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Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe
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Achievement Speedrun Guide

Okay so this guide won't follow the conventions of a standard x360a guide, at least not immediately, because I just want to get the information down and help you guys.
These tips are intended to help you get every achievement out of the way as fast as possible, but I do suggest playing the games properly first if you haven't done so before.

= A
= B
= C

Golden Axe
Preparation: Set the game options to maximum lives and health. Start the game and pick Tyris.

Utter Obliteration - You can get this on the very first enemy. Hit them until they die, and as you hear their death cry but before they hit the ground press (A) to use magic on them. They'll die again and Achievement unlocked.

Temporary Partners - There are two enemies riding a Chicken Leg in the first level, one halfway through and one at the boss battle. Dismount one and ride it yourself. Finish the level while still on one and that's Achievement unlocked.
If you struggle with this then the second level is much easier to get this on. In fact it is possible to finish every level except the fourth one while on a mount.

Law of Gravitation - The second level begins with a huge pit to the left. There are multiple enemies so chuck one in. One down, two to go. Also, try to ride one of the two blue dragons you'll encounter during this level.

I summon thee, Dragonhead! - By the second level's boss battle you should have maxed Tyris' magic gauge, so let 'er rip! Achievement unlocked.

Tamer of the Wilds - The beginning of the third level has a Chicken Leg, a blue dragon and a pink dragon. You should have ridden the first two by now, so get on the pink dragon. Achievement unlocked.

Wielder of the Axe - You're about halfway now so you might as well continue, you'll have to start over if you'd rather play as someone else.
There's a blue dragon in the fifth level, if you can get to Death Adder while riding it and with maximum magic then he'll be a total joke. Two games to go!


Golden Axe II
Preparation: On Easy you cannot finish the game, but you can get all the other achievements before the cutoff point and then use a cheat to skip to the end. Play as Tyris again and away we go.

Law of Gravitation - When you come across an abyss you should be able to hit an enemy into one, that's if he doesn't walk into it outright.

Come forth, King of Fire! - Play until you max out Tyris' magic gauge. Depending on which Magic option you chose, press or hold (A) and cast her maximum magic. Achievement unlocked!

Master of Beasts - There's a Chicken Leg, a green dragon and a pink dragon to ride. As soon as you mount the pink dragon the achievement will pop.

Now reset the game.
At the main menu, highlight options then press and HOLD ++ (A+B+C). Once in the options menu, RELEASE + (B+C): while keeping (A) held.
Use only (B) to confirm your selections until the player select. I'd suggest picking Gillius now, he has the strongest physical attack.
The screen will turn black with a 1 in the middle, you can release (A) now.
Press (A) until the 1 is a 7, then press to go straight to the final boss battle.
Kill off Dark Guld, but we're not quite done yet...

Coliseum Champion
From the main menu, select The Duel. You'll face fourteen battles with increasingly tough sets of opponents, so use a bit of save scumming to make the mode easier to complete. I'd suggest picking Gillius for this again Achievement unlocked and onto Golden Axe III!


Golden Axe III
Preparation: There is a level select cheat but using it will render you unable to get the Good Ending, so we're in for the long haul!
To get the good ending you need to reach the final boss with a "Grade" of B or higher and without using a continue.

PICK CHRONOS LAIT. He's the panther dude on the left of the character select and he has the most broken attack in the game, + (Toward, Away, Toward, B+C), which is an unblockable dash that he is invulnerable while performing. You can delay each movement slightly if you like and still pull it off.
Abuse this attack liberally along with savestates to get you through.

Law of Gravitation - It shouldn't be too hard to whack an enemy into a pit, you'll unlock the achievement this time provided you knocked a baddie into a pit in the other two games.

Pacifier of Creatures - While the route you take doesn't matter at all for the good ending you should take the high road whenever you're given a choice.
You'll ride a pink snail-dragon in the first level, a green snail-dragon in the third, a red dragon in the fourth and a green dragon in the fifth upon which the achievement will pop.
You need to do this in one run. On my first run I took the low routes and the green one didn't appear at all while on my second I skipped one thinking I didn't need to ride it again.

Wielder of the Axe - If you didn't do well enough to get the good ending and you've beaten the other two games then you'll get this achievement upon defeating Damud. Otherwise, read on.

Golden Axe Forever - Provided you did well enough then you'll fight Damud a second time. Defeat him again and you'll get this achievement.

This One Stands Alone - Back at the main menu, select Versus Mode. It's much easier in this game, first you select a character to play as and then you get to fight against all four main characters and the Griffin, in any order you choose. You can even play as the Griffin in this mode, although I'd suggest just picking Chronos again to make it really easy.

If you've followed the tips then that should be your 400G! Let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

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