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The Hero (Missable Quest List)

The Hero 40 Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

Here it is My "The Hero" Achievement Guide! If you see something wrong or you want more detail in a quest, feel free to say something and I'll add/fix it This list is in the order as i did them.

I can now confirm, You DO NOT need to do all the quest in one playthrough. I missed a few my 1st time around. Did the ones i missed 2nd playthrough and Achievement Unlocked "The Hero"

**Extra Note's Section Starts on the 3rd Post** 1st & 2nd Post are maxed words allowed.

All the Quests below Must be done before you finish the last Wyrm Hunt Quest. Some of the first quests that you get in Cassardis you must do BEFORE speaking to Ser Maximilian. I have them listed below.

Once you finish the last quest from him. The game will ask you if you are sure your ready to continue. Make you sure do everything before Accepting to Meet with the Duke.
Below i have Noted some Quest's you can still do after meeting the Duke. But i would just do them before to be safe.

Added Main story Quest's, so if a quest isn't showing up you know where you should be in the main story line.

Cassardis Quest to do before talking to Ser Maximilian.

Floral Delivery
** This is in Cassardis right outside the inn, a lady needs some flowers. x5 sunblight x1 moonglow.

Lost Faith** Go to the Church in Cassardis on the top of the map, talk to the father he wants a book that is on top of a house.

Grim Tidings** Talk to Elvar he is inside the church in Cassardis. He just wants you to talk to Merin give him the bad news.

Upon a pawn
** When you first leave Cassardis, on your way to The Encampment You will meet Reynard getting beat up by goblins. Save him and he will show up in the Encampment now selling stuff. This Continues later on in the game a new quest called "Search Party" see below.
Main Quest "Call of the Arisen" was done here.

Strength in Numbers
** This is after "Call of the Arisen" Once you enter the Encampment for the first time. A voice from the rift will ask you do to something & after you complete that. There will be a Guard next to the notice board asking if you want to a training regimen.

Guard Duty
** Madeleine Quest || You'll first meet her in Cassardis, she will want a escort to the encampment and she will ask for some money. You need to travel to the encampment 1st with the pawn, during the upon a pawn quest then head back to Cassardis and she should be in the Inn ready to go.

Deep Trouble
** In Cassardis, Right in front of the gate to exit the city is a well, Talk to the soldier for the quest.
Main Quest "A Rude Awakening" was done here.

An Uninvited Guest
** Talk to the Inn keeper Pablos in Cassardis, then talk to the two people to get more info then sleep at the inn till nightfall. Talk to Pablos again and say your ready.

Lost and Found
** Find the Village chief walking around in Cassardis. (the little old bald man) He will ask you to go find Quina in Witchwood.Note*If you missed Talent Bloom &/or A Parting Gift in your 1st playthrough, You need to do this quest again so the two Quest's will show up later.

Do all the Cassardis quest i listed above before talking to Ser Maximilian

Main Quest "Off With Its Head" & "A matter of Myrmidons" was done here.

A Troublesome Tome** Talk to Steffen he is usually just to the left of the Inn in Gran Soren. He Wants you go to grab a book for him at the male bandit camp. The book is in the Castle at the very top. Just keep climbing up and you'll see it at the top. NOTE* When you do this quest, Do Not Kill the Bandit Leader. No Honor Among Thief's & A Troublesome Tome Conflict. Do Not kill the leader. If you do kill him for some reason. He WILL re-spawn later in the game, i went back after i met the Duke for the first time & he was back.

Land of Opportunity
** Gran Soren, Talk to Fournival-- He walks around, But can be found at the Black Cat Shop or he has a house in the noble quarters. Called Fournival Manor
Main Quest "Lure of the Abyss" was done here.

Reaper's Scorn** Right outside the guild camp in Gran Soren. The house across from it. Talk to the Father, get a wakestone give it to the kid and your done.

Note* It seems the Quest Thick as Thieves(Female Bandit Leader) is giving people trouble. When they talk to her she is attacking them even if they are wearing female clothes. So to be safe, I would do
Thick as Thieves 1st and After completing this quest. Then try to do No Honor Among Thief's and that way there should be no problems finishing both Quests.

Also like to note that if you finish one of the Bandit's quest, they each give you a different item. Ophis's Badge Of Amity for female & Maul's Badge of Amity for male. Make sure you don't have the opposite Leader's badge on your person when trying to accept the other Leaders Quest. They might become hostile to you.

Thick as Thieves
** Female Bandit Camp, now i have read alot of people are having problems with this. If your a male pawn you have to dress like a female and have all female pawns in your group. I was female and had all female pawns. You can buy a women's dress from Black Cat's shop in Gran Soren.

The female bandit camp is located NW of the map. "The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort" SW of Soulflayer Canyon East Entrance & NE of Miasmic Haunt. Talk to a bandit outside the fort, this is NOT the leader Ophis that gives the quest. She will want you to feed Ophis's pet cyclops. A Goblin he wants, Kill one and pick it up with RT and lay it in front of him. NOTE* Can be done after meeting Duke. As said below i guess you can also just go up to Ophis and get a quest to kill male bandits, but i wouldn't do this if you haven't done the Male Bandit Leader Quest.

No Honor Among Thief's
** Male Bandit Camp. "The Ruins of Aernst Castle" West of Witchwood
After doing *A Troublesome Tome* Go back to him and he will have a quest. To not make the female bandits mad, when he gives you a choice, Goto Cassardis & talk Pike into turning himself in. This is the best outcome you can get. NOTE* Can be done after meeting Duke & again if you did kill him for some reason, He will re spawn later in the game.

Deeper Trouble**
This is in Cassardis after going to Gran Soren, right when you enter a guy named Rorric in the well will cry out. Go inside kill some lizzy's and destroy the eggs.

Chasing Shadows
** After completing the quest "A Matter of Myrmidons" You can find Mason walking around in front of the Inn in Gran Soren.Note*If your playing threw a 2nd time because you missed the Madeleine quest's &/or achievement, make sure you do this one again to unlocked "Bad Business" later on.
Main Quest "The Cypher" was done here.

Dying of Curiosity
** Talk to Merin wondering around, I found him outside the inn in Cassardis going to the beach area. Next Go outside the gates of Cassardis and to the right is "Unusual Beach" down the path. You Will find Valmiro laying in the sand. Make Sure you bring 6 Greenwarish. He will want 1 the first time you find him. Then go to The Encampment. He is just outside next to a tree on the left & wants 2 Greenwarish. Then off to Witchwood, right when you enter his laying on the ground. 3 more Greenwarish. Back to Cassardis talk to Merin to finish it.
Another quest with Valmiro appears after meeting the Duke, See below. Also Make sure you do this quest if your missing "Farewell Valmiro"
Main Quest "A Fortress Besieged" was done here.

Thanks ProdigyChildPwn, WilRonward & my boy FLIPADELPHIIA for the help
Thats what you get when you let your heart win WhooAAooA

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