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Max Payne 3
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Max Payne 3: Painkiller Location Guide

Guide is done, but if you found one I didn't mention please point it out for me (:


Hurricane Of 87

Mission 1:
• Entering into your first room, the first painkiller of the game is on the table on the left after going down two steps into what seems like a living room, after your first interaction with enemies, then turn right and head into the bathroom for another PK.

Mission 2:
• The first one is in the red lit bar where you jumped with the guy out of the window. It’s behind the bar on your right.
• After the next cut scene you will be in another bar area colored purple, with a bar down the stairs directly in front of you. Jump over this and to your left on a shelf underneath the bar is another painkiller.
• To your left there are stairs going up, go up these stairs and follow this walkway to the DJ booth where another painkiller awaits
• After you walk through the bathroom you will be in a room with lockers, in the one locker that is open there are two painkillers.
• In the dining area go around to the complete other side to pick up the painkiller on the welcome counter.
• After the Helicopter sequences you’ll lose all your painkillers, but you’ll pickup 2 while heading down the stairs.

Mission 3:
• Once you have control of Max Payne after Passos heals you, kill the guys from the cover you start against, and then turn around and walk into the room directly behind you and there is one against the wall on the left.
• After the next section when Passos yells at the guy sitting in the chair, you’ll see a guy jump out of a door on your left, inside here is a painkiller.
• After the cut scene with the 3 private military guys executing a guy, you’ll retake control of Max you’ll be automatically be put against a counter in a sports store inside of this counter is a painkiller.
• After the execution turn right and there is a bathroom with a painkiller in it.
• Upon entering the building after the sniper section, you’ll see a group of guys above you; this painkiller is directly in front of you under the guys.
• Continue until you get into the next room with an inclined slope at the top of this before going through the door is another painkiller along the wall on the right.
• After going through the fighting section in the stadium seats you’ll need to go back up some steps inside, at the top of the stairs directly in front of you are two painkillers.
• You will now ne in a box seat area, with a lot of guys, the next to painkillers are passed the box seats on your left behind the bar, and there are two of them.
• Once you see that there is another sniper shooting at you, you will be instructed to run to safety, once you get to the other side of the stands and back inside you’ll see these painkillers to the right of the doorway.

Mission 4:
• After taking control of max, to the right of you behind the bar is a painkiller.
• Once downstairs the next to painkillers are on the bar on your left.
• Once you are back in your apartment, after starting turn around and it’s on the white table.
• Next on is in the same room, but in your bathroom
• After Brewer blows that guys brains away and blows himself up, go into the room on your right and it’s on the table.
• After the cut scene when you kill the 6 guys falling from the water tower you’ll find yourself back inside through a hole in the wall, once upstairs the two painkillers are in the back of the room on top of a generator on the left side.
• Once you are in the mechanic shop after falling through the window the next painkiller is on the right hand side in the side room against the wall.

Mission 5:
• After killing the 2 guys by the truck, you’ll find yourself back inside, after this cut scene the painkiller is to your left in the same room you start out in.
• After the cut-scene turn around and there is another painkiller behind you on a shelf.
• When you enter the room the girl you’ve been searching for was previously held, this painkiller is to the right on the little table next to the computer screen.
• After jumping off the boat and killing the guys below, you’ll find this painkiller in the same room you open up the gate on the left hand side upon entering the door.
• Once you are outside again, you’ll soon go back inside after two guys come out of a door shooting at you. In this room they came out of the next two painkillers are in the room on your right on the first floor.
• In the same room as the switch to open up the docks, you’ll find these two painkillers to the left of the door upon entering.
• Right when you go down these steps from this little control room, go to your left into the little trailer to find another painkiller.
• When you get to the intersection on the docks to go right to go through a gate or left to go around to nowhere, go straight ahead on to the boat and this painkiller will be in the control booth of the boat.
• After going through the gate on the right continue along the docks until you see 2 guys come out from a little room in front of you, and the next painkiller is in this room on the wall.

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