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Achievement Guide and Road Map

Special thanks to Maka for the video guides.

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 15 [400]
-Online: 0 [0]
-Approximate amount of time to 400: 20-30 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed?: No

Quantum Conundrum is a first-person action puzzler designed by one of the lead designers who worked on Portal. You play as the nephew of Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. The story is as follows. You are dropped off one day at your uncle’s house and notice that he isn’t there. Now it’s up to you to find and rescue him by using his newest invention: the Interdimensional Shift Device (or IDS) to switch between dimensions and solve puzzles. Work your way through the warped and complex mansion wings to save your uncle.

Step 1: Main Story
Play through the main story to unlock the bulk of the achievements. During the main story you will unlock all of the story related achievements as well as a few miscellaneous achievements such as Art Major, Testing the Fences, and Big Meanie. Once you have completed the main story, don’t forget to get the achievement: Did a thing! in the main menu. Also, listen to the advice your uncle gives you. He often helps out by giving you clues on what to do. If you get stuck on any level, look up a walkthrough on YouTube.

Step 2: Collectibles
Go back and collect all of the collectibles you may have missed by using the level select screen. There are only 24 so it isn’t that bad of a grind.

Step 3: In less than 12 Parsecs, Honor Student, and Still Alive
Using the level select screen, complete the remaining levels that you need to for these three achievements.

Step 4: Clean-up
Finish off any remaining achievements you may have left. This should complete your 400/400 score for the game.

Story Related Achievements:
Nuclear Nooby 10
Pick up the IDS device

See "Extraordinaire Extrapolator”.

Dimensional Drifter 30
Powered up the first generator

See "Extraordinaire Extrapolator”.

Symmetrical Sojourner 40
Powered up the second generator

See "Extraordinaire Extrapolator”.

Peerless Perambulator 50
Powered up the third generator

See "Extraordinaire Extrapolator”.

Extraordinaire Extrapolator 80
Powered up the Uber-IDS

These are all story related achievements and cannot be missed.

Miscellaneous Achievements:
Did a thing! 10
Use the menu item “Do a thing!”

Note: This can only be done after completing the main story.

Once you have completed the main story, at the game’s main menu in the top right hand corner, there is an option called “DO A THING!”. Simply click this in order to unlock the achievement.

Art Major 20
View your portrait in all dimensions

Your portrait is found in a variety of levels. The first place this can be done is in the Red Wing level “Through The Glass Flooring” because it’s the first time you have all 4 dimension batteries at once. The portrait on this level is located near the conveyer belts on the bottom, in a room with a pathway leading back upstairs. In order to unlock this achievement, you must be looking at the portrait and switch into all 4 of the different dimensions. Below is a video showing how to unlock the achievement.

Another place to do this is in the Research and Development Lab in the Great Hall which you gain access to after finding your first blueprint tube. However, it can only be done in the R&D Lab after finding all 4 blueprint tubes.

Testing the Fences 20
Break 20 panes of glass

Throughout the game, you will encounter many different glass windows. To break them, pick up a heavy object by switching to the fluffy dimension. Then throw the object and switch back to the normal dimension mid-throw.

A very easy way to do this is in the Blue Wing level “Huckin’ Stuff”. At one point in the level, you have to push a button that makes DOLLI spit out a safe and break a piece of glass. If you press the button again, the glass resets and another safe is spit out. You can do this 20 times in a row and get the achievement.

Big Meanie 10
Knock Ike over with an object

During the Red Wing section, in the level “Choose Wisely”, Ike is encountered behind a glass window right near the entrance of the level. In order to knock him over, pick up a safe in the fluffy dimension and throw it at the window, switching back to the normal dimension mid-throw. The window will shatter and knock Ike over. Below is a video showing how to unlock the achievement.

Still Alive 30
Make it through every level at least once without dying

Complete each level without dying. If you die, simply choose the level from the level select and try it again. If you get stuck on a level, there are plenty of walkthroughs on YouTube. You can check the levels that you’ve completed without deaths from the level select screen in the Great Hall.

Honor Student 20
Achieve Shift Goal on all maps

To achieve Shift Goal, there is a minimum amount of times you can shift dimensions per level. If you do not achieve Shift Goal for a level, you can always go back and replay it through the level select screen. Some of these are difficult so I would recommend looking up a level walkthrough on YouTube if you get stuck. You can check your progress at the level select screen in the Great Hall.

In less than 12 Parsecs 20
Achieve Goal Time on all maps

To achieve Goal Time, you must complete the level under the time limit. To see the Goal Time for each level, look in the level select screen. If you do not achieve Goal Time for a level, you can always go back and replay it through the level select screen. If you can’t figure out the fastest route for a level, there are walkthroughs for each level’s Goal Time on YouTube. You can check your progress at the level select screen in the Great Hall.

Explorer of All Roads 20
Solve “Choose Wisely” choosing each battery first

To unlock this achievement, you must solve the “Choose Wisely” level by using each different battery first. This means you have to complete the level 4 separate times by choosing the fluffy battery first, the heavy battery first, the slow time battery first and the anti-gravity battery first. This can be done through the level select screen. Below is a video showing how to unlock the achievement.


Completed Retail: 41
Completed Arcade: 25
Most Proud Completion: Perfect Dark Zero

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