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Eets: Chowdown
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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 8 or 9/10
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-15+ hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: Possibly One (see "Ten Puzzle Commandos)"
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No


Eets Chowdown is a puzzle game where you use different contraptions to help Eets on his journey to collect a puzzle piece in each of the 123 levels. You do not control Eets at all, rather you have control of all the items within the level. It most reminded me of Lemmings.

The reason I am writing this guide & roadmap is because I felt like the old one is rather out of date. I feel like the difficulty estimation and time to 100% estimation is far too low, the links to the strategies for "Twenty Ninja Skillz" are all dead, and I felt like it could use a good update.

Special thanks goes to Ezta R for the original guide and formatting, Mantra for the original roadmap, n0n4m30w and OniKenkyaku for their strategies for the "Twenty Ninja Skillz" achievements.

Step 1: Playthrough

Start by simply playing through the game. If you ever get stuck you can use hints by using or without penalty or you can even pause the game and view the official solution, and then copy that. If you're deadset on playing the game without using hints or solutions, I think you could easily spend 8-10 hours on this portion of the game. If you used the offical solutions for every level from the beginning, I think you're looking at 3-5 hours to get through the full game.

While playing through the game, try your best to get under par time on as many levels as you can. Most par times are pretty simple to beat. See "Speed Demon" below for more information about par times.

Step 2: Twenty Ninja Skillz

After beating the game, you will need to go back through the game and beat 20 different levels while not using 3 or more of the items that are at your disposal. In the guide are 2 different links that provide strategies for 25-30 different levels, so you should be able to get through this in just a couple hours with the guides.

Step 3: Clean Up Par Times

If there are any levels where you didn't beat the par time, now is the time to go back and beat it. When you are on the level select screen, the time will be GREEN if you have beaten the par time on the level and it will be RED if you have not beated the par time yet.

On most the levels, you should be able to beat the par times by using the official solution available in the pause menu. However, there may be a few levels where you need to tinker with the strategy in order to complete the level under par time.

Step 4: Marsho Madness

Marsho Madness is a mini-game that can be accessed in the main menu. There are 3 achievements tied to Marsho Madness. One for playing the game, one for scoring 100,000 points, and one for scoring 1,000,000 points. The 1,000,000 point achievements is difficult and time consuming, and only the most dedicated will be able to get this achievement and the full 200/200.

Young Grasshopper
10 Solve a Puzzle with at least 1 item left in the Item Box.

See "Twenty Ninja Skillz"

Ten Puzzle Commandos
15 Solve 10 Puzzles with at least 2 items left in the Item Box.

See "Twenty Ninja Skillz"

Users abspur and CherryCokeKid23 have both reported that this achievement hasn't unlocked for them when they are going for the "Twenty Ninja Skillz" achievement. I had no problem with the achievement unlocking for me, but you may want to play it safe by completing ten levels while only saving two items in your inventory. (You can still use the guides mentioned below, just include an extra item in the corner somewhere before beating the level).

Twenty Ninja Skillz
30 Solve 20 Puzzles with 3 or more items left in the Item Box.

To get this achievement, you must complete 20 different puzzles while not using at least 3 of the items at your disposal. You will unlock "Young Grasshoper" and "Ten Puzzle Commando" while you work towards this one.

n0n4m30w wrote strategies for 20 different levels on a website I'm apparently not allowed to link to, so you can read those strategies below in post #3 of this thread, and OniKenkyaku posted strategy videos for 15 or so levels on Youtube. I wasn't able to replicate the strategies on every single level, but between the 2 guides I was able to get this achievement. My suggestion is start with the YouTube videos and do as many as you can, then move on to the written guide and do as many as you can there. After that, go back and clean up any you may still need.

I take zero credit for these strategies, all credit goes to n0n4m30w and OniKenkyaku.

Ginseng Shooter
5 Smack Eets with Ginseng 20 times.

You will easily get this over the course of playing the game. Once you unlock the Ginseng Factory, simply shoot Eets 20 times. This is cumulative over all levels, you should get it after a few levels with the Ginseng Factory.

Puzzle Collector
30 Collect every Puzzle Piece!

You get 1 puzzle piece for completing a level. You will need to complete all 123 levels to get this achievement.

If you are having trouble on a level, you can push or to get a hint. You can also pause the game and choose Show Solution and it will demonstrate the "Official Solution" to that level. After viewing the solution, you can simply stop playback with and then press again and play the level with all the items in the proper position to solve the level.

This is a good strategy to get through the game much quicker, espeically if you aren't having a lot of fun with the game. Some levels can still be rather difficult to pull off, even after the solution is in place.

10 Collect 9 Puzzle Pieces.

See "Puzzle Collector". This will be unlocked after you complete all the levels in the world Appetizer.

Kaboom Desert
15 Collect 28 Puzzle Pieces.

See "Puzzle Collector". This will be unlocked after you complete all the levels in the world Kaboom Desert.

Ginseng Hollow
20 Collect 47 Puzzle Pieces.

See "Puzzle Collector" This will be unlocked after you complete all the levels in the world Ginseng Hollow.

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