make a remake of coJ 1.

Here is mine:

The game begins in 1519 in Tenochtitlan. You play as a Spanish Conquistador named Alejandro Mendoza (The ancestor of Juan "Juarez" Mendoza) who is aiding Cortes in the Aztec Conquest. You fight through the city and capture Montezuma. A cutscene depicts the standoff between the Spaniards and the Aztecs who surrender and give Cortes the Aztec Treasure. A few weeks later Cortes tells you to take some of the Aztec slaves and some men to a Spanish fortification (in northern Mexico) and bury the Gold (Cortes plans on keeping the Gold there to become Governor of New Spain) in an underground Aztec Temple. He tells you to make a medallion as to prevent anyone to steal the Gold. You make the medallion but the slaves revolt and as the remaining survivor flee the temple and out into the desert. Days pass and you are found by a Aztec Woman who had fled the Aztec Capital. Alejandro and the woman (Named Acaxochitl) eventually find a new life away from the Spanish as Cortes would have had Alejandro executed for failing his duty.
A narrator then depicts the Legend of the Gold of Juarez (The narrator at the beginning of the first game), from when the Spanish held Montezuma for ransom through when the Medallion went into the hands of the Apache and Navajo Tribe. About halfway through the story the voice changes into that of Billy Candle's.
The game forwards to 1884. Billy and Molly leave the cemetary and go back to the temple (Billy wants to figure out how Ray, Thomas, Marisa, and Juarez knew of the Gold of Juarez and each other) they come to a sand-filled room and find the skeletal remains of William McCall. Billy finds a journal in a pocket and discovers that he was named after the third McCall Brother.
The game now takes place 1897. Billy Candle and his wife Molly move back to Hope with the cemetary boy (whose name is revealed to be Panchito Alvarez (The great-grandfather of Antonio Alvarez), whom they have taken in. Billy and Molly have changed their names to McCall to honor Ray, Thomas, and Marisa. Molly is also expecting a second child (The grandfather of Ben McCall). Billy now thirty, reads to Ray (their first child)the journal and explains how he got his name. Molly comes in frightened saying that some men are here for Billy.
Billy meets the men who identify themselves as Texas Rangers. They are lead by Creighton Duke (the great-grandfather of Michael Duke, and is Jeremy Barnsby's nephew, and a son-in-law of Robert E. Lee.) They explain that Billy is under arrest for the murder of Thomas and Marisa. Billy explains that the men are mistaken and tries to explain, but the Rangers claim they have a witness. A woman comes and explains she heard gunshots at the farm (The same woman that told Ray about the gunshots at Thomas' farm), and Widow Powell (Tim Powell's wife) says that Tim had been told of the murders. Billy still refuses to confess and says he is innocent. The Rangers then tell Billy he has 132 days to prove his innocence starting Sunday of the following week, giving him a head start. They leave and Billy tells Ray to take care of Molly while he is gone.
Billy and Panchito head to Georgia (Widoe Powell explains that's where Ray and Thomas said they were from), and with help from a farmer whose grandfather had worked with the McCall's father find the ruins of the McCall Plantation.
Here the game unfolds, Billy discovers that Ray and Thomas were veterans of the Civil War, and retraces their steps to see what had made them become outlaws, and how they found out about the Gold of Juarez. The player will visit the McCall Plantation, the remains of the battlefield on the Chattahoochee River, Fort Smith, Arkansas, San Lorenzo, Tuscon, Arizona, and the Comanche and Navajo tribes, and into Juarez, Mexico. Billy will also discover that Calm Water had been an Apache chief and had met the McCalls years before. Billy also discovers how Marisa left Juarez to marry Thomas and why Ray killed William.
Billy, thinking he has enough evidence to prove his innonocence comes home to find the Texas Rangers had kidnapped Molly and Ray and Duke threatens to harm them and the unborn child if they do not bring back the gold.
Billy and Panchito race back to Juarez to get the gold and are stopped by a ragged man named Richard Stone who reveals to be a fugitive deputy who is seeking refuge in Mexico after killing a corrupt County Commissioner (This man is the great-grandfather of Patrick Stone from The Cartel, and is the deputy we played as in the Extra Missions). Stone explains to Billy that he has been helping the Mexican Government take down a Bandit leader who has taken over the Alzaczar and has posed a greater threat than even Juarez' gang. Stone says the man is Diego Mendoza (The youngest of the Mendoza family, and the great-grandfather of Juan Mendoza, boss of the Mendoza Cartel). Billy and Panchito help Richard gather supplies to fight the gang.
However Billy realizes he has less than a week to get the Gold to save his family. Billy, Panchito, and Richard, along with the sheriff of Juarez try to fight the gang but are over-powered and flee the Fort. Billy glances back to see Duke and his men.
Billy, Panchito, and Stone head to the temple to get the gold but are stopped by Duke, Diego, and the rest of the outlaws. Diego points his gun at Billy, Billy points his guns at Duke and Diego, Panchito points his gun at Billy and Diego, Richard points his gun at Diego and Duke points his guns at Billy and Panchito. Richard attempts to protect Billy but is shot. Duke and Diego reveal their plans. Duke wants revenge for the McCalls killing his uncle. Panchito wants Diego dead for killing his father Arturo (Diego used to work for Juarez). Also, Panchito, Duke and Diego all want the Gold. Billy doesn't want anything to do with the gold and Panchito says that the three of them can share the Gold so long as Duke is dead. Billy refuses and says they all can "Choke on the Gold". However, Duke attempts to kill Billy when a swarm of men enter the temple and start shooting along with the Mexican sheriff who reveals that he has been helping the Pinkertons in arresting Billy, but are stopped by the large firefight. Through the gunfight, Billy escapes as the rest of Diego's gang pursue him, when suddenly, Richard rescues him from the church, just like Ray did years ago. Billy and Richard head back to Juarez to get weapons to take down Diego, Duke, and Panchito.
However, Richard says he's getting too old for this and he says that Billy should stop running and face his fears...alone. Billy storms the fort taking down the gang with the help of the Sheriff's deputies and heads into the mansion, only to find that Duke escaped. Billy and Diego get into a duel and Billy wounds Diego. Diego says he will get his revenge and will have him killed. Billy, furious that the man could bribe his friend, shoots him again. Billy tells the deputies to arrest Diego and Panchito and leaves the fort. Billy returns home to Molly, Ray, and the child whom they name William McCall Jr.
A cutscene returns to Juarez, Mexico where the deputies free Panchito and Diego and join him. Panchito however doesn't want to join the gang, and instead decides to run guns for outlaws across both borders.
Another cutscene shows Duke's son, Joseph joining the military, a tradition in the duke family.
A last cutscene forwards to 1953. Billy, now 86 years old, is in a retirement home in Fort Worth, Texas. Billy is reading a letter. A group of Mexican men ask a nurse where Billy is. She takes them to Billy where she is subdued, tied up, her fingers and tongue cut off, and her eardrums torn. The men enter Billy's room, and the leader of the men, Victor Mendoza (father of Juan Mendoza) tells Billy, "My grandfather told you he would have his revenge". Victor asks Billy "Any last words", and Billy says, "Yes. Lord, I am coming home." Victor nods to one of the thugs who snaps Billy's neck, killing him. The thug lays Billy on the ground to make it look like he fell and broke his neck. The men escape through a window and drive off. The last cutscene show the letter laying on the floor, it reads: "Hey Dad, it's William, I have some good news. Abigail and Joshua just had a son today. His name's Benjamin. So you are a great-grandfather now! Anyways, The wife and I are coming tomorrow to check up on you. I love you dad. I'll see you soon

your son,
William McCall Jr."

Gameplay Notes:
1. Every level (except for the Conquistador levels, and the last two) are free roam like in Bound in Blood, and to "start" the level you go to Panchito/Richard, but the maps are much, much larger
2. Billy plays like normal, but he gets to use throwing knives. He wears the yellow shirt, jeans, and Thomas' hat.
3. Panchito uses Thomas' concentration mode. But can't use a lasso.
4. Richard plays like he (Unnamed Deputy) did in Call of Juarez.
5. All the weapons from Call of Juarez and Bound in Blood return. you can change whether you can use a whip or a lasso.
6. In Chapter I-II: Sword, Halbard, Crossbow, Matchlock Musket, Lance, Atlatal, Maquahuitl, obsidian knife, and Aztec Sacrificial Knife.
7. There are three different stories. Billy's, Panchito's and when you meet him, Richard Stone's.
8. There are 45 levels in the game for each character.
9. You can see your legs and chest
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10. There are treasure chests scattered throughout the game, when opened, you unlock new characters to play as:
1. Juarez (CoJ 1 Juarez)
2. Reverend Ray McCall
3. Tom Manson
4. Thomas McCall
5. Ben McCall
6. Eddie Guerra
7. Kim Evans
8. Jeremy Barnsby
9. Devlin
10. Antonio Alvarez
11. Juan Mendoza
13. Michael Duke
14. Ty Stewart
15. Creighton Duke
16. Diego Mendoza
17. Alejandro Mendoza
18. Hernan Cortes
19. Montezuma
11. The Extra characters (that were NPCs in previous games) all play like Richard, except for playable characters in previous games they play like their respective characters.
12. New Weapons:
1. Molotov Cocktail (Molotov)
2. Colt Army 1860 (Colt 1860)
3. Spencer 1882 Shotgun (Spencer)
4. Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun (M1887 Shotgun)
5. Winchester Model 1897 (M1897 Shotgun)
5. Marlin 1893 (Marlin Rifle)
6. Remington 1875 (Remington 1875)
8. Colt 1851 Navy (Navy Revolver)
9. Winchester Model 1876 Musket Carbine (Winchester Musket)
10. Thompson Center Arms Hawken Plains Rifle (Hawken Rifle)

CoJ Weapons renamed:
1. Classic Gun (S.A.A.)
2. Quickshooter (Schofield)
3. Ladies Gun (Derringer)
4. Hybrid Gun (LeMat Revolver)
5. Border Gun (M1878 Revolver)
6. Ranger (Dragoon)
7. Peppergun (Victor Pepperbox)
8. Shotgun (Whitmore Shotgun)
9. Classic Rifle (Winchester 1892)
10. Volcano Gun (Volcanic Pistol)
11. Heavy Rifle (Sharps Rifle)

Game Name: Call of Juarez: Blood and Gold.

Also, some other ideas:

If set in the Old West, make a more diverse range of character models. Uses the multiplayer of The Cartel, but the lobby is bigger.
Bring back the game modes of CoJ 1, BiB, and "western" versions of The Cartel gamemodes
Bring back currency system
Weapon melee and fist fights
Have pre-determined classes (like in BiB, but with new classes), but have a "character skin" system.
Split-screen co-op (Three player once Billy meets Richard Stone)
Have offline multiplayer, and a two-player arena fight in different maps. Sorta like old-school games.
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Ok...I decided to do some thinking, and though of some ideas. Like a semi-prequel to The Cartel, or a Sequel to the Cartel. I understand that a lot of people didn't like it (Which is still a frigging mystery), anyways, here is my story:

Texas, 1980. Adam McCall (Ben's Uncle), an avid churchgoer, rancher, and World War II veteran, is out fixing fences on his ranch when he hears gunshots. Driving towards the source, rifle on the seat, he comes across a drug deal gone wrong, however, a half dozen trucks dhead towards him, and he runs off into the desert. Later the next evening he returns home to find his dog and wife dead, and daughter unconcious. She is taken to a hospital where it is revealed she was raped. Through various resources, Adam finds out the men work for a Mexican crime family known as the Mendozas run by Vicente Mendoza (Brother of Juan Mendoza from The Cartel), and have engaged in a bloody feud with the Delgados (Run by Hernando Delgado). The drug deal was to sell drugs to members of Los Discípulos del Diablo, (a latino street gang operating in El Paso, Dallas, and Fort Worth) in exchange for Aztec Treasure discovered by the Delgados (NOT the Gold of Juarez, but a different treasure). Adam then makes it a quest to seek vengeance upon the Mendozas, and ends up battling the Los Discípulos, and the Delgados. However, the Mendozas have sought the help of a Mexican hitman named Antonio Alvarez to hunt down The Delgados, and comes across McCall. McCall meanwhile is also being tracked down by Brenden "Two Antlers" O'Flynn, a half-Irish, half-Comanche sheriff who is trying to protect McCall.

So there you go, I know, it sounds like Death Wish meets No Country for Old men.

Anyways, here are the specifics:

1. The game plays out like Bound in Blood (You pick Adam or Brenden and the story is different, however, about halfway through the game there is the ability of co-op. Because the two have to work together).

2. CoJ 1, BiB, and The Cartel multiplayer modes return, with new ones. Wild West Legends however are replaced with real-life shootouts, bank robberies, etc. during the 1970s-1980s.


1. Colt M1911A1 (M1911A1)
2. AK-47 (AK)
3. MAC-10 (MAC)
4. Smith & Wesson Model 29 (Model 29)
5. Uzi (U.Z.I.) (The full sized Uzi, not The Cartel's Mini Uzi)
6. Colt Single Action Army (S.A.A.)
7. Winchester Model 1892 (M1892)
8. Makarov PM (Makarov)
9. Remington 870 (R870)
10. Mk 2 Hand Grenade
11. M16A1 (M16)
12. Colt Police Positive (Police)
13. CZ-75 (C75)
14. Beretta 85 (B85)
15. M1 Garand (M1 Garand)
16. Winchester Model 1912 (M1912)
17. Webley-Fosbery (Webley)
18. Colt Python (Python)
19. SPAS-12 (AS-12)
20. M60 Machine Gun (M60)
21. Astra 960 (A960)
22. FN FAL (FAL)
23. Dragunov (SVD)
24. Sawed-Off Sears Ranger (Ranger Shotgun)
25. CAR-15 (CAR-15)
25. Stoner 63 (Stoner)
26. Colt Commando (Commando)
27. Volcanic Pistol (Volcanic Pistol)
28. Browning High Power (H.P.)
29. M79 Grenade Launcher (Blooper)
30. Ithaca 37 (Ithaca 37)
31. Smith & Wesson Model 39 (Model 39)
32. Skorpion Machine Pistol (Skorpion)
33. RPK-74 (RPK)
34. KS-23 (KS 23)
35. M72 LAW (M72 LAW)
36. Winchester Model 70 (M70)
37. Arisaka Type 02 Paratrooper Takedown Rifle (T-02)
38. Smith & Wesson M76 (M76)
39. Browning Auto-5 (Auto-5)
40. Smith & Wesson Model 10 (Model 10)
41. Colt Trooper Mk III (Trooper)
42. AR-18 (AR-18)
43. Remington 7600 (R7600)
44. Smith & Wesson Model 15 (Model 15)

Adam McCall's concentration mode is like Reverend Ray's from CoJ 1, and Brenden's concentration mode is like Thomas McCall's from BiB.

Adam McCall plays like Ray/Ben sans armor, and double reload speed with revolvers and shotguns, and Brenden plays like a mix between Thomas and Kim. Can duel wield, but takes damage more easily, and Sniper Rifles have a double reload speed.

Game name: Call of Juarez: Lead and Vultures
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It looks like you put a lot of effort into this. Just commenting to let you know I read this man. I haven't played COJ:1 yet, but I played BiB and about to pick up the Cartel. If I find the first one, I'll be sure to pick it up

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