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Wanted: Weapons of Fate
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Old 04-15-2012, 11:18 AM   #1
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My experience with the cheats and glitches

Here is a list of exactly what I did to get the cheats/glitches to unlock achievements.

So I first played through the game 100% legit on "The Assassin" difficulty, during this playthrough I got the 9 achievements for completing each act on Assassin (190G) as well as 9 achievements for doing the acts on easy (95G).
The Tutorials are unmissable also which gave me 3 more achievements (15G). I used a collectible/Explosive Rat guide on this playthrough also which gave me a further 4 achievements (65G) aswell as killing the ex-g/f on level one and my boss on level 5 picking up 2 more (10G).
Luckily by the time I was fighting the Immortal in the bell tower on Act 9 I had unlocked all weapon related/ Adrenaline ability achievements for killing "X" amount of enemies etc which added a further 8 achievements (110G)
So on playthrough 1 I happily managed 35 achievements (485G)

Now comes the cheats/glitchs part.
The 1st thing to get rid of next was the 9 achievements (290G) for Killer difficulty, this playthrough took me about 1-1.5 hours if that, you can use cheats on Killer difficulty and unlock all 9 achievements. The way I did this was to...
1. Start a new game on "Killer"
2. Get to the 1st checkpoint where the shielded SWAT guy is taunting you in the video.
3. Quit to Main Menu
4. Go to Unlocked Acts - Play Act 1 on Killer
5. Turn your cheats on as soon as the game starts
6. Play to the exact same point (SWAT shield man being a jerk) The cheats will auto turn off.
7. Turn the cheats back on
8. Quit to main menu
9. Resume game, the cheat icon isnt there but wahey they are working!

The cheats are brillaint for anyone wanting to quickly run through Killer difficulty very very quickly, Infinte Ammo, Infinite Adrenaline and One Shot, One Kill are a must.

So with that wrapped up I then went after the 3 Boss/Character Specific Achievements (75G) - You can get these in Unlocked Acts and you can alos use cheats to get them... and yes the One Shot, One Kill cheat does work on all bosses.

So first thing first... Kill Araņa with Wesley without mask on The Killer Difficulty
1. Start a new game on Time Attack Mode (default is Killer difficulty)
2. Play to the first checkpoint (Yes the crazy SWAT dude)
3. Quit to main menu
4. Select Unlocked acts - Act 7 - Play as Wesley (not Wesley/Cross)
5. I put the difficulty to "Pussy" - as I understand the game gets a little confused here as it thinks that you are still playing Time Attack (default Killer difficulty) but will allow you to chose "Pussy" and still get the achievement.
6. To enable cheats (if desired) As soon as Act 7 Starts put the cheats on
7. Play until the first checkpoint - you will notice the cheats have now auto turned off, so...
8. Put them back on again.
9. Die. Yes thats right, get yourself killed.
10. GAME OVER. Don't panic just Load up the last checkpoint. The cheat icon has disappeared but they still worked for me, did they for you?
11. Play thru the level until you get to the Spider woman (she isnt at the end, maybe half way thru), fire 1 bullet at her... done!

I repeated the exact same process for "Kill The Immortal with Cross on The Killer Difficulty" on Act 9 (make sure to select Cross as your character, the Immortal does die with 1 bullet also)
"Kill The Russian with The Immortal in close combat and The Killer Difficulty" (make sure to select The Immortal as your character, the Russian fight can be shortened immensely - He doesn't know you are there at first so just run round the corner firing, a bullet is bound to hit him, job done!)

So that's 47 Achievements (850G) from 1 legit playthrough (with collectible guide on hand), 1 Glitched/Cheating/Killer Playthrough that didn't take very long and 3 level selections, 1 of which you don't even have to get to the end of the level for!

Next up was my Headshot mode "Playthrough"
1. Start up a new game -chose Headshot mode
2. Select difficulty of choice, it makes no difference (I chose "Pussy" because I am one)
3. Kill the 1st 4 SWAT guys with Headsot and get to that famous checkpoint, do you know all the dialogue in the video sequence yet?
4. Quit to Main Menu
5. Unlocked Acts - Act 9
6. Ok the Headshot indicator thing in the top corner has gone, but don't panic.
7. Turn cheats on if you want to speed things up, they auto turn off at every checkpoint (as you well know) but just turn them on again and carry on through this tedious level, through the tunnels, past the snipers on the scaffolding, up the bell tower etc etc
8. Top of bell tower - Wesley meets The Immortal
9. DO NOT TURN CHEATS ON WHEN YOU GET TO THE IMMORTAL (unless you want to play this level again?
10. Best method (quickest) to take him out is curved bullet followed by a slowmo run, you can do this just twice and he's down.

Easy Peasy - Just kill the Immortal legit after fiendishly cheating all the way thru the level. I now have 48 Achievements (900G)

Now for the Time Attack Mode, (I haven't done this yet) what I know so far is that you CANNOT use cheats at all (It maxes out your Time to 99:59:59), the glitch does work however.
1. New Game - Time Attack
2. Get to shielded SWAT guy (New best friend?)
3. Quit
4. Unlocked Acts - Act 9 (Favourite Act?)
5. The Timer appeared Red for me at first which did worry me but After the 1st Checkpoint it turned Green and displayed a time on 47 minutes but it was frozen, time had stood still, so I plodded on though the level, keeping the timer at 47 minutes.

I haven't finished the level yet, I had an Xbox rage and quit after I kept dying (sad I know) but remember you CANNOT use cheats and you are on KILLER difficulty, Patience and Cover is probably sound advice.

Close Combat Mode (Annoying!) - I used the exact same technique I used for Headshot Mode (New game, SWAT C/P, Quit, Unlocked Acts - Act 9, Lots of cheating, bell tower, No cheating, Legit Immortal Slaying) and ...


That's right, no poppage of achievement, I'm gonna have another bash at "Close Combat" now (and when I am feeling calm have a stab at Time Attack once more)

It seems however that you CANNOT use Cheats on Close Combat Mode (Headshot Mode - not a problem) pretty annoying (however you dont have to use Close Combat on the last level anyway, and you can do it on "Pussy" - Patience, Patience)

So I'm gonna take my time and not rush to get my last 100G, hope I have helped anyone struggling with the cheats/ glitches, this is how I got them to work. If anyone has a way to use cheats on Time Attack and Close Combat please let me know as I am sick of playing Act 9 now and havent got the patience to do them legit (even though it won't take that long)

Oh well... Act 9 here we go again!
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Old 04-16-2012, 04:32 PM   #2
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Gamertag: Cookman86
Just a quick update, I have done Close Combat mode legit (No Cheats) I still used the glitch to skip from act 1 to Act 9 but no achievement, any help appreciated
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Old 05-16-2012, 08:18 PM   #3
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Gamertag: Cookman86
I did time attack mode no problem but I still havent got the close combat achievement, have I locked the achievement indefinately? I really dont wnt to deleted my save and do all the game again! Boo!
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Old 06-09-2012, 02:23 PM   #4
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i followed the guide exactly on how to do the killer difficulty with cheats but the achievements are just not unlocking. do i have to go through the entire game on killer for it to work. (i just did the first chapter so that i could select it in replay acts)
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Old 06-09-2012, 02:33 PM   #5
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the cheeves aren't even popping when i do it legitimately!
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Old 07-04-2012, 12:13 AM   #6
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I had this happen on my American copy. You are going to have to delete everything and play the game all over again. I don't recommend using the cheats for the killer difficulty because it seems to disable some of the others.
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