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Dead Space 2
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How to duplicate power nodes/credits in chapter 1. No saving or DLC necessary.

I recently decided I want to attempt a Hardcore run through Dead Space 2. I knew there were certain duplication exploits, but the only ones I knew of either required you to repeatedly save and quit (making them useless for Hardcore mode), or so time-consuming, that they really weren't worth the effort (the DLC Detonator mine trick).

However, I found this video on YouTube that shows you how to duplicate power nodes/credits at the end of chapter 1. I didn't see it posted here, so I thought I'd share it. Credit to Twerly222.

In this video, Twerly222 refers to somebody else having made their own video showing off the trick first, but don't worry; you don't need to watch it, as he covers everything and makes the process faster.

It still takes a while, but it's *significantly* faster than the DLC Detonator mine trick. You can generate one power node or one stack of 1,000 credits every 15 seconds or so.

I spent about 3 hours today getting 261 power nodes (enough to upgrade absolutely everything in the game), and 300,000 credits. Sure, it's tedious, but do what I did, and stick some podcasts on or something. Also, it's quicker if you don't plan on upgrading every weapon/don't want as much cash. Also, if you do have any DLC weapon packs, the process for getting credits is shortened considerably, but I'll explain that a bit later.

Here are a few important notes if you do plan on doing this (watch the video first, so these will make sense):

1) Practice this trick on Casual first. Save before you do it, so you can reload if you make a mistake. There are a several steps to follow, which must be done *exactly* as you see in the video. If you do mess it up while playing Hardcore, the trick won't work, and you'll have to start the game over from the beginning. Considering how many cutscenes there are in chapter 1 (the intro alone is a good 10 minutes), you don't want this.

2) This trick only works with power nodes and credits. As soon as you pick up anything that goes into your inventory slots, the credit clip and power nodes will stop reappearing. Upon starting the game and taking control of Isaac, feel free to pick up items up until you reach the room with the balloons. From this moment on, do not pick anything up other than what you're duplicating, until you are satisfied with what you have, and are ready to move on. Unfortunately, this means you can't duplicate the Gold Semiconductor that the boss drops.

3) You can use this guide to determine how many power nodes you need to fully upgrade each weapon/your RIG/stasis:

4) After you've decided that you're finished, there's a store and bench in the next room after the crawlspace. After that, there's a hallway with a Necromorph playing dead on a moving floorway, and a save station. DON'T BE CAUGHT OFF-GUARD BY THIS NECROMORPH. KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU. If you die before saving, you'll have wasted a huge amount of time.

5) I recommend saving at the save station I mentioned above. Sure, it's very early in the game (chapter 2), but do you really want to take the risk of having to do the trick all over again? Look at it as having one less save point that normal, but in exchange for being able to fully upgrade everything you want, and having a ton of credits. Also, upgrade your weapons/RIG/stasis before saving, so you don't have to do it again if you die (it also makes dealing with the necromorph safer).

6) HAVING ANY OF THE WEAPON DLC PACKS MAKES THIS TRICK A LOT FASTER. Unfortunately, I only realised this immediately after spending nearly two hours duplicating credits (I do have some DLC), but there's a much quicker way of generating cash than duplicating the 1,000 credit clip. Instead, after you've duplicated enough power nodes to fully upgrade everything you need, continue duplicating more, being aware that you'll be losing these ones. Once you progress through the crawlspace, you can buy DLC weapons (they cost nothing), fully upgrade them, and then sell them. You can't sell power nodes directly, but you get 5000 credits for each power node attached to the weapon.

As an example, a fully upgraded DLC plasma cutter requires 18 power nodes, and sells for 90,000 credits. So instead of having to duplicate the 1,000 credit clip 90 times, you only have to duplicate a power node 18 times. You can keep rebuying, upgrading, and selling the DLC weapons so long as you have enough power nodes, so make sure you have enough power nodes ready when you go through the crawlspace.

Just don't forget to also bring enough power nodes you'll need for upgrading your RIG/stasis/weapons you plan on keeping.

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