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Lollipop Chainsaw
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Lollipop Collectibles & Zombie Album Guide

Found this guide via a Google search? Not a registered member? Then why not Join the Forum!. Please do not steal/paraphrase this guide and post it on another site. If we find this content posted anywhere but then action will be taken. If you see this content posted anywhere else then let us or the staff here know. Thank you!

Lollipop Collectible Guide

JuSt BLaZe

- *In order to collect ALL Lollipops you MUST be playing on HARD difficulty. Some lollipops will show on Normal, but you can collect every lollipop on Hard. It will save you a lot of time.*

- You MUST get to the next checkpoint in order for the Lollipop to save to your profile. Don't pick one up then quit out of the game or you will lose that Lollipop.

- You can check which Lollipops that you have already found by visiting Juliet's Room and changing tabs till you reach the page for Lollipops.

Video Guide:


Lollipop #1 - The first lollipop that you will encounter in the game will be right after you learn how to do a slash with the button. The lollipop is to the left of the bus in the area of the second classmate.

Lollipop #3 -
The second lollipop will be right after you reach the third classmate. The lollipop is located behind the bus to the right of when you go through the gate.

Lollipop #2 -
After using the Chop2Shop.Zom for the first time, you will come to an alley way. Make your way through the alley and jump up above to the ledge. The second lollipop will be to the right behind the fence.

Lollipop #4 -
The last lollipop to collect in the Prologue will be found when traveling down the road to the crashed helicopter. The lollipop is to the right of the fence near the helicopter.

Stage 1 (High School)

Lollipop #5 - The first lollipop found in Stage 1 will be in the area of the first classmate that you will have to rescue. The lollipop is located directly behind the classmate.

Lollipop #9 -
Found after learning how to use Nick's head to equip to a body. The lollipop is right behind the blue headless body.

Lollipop #6
- After a cutscene where a bus crashes into the school and attempts to run you over, you will advance past the bus in order to save the classmate that is hanging off the ledge. Go down to the end of the hallway and start destroying the lockers. The lollipop will be located inside the first large locker that you will see.

Lollipop #7 -
Found in the room right before you enter the Gym to play some Zombie Basketball. The room will be after bouncing on top of the zombies to blow them up. Walk down several hallways until you reach a door that you will have to chainsaw to get open. The room where the lollipop is located is on the opposite side behind some shelves when walking into the room.

Lollipop #10 -
Found after you reach the smoke-filled classroom. There will be 15 zombies that you will have to defeat and a blue headless body in the corner. The lollipop is at the front of the room next to the blackboard.

Lollipop #8 -
This lollipop will be found after reaching Juliet's birthday cake. The lollipop will be found in the corner of the room after the cutscene.

Lollipop #11 -
Found when you're making your way down towards Zed. After passing through several QTE (Quick Time Events) scenes, you will come to an enclosed space where you will have to defeat 6 zombies. After defeating them, go through the gate and down the pole and the lollipop will be on your right.

Stage 2 (Stadium)

Lollipop #12 - After going through a bus in chainsaw dash, you will then have to fight six or so zombies. After taking them down, chainsaw dash up the ramp and the lollipop will be all the way to your left.

Lollipop #15 -
After rescuing the first classmate in the stage, you will need to use your chainsaw to use clear a pathway. Go up the stairs and around a few corners and you'll see the lollipop.

Lollipop #13 -
After making it up to the roof of the building, you will be chainsaw dashing through several ramps. The lollipop will be to the left after the second chainsaw jump.

Lollipop #14 -
This lollipop will be found right after killing the zombies inside the Gym. Walk out the doors and the lollipop will be behind the door on the left.

Lollipop #16 -
Found when you're on the rooftop where you will fight the football player zombies. After killing all of them, the blue headless zombie will appear for you to use. Go behind the ramp that is blocked off to find the lollipop.

Lollipop #17 -
After collecting lollipop number 16, ride over the ramp, kill some fire fighter zombies, use the next ramp and the lollipop will be straight ahead behind some electrical fence.

Stage 3 (
O'Bannon Farm)

Lollipop #18 - After having to fight with a big zombie named Mark, a headless body to use with Nick will pop up. The lollipop is to the right of the body behind a tree.

Lollipop #22 -
After taking out the floating zombies that were next to the bus and taking a call from mom, turn around and the lollipop will be next to the tree.

Lollipop #19 -
After finishing off the floating zombies that are attacking Juliet's sister, continue down the road past the cows and you will see the next lollipop sparkling behind a tree.

Lollipop #23 -
Keep progressing through the stage until you reach the blue headless zombie and some farmers. In the farm where the zombies are will be a lollipop.

Lollipop #20 -
At the same location where you find number 23, right next to the headless body will be a small passageway leading to a trampoline. Hop onto the trampoline and hit the buttons accordingly. You will be launched up into the air and will land near the lollipop.

Lollipop #24 -
After chainsaw dashing over a large ramp, you will end up having to defeat 14 zombies to advance. The lollipop is in the right corner as soon as you jump off the ramp.

Lollipop #21 -
Near the end of the stage after you have crossed a small rocky creek, you will come to six fat farmer zombies. Turn the corner and the lollipop is behind the tree.

Stage 4 (Fulci Fun Center)

Lollipop #25 - Right at the beginning of the stage to the right of the arcade machines.

Lollipop # 26 -
After clearing the first room from zombies, you will head up stairs and are placed in an arcade game. You will need to collect all 8 keys to advance. After you collect the 8th key, head back into the middle of the game's floor and pick up the lollipop.

Lollipop #28 -
As soon as you exit the arcade game, turn right and the lollipop will be behind some small objects.

Lollipop #29 -
After defeating all of the zombies with that carry speakers on the stage, you will come to another arcade game. After beating the game (Takes around 2 minutes), the lollipop will appear to the left of the exit behind some clear glass.

Lollipop #27 -
Once you have reached the rooftops and have taken out the helicopter, walk towards the far left corner of the rooftops and the lollipop will be behind an A/C unit.

Lollipop #30 -
After completing the Gondola game you will come to the very top of the building. You will need to use the Vaulting Box to get past the fence. In order to get to the lollipop you will need to jump the highest that you can. Press repetitively as fast as you can to get a higher jump. If you fail the first time, restart your checkpoint and you will start off right back at the Vaulting Box.

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