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Mass Effect 3
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Grifter Reborn
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ME3 Encyclopedia

In an attempt to help cut down the number of threads being started in the Mass Effect 3 forum, I'm going to tie some of the important threads together for members to post in by clicking on the links below instead of starting a new thread. I'll also include some "useful info" in the next post. This thread doesn't have everything! Use the forum tool on the right side of your screen to "search this forum" before starting a new thread! If you feel a thread or info needs to be added to this, please let me know.


Achievement Guide and Roadmap - by: Tyger7


Unwavering Achievement Guide - by: Theoretic Eagle


Romance Guide - by: Tyger7


ME3 Ultimate Mission Guide - by: Grifter Reborn


Multiplayer Guide - by: Bahroo3


Resurgence DLC Guide - by: Bahroo3


Rebellion DLC Guide - by: Bahroo3


N7 Partner Thread - by: Rivercurse


Bitching Thread - by: iBuzz7s


Achievement Discussion - by: The Iceman2288


Media and News Updates - by: Rivercurse


ME3 FAQ - by: Bahroo3


Patch notes from April 10 - by: Bahroo3


Patch notes from May 31 - by: Bahroo3


Item Drop List - by: Shinoobii


Spoiler Tags - by: RoutineX

*Spoiler Discussions*

Please do not make any more threads about the ending. If you feel the need to comment or have a question about the ending, post at the following link:

Change is inevitable.

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Grifter Reborn
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Gamertag: Grifter x360a

Awards Showcase Community Gaming - Emerald   CABS Beta Tester   Over Achiever - Bronze   2,500 Posts   Staff Club - Grifter Reborn   x360a Representer (Retired)   Road Map - Bronze   A+ Thread Award
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Useful info.

Galactic Readiness

This is determined by gathering war assets (from missions, scanning, multiplayer, etc.) to help in your efforts to take back Earth by preparing your assets to maximize your odds. Each war asset you gain is added to the Total Military Strength (TMS). Your "Readiness" Rating (RR) starts at 50%. This means your Military Strength is only half prepared for the final battle. Therefore, if you have 1,000 war assets, but your readiness is at 50%, only half of your assets (500) will be effective, which is why your "Effective Military Strength" (EMS) is listed as 500.

There's currently three methods for boosting your RR.
1- Playing the iOS game Mass Effect: Infiltrator.
2- Playing the iOS game Mass Effect: Datapad.
3- Playing the multiplayer in ME3. The N7 Partners thread is great for teaming up and you can play private matches if your opposed to public matches. Works just as well.


When you promote your character after reaching level 20, your campaign will have an added War Asset under Alliance titled "N7 Special Ops Team". Each character class you promote will have a value of 75 points. This promotion will be available for all playthroughs. So if you promote 10 characters classes, you should have war assets totaling an extra 750 for every playthrough you make. Also when you promote a class, you receive a +10 to your N7 multiplayer rating.

Here's what I can confirm:
1- The class you promote is valued at 75 points no matter how many skins are unlocked in the row. Just because you play with only one character in multiplayer doesn't mean the rest of the class isn't ranking up too. If you have a Drell Adept at level 16, your 2 human characters are also level 16. After promoting (level 20) they all reset to 1.
2- The info is contained on EA servers, meaning it's available for every playthrough while online. Playing offline will result in no longer having the added assets for multiplayer. If you get back online again, they will all return.


You promote your character CLASS, not the specific skin you're using. This means if your using a Drell Adept and get to level 20, when you promote the 2 Humans are promoted too. (Assuming you don't have the Asari skin unlocked.) Once you promote the class, all 3 in the scenario given go back to level one with you needing to rename them. You DON'T lose any weapons or mods, you simply must re-equip them as the "character skins" will be highlighted "new". Any unlocks you've received for secondary color, pattern color, etc. DON'T disappear. Once it's unlocked (just like all of the alien "character skins") it remains unlocked for good.


The original ending(s) requirements:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

The EC DLC ending(s) requirements:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

A post credit scene is available for those who import a ME2 save or a ME3 save.

Import Save

The patch became available April 10th from Bioware to address the inability for the "import save" to properly import a created face. Unfortunately, it may or may not work. There are some possible "workarounds" such as deleting and redownloading the patch. If that doesn't work, load your character from ME2 and write down the code at the bottom of the import screen to use when creating the face again in ME3.

The save file that you import from ME2 will continue your level where it is left off from. So if you have a level 29 Soldier, s/he will be a level 29 Soldier. You'll have to re-assign your points for the new power tree. Previous weapons and armor will have to be found/bought again.
To import your ME3 save, after you've completed the game, start a New Game and select "Import ME3 Character".

Decisions that are imported from previous titles:
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

Known Issues

• Graphical bugs/glitches such as disappearing characters
• Hanar Quest easily interrupted to not allow it's completion
• Various freezing issues such as during "loading..." screens
• Mission Log no longer tracking missions step by step
• Achievement progress resetting
• Custom Face Import not working properly
• Experiencing a "black screen" during the EC ending(s) that freezes the game

How to keep RR at 100% without Multi or iOS

If you want "time stamps" for achievements, this method isn't recommended. This is for those who wish to make a playthrough without needing to stop and play multiplayer too boost their "readiness rating" (RR).

1- Get your RR to 100% by playing multiplayer and/or iOS device.
2- Start a single player campaign. (Note: if you have one in progress past step 3, use it and skip step 3)
3- Once your past the point of accessing the war map make a save file.
4- After saving, press then highlight "main menu" and press
5- Once your at the main menu, (and your still showing 100%) turn off your xbox.
6- Disconnect your xbox from the Internet. (This way, when you power up, you won't even connect to XBL.
7- So, turn xbox back on, sign in your profile, start ME3.
8- Load your last save file.
9- Enjoy playing at a constant 100% RR. All saves made after will keep 100% as long as you remain offline.

Change is inevitable.

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ME 3 War Assets

Effective Military Strength (EMS) must be 4000 or higher. The number BELOW the progess bar.

I have been keeping track of all assets and even with the BEST possible outcome from ME 1/2 and DLC the most i came up with is 7492 for war assets which means if you only play single player your EMS is only 3746 (YOU CANNOT GET ACHIEVEMENT without Multi-Player or Datapad/Infiltrator -facebook or iOS device). This takes into account all players surviving, Krogan cure rather than sabatoge (it nets more assets), saving the Rachni queen in ME1 and releasing her, save the council in ME1, Quarian and Geth peace (rewritten/destroy heretics in ME2 evens out between Geth and Quarian so that doesnt matter), all planet scans in ME1/2/3, All Normandy upgrades in ME2, all side missions completed, and Saving the Reaper base gains 10 Assets more than Destroying it. Hope that helps, If anyone can prove me wrong, message me i would like to hear how uoi got it.
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thank you, Grifter Reborn, for making an awesome thread. and double thanks for the spoiler tags, its much appreciated.
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Th3 WorM
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Great thread, very informative!
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Thanks for the guide Grifter, that definitely helps out a lot with the clutter.
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encyclopedia, mass effect, mass effect 3

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