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Spec Ops: The Line
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FUBAR - Tips & Tricks

Noticed a fair few people where having issues with this difficulty and that is understandable - It's a bitch in a lot of places. So using THIS guide - credit to immikeulate - but a few edits and extra info, I thought it'll help!


Tips & Tricks

Squad: Though these guys may get in the way or be useless sometimes, they really are not there to annoy you. These guys will be the heart and soul of killing and saving your life in the long run, so use them.

If an enemy AI is a little too close to you, target him to take the heat off of you, so it gives you more time to kill off other enemies or take a break. In some occasions, it may be best to let the enemy AI bunch up, so the 'Stun' command pops up. This is really handy, as it leaves all the AI stunned, giving you the chance to make a dent the amount of people you have to finish off.

Adams: He's actually the best squad mate for a couple of reason. One he uses a heavy weapon, so when attacking or targeting an enemy via a command, he'll unleash a hail of bullets! The other great thing about him is that he's the only one who throws grenades. Not all the time, but occasionally he'll launch one into the group of AI and it'll be a big help. Not only for clearing a group of guys, but for the dust it may kick up.

Lugo: Anyone at a distance will get killed with one hit by him. So when you see people at a distance, command your guys on them and it'll save you having to take time at aiming and even wasting ammo. Other than this, Lugo is another good back-up.

Ammo: So if you've read the points above, hopefully you should have enough to last you. Ammo is a little scarce around the game, but when you come across some, don't pick it up straight away. Search the dead bodies first to grab anything little and then open the ammo crates.

Just make sure that if you're only missing a small amount of bullets to not open the crate right away because it'll be a waste. Try and save it until you feel it's the right time, so it doesn't go to waste.

Guns: There's a few that you're going to want to make sure you have in your arsenal at ALL times (if possible).
  • M4A1: Most common, but best assault gun in the game. Loads of AI enemies use it, so ammo is plenty, and I personally feel that having it set with the silencer attachment, it works a bit better.
  • 417: Again, a very powerful assault rifle. This will be a 2/3 hit kill weapon on most enemies - bar the juggernauts - and is super handy. It's also a must, due to it's optic scope. This will save you a lot of time and hassle with anyone at a distance. Aim for the head, shoot one bullet and smile.
  • SCAR-H: I don't prefer this over the M4A1, but it's very useful because of the grenade launcher as it's secondary. Personally, it kicks up way too much to get those headshots.
  • AA12/M32 MGL: I wouldn't really keep these guns on you at all times, because they're very rare and ammo off the AI is little to none. But when in a sticky situation and you need to clear a spot, hands down they'll do the job. They'll kill a Juggernaut in an instant.
Aiming: Always try and aim for the head. I know in some situations it's hard, but there's a nice little trick. When in cover, you'll notice that the reticle is still visible (not when using certain scopes thought). So with that in mind and you in cover, control it over to the enemy you want to shoot at/kill and with a bit of skill and general guessing, you can actually aim for the head.

Once lined up, quickly press LT and then RT and you'll most likely be aiming at the upper body or head. It's a quick and easy way to aim at your targets without having to come out of cover until the last moment.

This leads me onto blind-firing. This is actually pretty accurate, so if someone is close but you can't risk coming out of cover, us it. Remember you have the reticle there for guidance! You may also want to head over to the Options and turn on Auto-Aim. It'll head lock onto any AI and also auto move up to the head in some occasions.

Time: Don't rush. In none of the missions is there a time limit, so don't feel like you must complete the game in record time.

Checkpoints: Good point here. Play the game by checkpoint to checkpoint and not chapter by chapter. If you've had enough for one night and have just reached a checkpoint, stop there. Don't feel like you have to stress yourself out anymore by getting to the end.

Executions: Don't go out of your way for these if you're swamped with enemies, but if you can achieve one or more of these, do it. Doing so will net you a nice bunch of ammo and grenades.

Grenades: Very handy when you want to move position or clear an area of guys.
  • Explosive: As well as killing groups of enemies in a nice radius, they're also kick up dust clouds when thrown on sand, which is most of the time. Doing so will help you clean any remaining guys without you being harmed, but it'll also help you move positions and cover.
  • Sticky: Same as above, but try and stick it onto one of the AI. If done, they'll run right up to their squad and hopefully you'll take more than one out. Take note, these take longer to detonate that the standard explosive.
  • Flash: Again, these will help you kill off guys without worry of being shot at.
Cover: As well as being a life saver, it can also get you killed. Not all cover is indestructible, so take that into consideration. It's also worth noting that, if an enemy is higher than you, they'll most likely get some hits on you, so try and find some side cover.

Turrets: This is mainly for when you take control of them. Again, personally, I always crouch. Though the aiming is off a little, it'll save you from getting hit. If you need to get a more accurate shot off, press in LS, kill the guys quickly, then go straight back into a crouch.

Squad Down: Tricky really. Do you save them or get your remaining squad mate to? This all depends on your location, cover you can take and who's closet. Take these into consideration before you rush half way across the map to be the hero.

Stealth: In some areas, it'll be noted to you that taking a quiet stealthy approach is the best tactic. For this, get Adams/Lugo to do the work. They'll sync their attacks and it'll be a one hit kill all the way. This saves you making a mistake or wasting ammo.

Spawns The spawns in this game are not infinite, so feel free to hang back and take your time to pick each guy off one by one. It's also worth noting that the spots and areas the enemy spawns are always the same, so use this to your advantage if a certain area is giving you some trouble.

This also goes for what enemy moves up on you or throws a grenade, it'll be the same one each time unless you intervene.

Priorities: This is mainly for what enemies to kill first. If you a CQC guy is running at you, deal with him first. If he gets close and hits you, it's an instant kill. Then there's the Juggernauts. They'll take a bit more damage than usual, but there's a few things I've learnt.

First off, I command my guys to kill any normal enemies about and I'll concentrate on the him. Aim for the face with every shot and don't settle for anything else. If he's shooting at you, take cover and only shoot during the slight pauses or when he's reloading. If you want to get a fair few good hits on him, throw a flash or for some nice damage a few grenades.


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