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Mini Guide for Various Achievements

I thought it would be helpful to put every easy boosting method into one topic since the current guide isn't very helpful. So here's a compilation of easy ways to get achievements that I've found here on the forums. None of these methods are mine unless no author is stated.

Skills for Duels: (Thanks to NoelG)
Win a match in Legendary Souls with a brave edge.

Originally Posted by NoelG View Post
Use Astharoth, when you fight against Kilik, it will be most likely in the first match, perform the grab + and do it every time he's going to get up, most of the times you will grab it. If you don't grab it and lose the round, continue trying. In the last round, when he is on the yellow zone of his energy, do a up, up (keep pressed), and quickly RT.
I don't know if i've explained what you have to do, english isn't my first language, but you can see it better on Soul Calibur V (SCV) Skills for Duels Achievement - YouTube
War Veteran: (Thanks to Jawmuncher)
Beat Arcade on Hard.

Originally Posted by Jawmuncher View Post
I just got done with it in about 10 minutes, after a previous attempt I gave up on after 40 minutes. (Yes I suck at fighting games).

Pick Hilde, Set the type to asia, and obviously choose hard mode.
Basically just keep spamming LT grab by the edge of every level, while it's partly luck is much faster and easier than trying to win each round with regular fighting.

Note though the 2nd stage is enclosed while the rest allow for ring outs.
Though it should be easy enough to beat if you spam X and forward Y.

Also I don't know if the 6th stage is always the same.
When I played kilik is always though, but not sure if that's true for all.

I hope this helps someone. Really don't want someone else to suffer for 40 minutes like I did trying to fight Cervantes on hard using the europe setting.
Wind of Battle: (Thanks to Calatia)
Travel 87,600m.

Originally Posted by Calatia View Post
I saw this posted somewhere else, but it doesn't appear to be a very well-known method.

1. Go to Quick Battle
2. Search for "Europe" and "Beginner"
3. Select the player "DiamondJoe", even if you've defeated them already
4. Select Voldo, as he has the fastest move speed
5. Throw a rubber-band on your controller so left is being held down, causing Voldo to move backwards

Since the stage has no boundaries, you can just keep walking backwards until the match ends. A majority of the time the match will end in a draw, but sometimes you will get KO'd. All you have to do is press the A button a few times every three minutes or so to initiate a rematch.
Soul Fulfilled/Hands of the Abyss: (Thanks to BTumme and Kratos 1400)
Reach level 99/ win by getting a ring out 50 times.
Originally Posted by BThumme View Post
Quick battle, search for c5 Siegfried name Ozanius

Pick nightmare

Go all the way left, Ozanius will chase you. Press b+g and you'll throw him out. He never blocks the grab, and nightmare has a long reach. One you get in a groove you will be on fire.
Average ring out is with :55 left. That's about 140 xp/ 30 seconds. No way you can beat this.

No complicated combos here.

EDIT: I've beaten him 63 times in one hour. 138 point/ win. That's 8694 xp/hr.
Instead of picking Nightmare, pick Hilde and do the same exact thing. (Press LT at the black line when he gets to you.) (Found by Kratos 1400)

Stalwart Barbarian:
Perform 50 wall hits.

Same as above, but instead of going to the edge and throwing them off, turn your back to a wall and throw them into the wall.

Parrier of Swords:
Perfect win 50 times.

Pick Cervantes, go to quick battle and fight someone that's a E5-E3 rank. Back up at the beginning of the match and spam his -> +Y+B move that shoots a fireball. 4-5 hits will kill them.

Like a Flowing Stream: (Thanks to EMP)
Just guard 5 times.

Originally Posted by EMP View Post
I have found that the easiest way to get this achievement is to simply
-Start up Quick Battle
-Set Search Criteria to Advanced
-Search for a A1 A2 or A3 Custom character or Regular Patrokolos fighting style
-As soon as it starts spam and keep doing it.

I found this the best and got the achievement in only 2 rounds. So if anyone needs this achievement or has difficulty doing so, I highly recommend this method! Good luck guys
Momentary Pleasure:
Perform 100 Guard Impacts.

Using Xiba, press Y+B to do an impact. Go to quick battle, search intermediate. This is fairly quick to do this way. I fought against an AI named Rin and got this within 5-10 minutes.

Fancy a Mad King: (Thanks to dAFKave813)
Guard bust 30 times

Originally Posted by dAFKave813 View Post
So I was having tons of problems with this achievement as of 20 hours played I had only gotten 3 of them. I found that during quick play if you come across an opponent named Ozanius he is a C5 rank with the title "Heavy Infantry" you can actually farm them from him pretty easy. He can be found by setting the search criteria area to "other" and opponent strength to "intermediate. I found a good way is with Xiba and just spam his stick poke( forward and Y+X) until you have enough of your meter filled to use his critical edge. Just make sure he is blocking when you use your CE and he will block the stick pokes about 50-60% of the time. Using this method I was able to get 1-2 guard breaks per match. Hope this helps anybody having problems with this achievement.
Hero Carved into History/Conqueror of the Area:
Fight 100 times/win 50 times.

Both can be done on ranked or player matches. The easier way is to set up a player match with 1 private slot and invite someone and trade off wins. Achievement Trading Thread
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If you have any other easy way to get an achievement that isn't on here, post it and I'll add it.
Rank 21 for my score on Free Bird drums expert. 1,038,079
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